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The Feed

I watched The Feed last week. It's Gail Simmons, Marcus Samuelsson and some guy I have never heard of and it was the single worst food program I have ever seen in my life.

Has anyone else watched it? It's an hour of my life I will never get back.

Best Blizzards

Reese Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard.

I really like <fill in chain> and I look forward to returning

Five Guys

Aug 24, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

A Four-Year-Old reviews... The French Laundry

It is a matter of choices.

There is no reason to believe the $300 came from anywhere other than an expense account.

A Four-Year-Old reviews... The French Laundry

$300 is hardly "so much money to throw around."

What do you think about 'mandatory' Valet Parking?

We went to a local place and they have a parking lot and had mandatory valet parking. It was 5:00 and we were there for cocktails only. We also were the only people there. The valet guy stopped us and told us we had to use valet. We then watched him drive our car about 10 feet to a parking spot (we were the only car in the lot).

We did not tip. And when we left DH instructed the valet to just hand us our keys (we were still the only car in the lot).

A Four-Year-Old reviews... The French Laundry

Someone I know emailed the author and they ate at TFL during lunch time and were in a private room. No diners were disturbed.

People spend $300 on a lot of things I consider stupid....I hate when people try to spend other people's money.

leftover beef tenderloin, nicely cooked

I use it in beef stroganoff. I make the stroganoff, mix with my egg noodles and add my sliced tenderloin right at the end are barely warm it through.

Have you ever left a Restaurant...

My guess is your group learned a great lesson as well.

Have you ever left a Restaurant...

If I had been in your party, I would have been annoyed as well.

NBC's Food Fighters?

Gosh, I never thought of that. I thought I had to watch network TV.

Food Network Star - 8/4

They want to be The Chew, but lack the chemistry of The Chew cast. I agree with you about Kelsey.

Food Network Star - 8/4

At least Jeff Mauro is now on The Kitchen and Melissa D'Arabian pops up from time to time.

Kelsey (whose last name I forgot) has a pleasant enough show on the Cooking Channel.

At least "Big Daddy" isn't around anymore...ugh.

Top Chef: where are they now (ongoing)

Very excited to report that Bryan Voltaggio is opening up a place here in Richmond, VA next year.

Food Network Star - 8/4

I'm picking Luca for the win. I think Lenny and Nicole will be seen again in the future.

Food Network Star July 27 - Spoilers

Intellectually, I know Lenny should have gone, but I was so happy to see Sarah leave that I just didn't care.

"Southerly's" Restaurant at the new "Southern Seasons" in Richmond, VA

Thanks for this report! I am wanting to go, but am waiting for the initial hoopla to die down.

NBC's Food Fighters?

I also noticed last week (don't remember from the first episode) that the home cook's dish was always tasted first.

I agree that some of the "judges" have the palates of five year olds. I also wanted to shake the woman who complained about Cat Cora's pork having some pink.

NBC's Food Fighters?

It is definitely fixed. Other than the milk and cookies and the tomato soup/grilled cheese, it was clear the pro should win.

Food Network Star July 27 - Spoilers

If Sarah wins, I will be done.

Last elimination, the viewers voted that she should have gone home....if she wins, it is clearly fixed. She is like nails on a chalkboard.

NBC's Food Fighters?


NBC's Food Fighters?

Under the right circumstances, absolutely.

Cook-Out restaurant?

I like their burgers, especially because you can get a chili cheeseburger and they are the skinny flat fast food burger that I like for chili cheeseburgers.

Their milkshakes are outstanding. And their hushpuppies are good too. They are inexpensive and a solid fast food choice IMO.

Jul 28, 2014
Janet from Richmond in Chains

NBC's Food Fighters?

I agree with you. I definitely think at least some of the chefs threw their rounds intentionally.

Seeking recommendations Staunton, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg VA

This needs to be on the Mid Atlantic board, not the DC board.

richmond vs charlottesville, va

What part of town? That is a big variable. Any type of ethnic cuisine?

richmond vs charlottesville, va

Actually Richmond has quite the reputation as a food centric city for its size.

What time of day and what route will you be taking and what are you interested in? How many people and what ages will be with you?

food tv show called the kitchen?

I agree they are trying too hard to be like The Chew. Chew got off to a rough start (they were strangers aside from Batali and Symon) but it clear now they are friends off the set as well and have developed a good chemistry between themselves and with the audience.

I watch The Kitchen on occasion because it's an opportunity to see Geoffrey Zacharian at work.

What's your favorite way to cook?

Braising. Clean as I go. All day with no distractions.

Hair found in the food...

People slay me and not in a good way.

I have long, curly hair and no matter how careful I am (especially when cooking for others, I wear my hair up in a pony tail) it seems on occasion I will find my own hair in my own food.

It happens...doesn't mean someone is negligent.

Also, chances are no one will die or get sick from hair.

The restaurant accepted responsibility and acted fairly.