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Visit to Breaux Bridge, LA Labor Day Weekend (4days) - Recommendations


Ahh well...the best laid plans of mice and men...damn you Tropical Storm Lee.

Needless to say it rained and rained and rained. Most restaurants were closed.

Went to Cafe Des Amis on Saturday morning to find no band but lots of rain and a refreshing Bloody Mary. I was intrigued by the Orielle de Cochon (Boudin stuffed, thinly fried dough, shaped liked pigs' ears with powdered sugar) and it was good for an 9 am drinking appetizer. My brother-in-law (BIL) and I split two omelets; one tasso and one boudin. Liked the tasso, boudin OK. Was eating with nine other people with the geo-demographics of Maine, New York, Maryland and North Carolina. North Carolinans were down with the grits and white gravy; everybody else not so much. Maine, NY and MD even ordered toast. Paddled around the corner to Fly's Coffee House - no jam session! Went home.

I was staying with my sister and BIL (Thibodaux-born and raised) on the Bayou Teche along with 11 other family members trying to reunion. The Teche was rising and potentially endangered the small chicken coop their daughter sold fresh eggs from. The rescue attempt reminded me of Carter's 1979 Iranian Hostage rescue operation. A small pick-up truck incident involving fire ant bites to sensitive parts of my body and we retreated. The chickens must fend for themselves. Plans were altered to include meals at home.

BIL and I decided to escape the house/reunion each day by going on a grocery/boudin run. So in no specific order here we go:

Bayou Boudin & Cracklin - closed, not to weather but I think vacation

Babineaux's Slaughterhouse - someone had mentioned "creepy" customer service in this thread; I had seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre so I was ready and not suprised. Got 2 links of white and a link of the rouge. My mom said it reminded of Irish blood sausage; I was OK with it. BIL actually had deer butchered here so he was happy. Blood sausage is legal as long as it is made on the same premise as the slaughtering. Owner said he had no Soylent Green, I was disappointed.

Poche's Market - got 2 links and cracklin. Liked these the best. Had some kick but seemed "fresh" with crunchy green onions. These never made it home for the group samplin.

Don's Specialty Meats (Carencro) - BIL loved this since he had been trying to find it since he moved here - in between exits on a side road. Got 2 links and cracklin. Good stuff not too much kick. Missed the Saturday pork chop sandwiches - too late damn. Still on my list. Bought wonderful fresh ribeyes here.

Johnson's Boucaniere - Down the street from the cathedral, we got there too late for a normal Parrain Special (out of boudin balls) but they agreed to make the sandwiches with boudin links smooshed from the casings. Awesome!!

The Best Stop - By far had the best selection of meats. I really wanted to get the Stuffed Beef Tongue for my Mom, but we already had way too much food. Got 2 links and cracklin. Also purchased 2 smoked links ( I believed these would travel well).

Mulate's - Never made it; band bailed

Thanks for everyone's suggestions, sorry not much restaurant to report.

PS - You will be given a full body cavity search at the Lafayette airport if you try to carry-on 2 links of smoked boudin from Best Stop.

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Visit to Breaux Bridge, LA Labor Day Weekend (4days) - Recommendations

Willing to drive an 1.5 hour in any direction (no to NO) from Breaux Bridge. Already have La Poussière, and Café des Amis Cajun Restaurant on the agenda. Anything goes for me, would love to hear suggestions.

Are Robinhood Free Meetinghouse (Georgetown,ME) Theme Nights still good?

Thanks to you both, that was the vibe I was getting.

My mom has a little German heritage so I was thinking Richard's in Brunswick. I heard Troy had moved to the Stone Inn so maybe that will be my plan B.

Are Robinhood Free Meetinghouse (Georgetown,ME) Theme Nights still good?

The past few yearsI've taken my mom to the Thursday theme night during the offseason when I am visiting. I have seen several reviews from this past summer season and there seems to be a general downward trend to most. Is it still worth the drive from Portland?

Robinhood Free Meetinghouse
210 Robinhood Rd, Georgetown, ME 04548