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The Taste 1/22/2015 Finale Spoilers

Vanessa's face in the audience was worth a thousand words.

I was glad to see the final three...and was glad they all did well. I hate when a good chef crashes and burns in the finale because the nerves get the best of them.

This was my first season watching the show and enjoyed it.

I just love Waxman and was glad to see him as the finale guest mentor.

Need a Vegetarian Breakfast & Lunch & Pie in Charlottesville, VA.

Bodo's Bagels is great.


What do you serve for drinks at dinner parties?

We have a variety of wine, beer, and liquor and mixers on hand. I keep sparkling water on hand as well if someone doesn't want alcohol....also the mixers include club soda, ginger ale, Coke and Diet Coke, so there is plenty to choose from.

Anyone else over Guy Fierri?

I like Guy Fieri fine. I like many celebrity chefs. Paula Deen is the only one I can think of that I cannot stomach. I am also not a fan of that Farmhouse Rules woman. It is easy enough to avoid the personalities one doesn't like.

What happened to Top Chef?

I think as others have noted it has Jumped the Shark. To everything there is a season, etc.

I actually like The Taste better at this point.

Pat peeves as a guest at a dinner party?

As one who is usually the host, I am so happy to be a guest that I have no complaints.

The Taste 1-15 Spoilers

The first time Vanessa could not manipulate Tony and she gets the axe. No surprise there.

Tony should be ashamed of himself for getting rid of Tarik (who was by far his best chance of getting the prize and also the only remaining member of his team with any character).

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #11 – 01/14/15 (spoilers)

Melissa has really grown on me and I was happy to see her and her Mom win.

Which leads the questions...which family member of yours would the Top Chef people most likely have brought in for you to work with and how would it have gone?

Me....my middle brother. He is the one who initiated my interest in food and cooking. He is, however, a very messy cook and everything is always later than planned. Let's just say we would have brought some good television and then likely would have been on the bottom...lol

People who bring their own food

Or she may have some type of food control issues. It could be any one of a number of things that have nothing to do with poor manners or stuborness.

For me, this falls under the category of letting go of things we cannot change. And hope that for whatever reasons this young woman is the way she is, that better days lie ahead for her.

Host Gifts; What Is The Etiquette?

I would not take a cake. Perhaps a box of high quality chocolates.

People who bring their own food

Yes. Especially from a 13 year old.

People who bring their own food

I don't see it as trouble in the same way you do.

People who bring their own food

We see it differently and that is okay.

People who bring their own food

Of course parents have an obligation. However the sister of the young woman's brother's girlfriend does not.

People who bring their own food

I don't see it as sending sheep to slaughter.

People who bring their own food

I have. And I have lived through what most would perceive as being worse.

People who bring their own food

I am well aware of what teens face. I also believe in letting go of what I cannot control. This issue is between the young woman and her parents, regardless of what anyone else thinks is best.

People who bring their own food

You really think they should break up over this? Egads.

People who bring their own food

I don't disagree...however that is up to the parents and often life takes care of many of these issues. It is not up to the someone unrelated and about three levels removed from the situation.

I am a big pick your battles person and for numerous reasons I don't think this is one the OP should engage in.

People who bring their own food

My stepdaughter was a very picky eater (and had horrible table manners) as a teen. Yep, it sucked. And she grew out of it and now has very good manners and is not a picky eater at all.

She had a friend who would only eat Papa John's cheese pizza. Every meal, every day of the year. Her parents would buy her a large one and when that ran out, get her another. If she came to the house, she had her pizza with her.

With hindsight and maturity on both of our parts and seeing real issues teen and parents deal with, this is nothing. If you let her take away from the specialness of an occasion, that is on you, not on her.

The Taste 1-8-2015 spoilers

I did also.

Jen is growing on me. However, Tony's psycho blonde's wheels are falling off....she scares me (and should scare him even more).

Dan showed as much class as I have ever seen on one of these types of shows.

I also loved that Jen refused to throw a teammate under the bus.

The Taste 1/2/2015 spoilers

I like Amanda as well!!

The Taste 1/2/2015 spoilers

I can't get past the tattoo of a feather on her neck. I hate to say that, but it is true.

The Taste 1/2/2015 spoilers

Alex Guarnaschelli or Stephanie Izard. Nigella sucks, to put it bluntly. She is a horrible mentor.

coupon on first date

It has been fun to re-read this thread.

coupon on first date

It was funny to see this old thread on my profile page....I am still married, however my Ex and his wife have since divorced.

Are food allergies really hereditary, or is my SIL overly cautious?

My mother had the shellfish allergy. Neither my brothers nor I have it, however my nephew does.

Christmas Dinner Highlights and Lowlifes

I thought of this also....perhaps the host offered her the chocolates. It is clear to me that on sight Puffin did not like this young woman and resented her being there. Everyone of her missteps can be logically explained based on a different POV.

Accommodating a Party Guest-What is Reasonable?

Food is different IMO because clearly PH has to serve food of some kind and the friend has to eat at some point. One can survive without booze and without heroin.

Can you bring it up in a light hearted manner such as "Dude, can't wait to see you but you can't be scarfing up all the crab dip and sushi!" or the like. Or just be direct and say you are serving light snacks and with his hearty appetite he may want to have something more substantial before he comes.

Tip On Expensive Meal

Agree with others, percentage doesn't change.

My exception is a local Mexican restaurant where I get a lunch special for $4.99. The service is great, they are generous with chips and salsa. I pay $10 and they keep the change.