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Arthur Avenue Experience — Huge Disappointment

I read the review by BrookBoy and couldn't agree more. My wife and I don't go there to often, just a few times a year. Went there about 6 months ago and sat in the room with music. It's was just horrendous and I would rather put a screw driver in my ear than listen to that sound system. The food was good, but no better than any other good restaurants I've been to in NY or New Jersey. Well last week we went back and to my surprise, there was a gentleman playing the keyboard and singing. I don't know his name, but what a polished and professional voice he had. He had his own sound system and that was a relief too. We thought he was great, but here is the topper. A few of his friends came in and a young man, a tenor named Aaron Caruso (I asked for his card) sang. Just an unbelievable voice. He received several standing ovations. At the end of the evening he sang Nessun Dorma and as they say so often in the Bronx "Fugetaboutit" . Just a magnificent rendition of Pavarotti's signature song. Bravo!! What a great break from that annoying performance they call a show. Here is the bad news.. They were just filling in for the night. Oh well! And yes, can't judge Arthur Av by one restaurant. When there is no music there, it is enjoyable and the food is always consistent. I wish I knew when those guys are coming back.

Pasquale's Rigoletto
2311 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

Sep 26, 2010
Megabite in Outer Boroughs