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How can I use up massive quantities of alcohol in cooking?

We have a bad habit of collecting/making alcohol and not drinking it. Soon we will be relocating outside the country, and I don't fancy moving ~12 litres of booze.

Can anyone suggest good recipes (or general guidelines) for using up alcohol in cooking/baking? We don't drink that much, so drink recipes aren't what we need.

We mostly have unsweetened fruit infused vodka- lemon, pineapple, cherry, coffee, melon, apple, almond etc. Oh, and gin. SO MUCH GIN. Help!

Jul 22, 2014
hildegard in Home Cooking

Anyone have a recipe for making Stoned Wheat Thins crackers?

I'm looking for a recipe for SWT crackers (not Wheat Thins- also nice, but nothing alike).
Where I live the crackers only come in single packets, and are hella expensive, so I'm hoping to make my own.


Does anyone have a recipe similar to this? I've looked on the internet and haven't found anything.

Many thanks!

Sep 05, 2011
hildegard in Home Cooking

THE BUTCHERS - I'm stunned !!

My 2 cents: I purchased meat at the Butchers earlier this week with part of my dealfind voucher. The staff were brisk, but pleasant. The selection was not great, but it is a smaller store- next time I purchase meat I will call ahead so I know it will be available.
The lamb and beef purchased are delicious.

Great value, good product- I'll be happy to come back.

New to Ontario (London) and I can't find Stoned Wheat Thins OR sweet potatoes :(

Oh my, thank you so much to all for your suggestions. We live in and shop in the northern, whiter part of town- I never would have thought of trying chain stores in different locations. In Vancouver there was always a huge array of stuff no matter where you were, as 50% of Vancouver was born outside the country.
I shall travel south immediately! Thanks for all that tips- I really appreciate them!
Janet :D
I will

New to Ontario (London) and I can't find Stoned Wheat Thins OR sweet potatoes :(

I've been to a bunch of different chain stores - loblaws, metro, RCS, valuemart etc and no luck finding the crackers.

Also, in BC we always have yams (orange fleshed) and sweet potatoes (pale yellow flesh, starchy, but delicious when roasted. Here, I can only find the sweet orange variety.

Can anyone tell me how to get these, or where to find them? Or will I have to get my mom to include them in her care package of BC Cider and Rogers Golden Syrup? :p

Thanks everyone- much appreciated if you can help me solve my latest Ontario mystery :)


Rescue for my overly smoky tomato sauce?

thanks, I'll try it :)

Sep 29, 2010
hildegard in Home Cooking

Rescue for my overly smoky tomato sauce?

I was seasoning my 6 quarts of from-scratch sauce, and the bottle of liquid smoke slipped from my hands.... now it tastes like ribs :(

Any ideas on how to reduce the smoky flavour or otherwise rescue this?

Thanks :)

Sep 26, 2010
hildegard in Home Cooking