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Top Chef Season 13 Is Heading To...

Texas was the only season I bailed out on.

Bobby Flay and Wife to Split

I have been married three times....my husband has as well. We have been married for almost 16 years. Good people can marry other good people and it not work out. Divorce is hard enough outside of the public eye with all the winks and judgments. I wish both of them all the best.

Top Chef Season 13 Is Heading To...

I thought of Charleston as well.

Bryan Voltaggio has a cookbook coming out

How was your meal? My husband went there for lunch last week (his office is close by) and said it was awful and $30 later he was still hungry.

I'm the turtle at the table .

I am a fast eater and my husband it not. He also eats about twice as much as I do and more courses. Most nights at home I finish, take my plate to the kitchen and come back and chat with him until he is finished.

For me, the big issue is I like my hot food hot and my cold food cold. DH's doesn't like really hot (temp) food and also is a fussy-britches in general..does a lot of fiddling and the like.

Tips posting to credit card later?

DH and I use credit cards about 99% of the time. The swiped amount shows pending and then it will settle and be posted a few days later with the total including tip.

Thoughts on Fresh Market selection?

Good post rockycat.

Also, their salmon cakes ROCK!! :-)

Apr 01, 2015
Janet from Richmond in Chains

Kid Friendly Dining in Charleston

My husband loves that seafood stew at Hominy Grill! Jeni's ice cream is so good. Thanks for the reminder! Glad you had a good trip.

Mar 22, 2015
Janet from Richmond in Southeast

Richmond Va - Boka Grill & Growlers

Thank you for this post....I have been wanting to try it for lunch and will soon. I love a good taco. Hell, I even like a bad taco.

Kid Friendly Dining in Charleston

Since you like beer, this is a place to consider http://edmundsoast.com/

FIG is a special place. Granted, I am more conservative in this area, but I do believe there are places more friendly for kids than others. And I do not want to take away from anyone's experience or my own.

If you want to venture to Sullivan's Island, we had a very good meal at SALT and took our granddaughter.

Kid Friendly Dining in Charleston

Hominy Grill is a great idea. The Lost Dog at Folly Beach is good for breakfast or lunch. Bowen's is very casual (to the point of being a dive) but is a great experience, especially if you love oysters.

I would not take a toddler to FIG for dinner. I also would not be happy to go to FIG for dinner and have a toddler next to me. Our granddaughter is 2 1/2 and lives on James Island with her parents and we would not consider taking her to FIG.

My husband and I had an early dinner at Magnolia recently and were surprised at the number of families there. It is very good and especially if you are dining early, it would be a place to consider.

Mar 09, 2015
Janet from Richmond in Southeast

My Family Doesn't Eat My Cooking

We sliced it thin so it would be brown throughout. Not as thin as for a sandwich, but around a 1/2 inch. It would be brown throughout even though it was in the broth for less than a minute.

What it's like to compete on Chopped

I would love to be on Chopped. I likely would not get through the first round, but I'd love to give it a shot.

Looks like "The Taste" is bland and won't be back

I watched it and like it. Aside from Curtis Stone who gets on my nerves, I like the other chefs. A couple of the contestants are off-putting (as is to be expected), but I think it has the potential to be worth while entertainment.

My Family Doesn't Eat My Cooking

We always have beef tenderloin for Christmas. Back in the day, when my in-laws were here, we'd slice a piece of and zap it in the microwave for my MIL.

I also have kept beef stock on the stove at a simmer and dipped tenderloin in it for her so it would be brown.

dinner host responsibilities

For me, this is not about the cost of two drinks but about protecting your mother from your fiancee and your future MIL. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing, but this is the type of situation where the "my" family vs. "your" family can rear it's head.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #15 – Finale - 02/11/15 (spoilers)

She did what we are constantly saying contestants should do..come up with a great dessert that she could do on her own.

So, she proved us right...lol

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #15 – Finale - 02/11/15 (spoilers)

Your retirement is well deserved!! Thank you for doing this for so long. Even the seasons I did not watch, I always read your recaps.

Anyone tried graffiato restaurant on broad st yet? [Richmond, VA]

I have only been there for drinks and from friends who have gone it has gotten mixed reviews. The one thing I dislike is that it is the loudest place on earth. If you want to have a conversation with someone, it is extremely difficult.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #14 – Pre-Finale - 02/04/15 (spoilers)

That is what annoys me. Mei had frickin avocado. AVOCADO!!! And she made *&^% guacamole.

Meanwhile Dougies was saddled with ant eggs. He was robbed IMO.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #13 – 01/28/15 (spoilers)

If Doug or Gregory win, I'll be happy. If Mei wins, I will be less than happy. I still wish Melissa was in the final.

Top Chef Boston – Ep. #13 – 01/28/15 (spoilers)

This is the first season I have watched since the fiasco that was in Texas. I have enjoyed it. Talented chefs who seem to like and respect one another for the most part.

Was there anyone surprised by the three chefs who were not chosen as sous chef? I know I wasn't...lol

Restaurant Name Has Nothing to do With The Food Served

I would have taken game night as football, basketball, whatever the big game happens to be.

I also wonder if the staff thought you were joking and so they thought they would play along.

I'm Afraid of Indian Food.

It is interesting to see this thread pop up 5 years later.....I am now a big fan of Indian food and very comfortable in Indian restaurants. I ask questions as needed, but that is rare now.

The Taste 1/22/2015 Finale Spoilers

Vanessa's face in the audience was worth a thousand words.

I was glad to see the final three...and was glad they all did well. I hate when a good chef crashes and burns in the finale because the nerves get the best of them.

This was my first season watching the show and enjoyed it.

I just love Waxman and was glad to see him as the finale guest mentor.

Need a Vegetarian Breakfast & Lunch & Pie in Charlottesville, VA.

Bodo's Bagels is great.


What do you serve for drinks at dinner parties?

We have a variety of wine, beer, and liquor and mixers on hand. I keep sparkling water on hand as well if someone doesn't want alcohol....also the mixers include club soda, ginger ale, Coke and Diet Coke, so there is plenty to choose from.

Anyone else over Guy Fierri?

I like Guy Fieri fine. I like many celebrity chefs. Paula Deen is the only one I can think of that I cannot stomach. I am also not a fan of that Farmhouse Rules woman. It is easy enough to avoid the personalities one doesn't like.

What happened to Top Chef?

I think as others have noted it has Jumped the Shark. To everything there is a season, etc.

I actually like The Taste better at this point.

Pat peeves as a guest at a dinner party?

As one who is usually the host, I am so happy to be a guest that I have no complaints.