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The Taste, episode 3, Happy Holidays -- Spoilers

She looks very uncomfortable (literally and figuratively). Having said that, I think she is a lousy mentor.

The Taste, episode 3, Happy Holidays -- Spoilers

I am not a fan either. Having said that, it is very hard for me to criticize Marcus.

And next week the mentor is Michael Symon....be still my heart.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #9 – 12/17/14 (spoilers)

That dish was stunning. I have been pretty blah about Mei, but she made huge strides with me this week.

Nothing collapses as read. Boo.

It worked!! Thank you very much!!

Nothing collapses as read. Boo.

When I read a thread and come back to it (whether I have posted on it or not) it won't collapse the posts I already have read. Help!!

Dec 19, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Site Talk

Being "put to work" at a Christmas Party

Was is odd is I don't think they have. I think Mooch has to fork up for the bill now.

Being "put to work" at a Christmas Party

Hey that's my thread!! LOL. You all will be happy to know Hooch and Mooch are still together and we have not had dinner with them in years. However, we are still friendly.

Burger King's Yumbo is back

It was just ham and cheese in the original version.

Dec 16, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

My family situation/pink pork

I let roasted poultry rest a long time (30 minutes for a chicken, at least and hour for turkey) and will take it out "close to" 150. If it reads 147, that baby is coming out to rest.

My family situation/pink pork

I have a friend who cooks turkey to 190. I tried to get her to take it out at 188 (not even kidding) and she was afraid it wouldn't be done. I was in charge of gravy and made sure to make plenty.

The Taste

I'd pick Marcus then Bourdain. I might quit if I got Nigella...lol.

Being "put to work" at a Christmas Party

I don't mind if someone offers, but when I decline the offer, I expect them to accept that.

I am a dishwasher Nazi. And a bit of a kitchen Nazi. I don't mind people hanging out with me while I am cooking or cleaning, but I get wiggy when they try to help.

Being "put to work" at a Christmas Party

I am a big believer that if you come to my house, you don't clean up. If I come to your house, I don't clean up.

Richmond VA : The Black Sheep

This is one of my favorite places in town! They have a great breakfast as well.

Chick-Fil-A Anonymous

Chick-Fil-A Anonymous

They all are.

Dec 08, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

Costco prepared entrees in refrigerated section

I had the stuffed peppers as a sample they were serving and they were good. If the enchiladas are good, that would be fabulous. I have friends who swear by the scalloped potatoes.

Dec 04, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

Coconut oil as a moisturiser

I also use it to wash my face and remove makeup. It's been the only cleaner and moisturizer on my face in over a year.

Chick-Fil-A Anonymous

Dec 02, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

Coconut oil as a moisturiser

I buy mine at Costco. It is the only moisturizer and deodorant I use. I get a HUGE jar (lasts well over a year) for $15.

Burger King's Yumbo is back

I loved Yumbo back when I was in the 10-13 year old range. I will probably let the Yumbo be a fond childhood memory.

Dec 01, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

Per person Thanksgiving cost

Our turkey was $100 and we had 6 adults. With sides probably close to the $25/person range. With booze, probably $40+

Holiday Dinner - what went wrong? What went well?

Ours was the best one ever. I cannot recommend Pioneer Woman's Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes enough. I think the biggest joy was not having to face mashed potatoes on T'giving day.

Chuck roast on a stovetop and tender... is this possible?

I leave it whole. I made this last weekend!

Joining friends

You offered. They declined. That should be the end of it. As previously stated an invitation should never be a summons.

So, what's the average Chowhounder's weight?

I happy to say that since my post from Oct 2013, I am down 17 pounds. I am now 50 years old and 128 pounds. I have not changed my diet much but have gotten into yoga and barre and now workout 5-6 days/week.

Surprise "Chopped" Party--Food for Thoughts?

I like the idea except for the surprise element. People need to have the right clothes, shoes and mindset. If the hosts are also contestants they have a serious advantage.

I don't like surprises and would feel unsettled. However if invited knowing what was going on, I'd be all for it.

Who is the best Iron chef ever?

I agree completely. Michael Symon is a beast..in the best way possible.

If loving _________ is wrong, then I don't want to be right. (Fill in the blank.)

Nacho Doritos
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Celeste frozen pizza for one
Kraft Singles
Velvetta/Ro-tel dip

Riverstead Inn Opens This Weekend! [Chilhowie, VA]

I was afraid of this. Also, his menus do not appeal to me as they did in the past. I will give it time to see what happens but for right now, I am not compelled to make the trip. I loved the meal and evening we had at Town House years ago.