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Does this product exist?

I have never NOT seen fruit flies at the store! Especially the 99c store... I just assumed it was normal

about 15 hours ago
iheartcooking in Not About Food

What food or snacks do you have hidden ?

Pretty much all of them because I have two greedy step sons who are out of school for the summer.

I hide the granola bars and leave two or three out per day for them.

Ice cream is tucked away behind the frozen vegetables.

Chocolate covered almonds in the hall linen closet.

I'm not a mean mommy but they will wipe that stuff out in one day and I'm the one who works, cooks and cleans. That stuff is for ME!

They will tear apart the pantry and eat all the Nilla Wafers and any baking supplies that can be consumed as is, like morsels, graham cracker crusts, sprinkles lol. They can find that stuff and demolish it
But when it's time to find their shoes or gym clothes this skill vanishes.

What did I do wrong? (Chicken Stock)

Did you notice if the bones were brittle at the end of cooking time? It sort of sounds like not enough gelatin was extracted from those bones.
I recommend cooking just the bones and meat for hours and when they become brittle, add the vegetables for a few hours longer. If you leave them in for the time it takes to get the gelatin out, they get pretty bitter.

Best Pre-Cooked Chicken

In my opinion, I agree with the other posters that there is no good prepackaged chicken. As far as nutrition goes, the fat and rotisserie chicken is nowhere near as unhealthy as the additives you will find in that packaged chicken.
If you must have all white meat, it is worth the effort to poach or grill your own breasts and then portion them and freeze them. I have done this , although I vastly prefer dark meat. You can cut into small pieces and freeze it for use in salads or whatever.
I may be wrong but I bet you won't find anyone on chow hound who could recommend a "good" version of this product. I I am not one to turn my nose up at some convenience products, for example I do by bagged salad and shredded cheese pretty regularly but you have to draw the line somewhere and I draw it at meat that is mostly filler and sodium.

Spiral Slicer advice

Been using the "vegetti" for about a year and I like it a lot. Was very inexpensive but doesn't work great with carrots. I usually make zucchini noodles for hot dishes or cucumber noodles for cold.
The reason I went so cheap was in case I didn't like the results or in case they all deteriorate with time regardless of price, but i also like the simplicity, lack of moving parts, and ease of cleaning.

Jun 27, 2015
iheartcooking in Cookware

Evaporated Milk, Evaporated Filled Milk and Evaporated Creamer

They can as long as the "creamer" doesn't contain sugar.
I think "evaporated filled milk" has added thickeners. Icky in my opinion but an acceptable substitute.

Jun 26, 2015
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What Unusual or Uncommon Vegetables Do You Eat - And how do you prepare them?

I only see fiddlehead on social media and was wondering why I never see them available here to try... Guess they're an East Coast thing.

Jun 26, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

Your Absolute Favorite Weeknight Recipe

Probably leftovers salad. Last nights protein cut up and tossed with lettuce, scallions, a dressing that compliments it (weird but I always have a variety of dressings on hand).
Along this vein our favorite is taco salad. Leftover seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheddar, dressed with salsa, with the "shake" from the tortilla chips bag sprinkled on top.

Best Cambodian restaurant(s) in Long Beach

Driven past this place maybe a million times and wondered if it's good... Don't know anyone who will try it with me so maybe I'll go alone sometime!

Tiny cucumbers

Has anyone ever seen those little cucumbers they use to make baby pickles like gherkins or cornichons or plain baby dolls? The ones that are about to size of a pinkie?
I'm starting to think I'll have to grow my own but I'm an awful gardener.
Would love to buy some because I make some gooood garlicky dill pickles.

In search of incredible lox?

This thread is making me drool. I'm pregnant and supposedly that means I can't have lox but I have no idea why. Even worse, I crave it all the time!
Sigh... I'll bookmark this thread meantime.

Your kitchen in a word (or two, or three...)


But I rent, and it functions, and I never saw the point in upgrading something I don't own.
Just bought a home, moving in about a month, and though the new place isn't my dream kitchen at least I can make it a little nicer.

Offering alternative meals to children - yay or nay

Rather than a straight up alternative dish, I usually serve a very healthy side dish that they like, so if they don't like the main they can fill up on that. It's usually a big salad or pile of cut-up fruit.
{Never bread. I learned early on that I can't serve bread or rolls with dinner because they will eat it all before touching anything else on the table so I just stopped serving it altogether.}

I think offering them an alternative would probably send the wrong message, make them kind of spoiled. But that's my kids, and maybe not everyone's kids would react that way. I want them to think they're special and loved, but not royalty. So I serve things I know they will like but I don't cater to their every whim.

They were picky as little kids but through this they have become more adventurous eaters and I think I'm lucky!!!

Is cooked avocado weird?

I see it cooked in s lot of Pinterest and other recipes and gag. It tastes horrible cooked. I've had it on pizza and in a burrito that was reheated and both times it was disgusting!

Jun 20, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

Dipping sauces for steamed artichokes

My very favorite is mayo mixed with soy sauce. A friend made them for me when I was a small child and I still love it to this day!

Jun 20, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

How to eat canned smoked trout

My mom put various canned fish in my stocking because she knows I love kippers and sardines. The trout is from Trader's, farm raised, in canola oil? Should I just put these on toast like I do with the other stuff or is there a more tasty way to enjoy theseV I find the canola oil a bit of a turn-off but not enough to avoid them...

Jun 20, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Store With Aging Food And Cheap Meals

I would shop here, already get most of my produce from the 99c store and have learned to spot what only seems to be a good deal versus what's actually cheap. Would love to see what this new store has to offer. Since so many local groceries have closed in my area and there's a lot of empty lots for lease hopefully one will turn up nearby!

Jezebel: Terrible Restaurant Customers and the Revenge They So Justly Deserved

Thanks for sharing a very satisfying read! I have mostly wonderful customers but those who are truly awful, it really bugs me that I can't do anything about it. The company will always, always take their side. In fact I've stood there and taken abusevfrom customers, who then lie to corporate telling them I yelled at them or whatever, and been given formal reprimands.
I don't understand why service professionals are treated like lowly servants, we aren't uneducated or rude, in fact I'm a problem-solver and customer advocate!

The Etiquette of Bringing Your Own Meal on a Plane

I always bring a lot of snacks, even for a short flight. Don't care. I'm a skinny girl but for some reason I'm always, always hungry. I'll share with you though if we are ever seated together!


I love the sound of this and wanna make it a common practice at my house too... I love all kinds of pickles and my kids do too...

Favorite food items at Disneyland (ex. Club 33)?

Monte Cristo at the cafe in New

Orleans Square
Giant Pickles
Spaghetti and Meatballs in the Gardenwalk (California Adventure technically)

Married to a cast member so I'm fortunate enough to get a discount on food there. I have to say over the past few years the food has vastly improved all over the park. You used to have to "know" where to eat but now you really can't go wrong anywhere.

Percolator, auto-drip, or press? Or...?


Jun 15, 2015
iheartcooking in Cookware

Percolator, auto-drip, or press? Or...?

My auto-drip coffee pot but the dust this morning and I'm thinking about what I should buy next. Another coffee pot would be cheap and easy to use, but I would like to know if there's any flavor payoff to other brewing techniques?

I admit I usually buy cheap coffee. Like, I spring for the slightly better, "bag" coffee when I have a coupon, but typically I buy can coffee and I like it just fine, black or with milk. Im also not great at waking up but the extra effort of other types of brewing aren't a big deal, since I prepare breakfasts for my husband and kids (real food not cereal).

Given that I don't drink fancy coffee, is it worth using a fancy brewing method?

Jun 15, 2015
iheartcooking in Cookware

What's your ??????????

This is silly. Who cares if you say no? Plus I'm not sure if your store is the same as mine but you don't usually have to give any info just push a button that says $1, $3, or $5. Or No. No need to be embarrassed if you decline. Nobody around you cares, trust me they're all saying "not today."
As for myself I only ever give $1 and only if it's kids or prostate cancer.

Jun 13, 2015
iheartcooking in Not About Food

Sugar causes cancer!

Ill join in, especially since I love sugar and will defend it with my life! Lol. You can pry this snickerdooodle from my cold dead hands.

Canned foods . I use them . Do you ?

Some foods are good canned, and sometimes convenience wins. Most vegetables I stay away from, beets being the exception.

Canned beans ONLY when convenient. It's too easy to cook dried beans in the crock pot. If I remember to start them before work.
Tomatoes, obviously. Evaporated milk, in a pinch.
Chipotles in adobo, always.

Never corn or peas or green beans. Yuck.

Incidentally I also really like making punched tin lanterns out of cans. But that's another forum.

Sriracha: Is it a Hype?

Personally I don't think just because something becomes popular or trendy or overdone makes it less good. The cupcake example discussed in this thread is a good example... Yeah they're overdone and sometimes poorly executed but they're actually kind of a cool idea for a food trend and can be really delicious and inventive.
Sriracha is not the most amazing condiment known to man and not good for everything but it is pretty good and cheap and that's probably why it's everywhere. Not because it's the most interesting....

May 24, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Freezing a yogurt marinade

I'm just curious about something and although I'm willing to experiment, wanted to get some expert advice before I risk ingredients.
So I like to marinate chicken or lamb in plain yogurt, fresh smashed garlic, chopped herbs, sometimes a little lemon juice.

Also, I sometimes like to freeze other meats in other types of marinade such as teriyaki, to thaw later and grill, with great success.

I'm just wondering if I can do that same thing with my yogurt marinade. Has anyone tried this? Or have some knowledge about freezing yogurt?

If nobody knows, I'll just test it and report back.


May 24, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

Duplicating French yogurt in glass jars

No need for a yogurt maker or a heating pad, a stovetop or microwave works beautifully I make mine in the microwave and it's super easy.
Here's a link to my recipe. Not trying I plug my blog it's more where I send friends who ask me how I make certain things:


May 23, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

Barbecuing - Does ANYONE Think Of Food Safety When Grilling?

I have two sets of tongs for this purpose but I have never seen anyone else do it.
Many of my friends practice horrifying food safety but depending on the situation I often gamble with my stomach just to be nice.
My best friend leaves pasta dishes out for hours. I once ate some ravioli I know had been sitting on her counter for a while. I was fine but I think about it often.

May 23, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics