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threads not opening correctly

I get logged out by both my computer and my phone routinely and the same thing happens... So maybe check if you're still logged in when this happens?
Even if this is the problem, I'm not sure how to fix it. Probably something to do with cookies...

Feb 25, 2015
iheartcooking in Site Talk

Food storage Russian roulette: what's your riskiest food safety gamble that went okay?

Before I knew rice and pasta were very common and risky food-poisoning culprits, I used to wait a while before packing up leftovers. We have the kids every other week (I'm their stepmom) and the weeks we don't, we watch a show while we eat and I used to wait till it was over to refrigerate any leftovers. If i ever got sick I never knew it was the food. I doubt I ever did though.
Now that I know better I'm a little more careful. I have fellow 'hounds to thank for that. However due to exorbitant food prices I buy "manager special" foods almost exclusively, figuring expiration dates are estimates and I can judge when most foods are truly bad. My boss teases me for eating "expired food" but if I didn't, we would sustain ourselves on top ramen.

Feb 23, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Bones for chicken stock

If you have a 99 Ranch in your area, they carry chicken bones with a fair amount of meat still on them, and they also sell chicken feet which I've never used but I hear are great for making very gelatinous stock.

Feb 22, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Why do most food blog recipes suck?

Or mason jars... They're cute and trendy but for goodness sakes not everything needs to be served out of a damn mason jar!!!

Are tank lobsters any good?

I know they're not going to be as amazing as, you know, lobsters in Maine or anything along those lines, but at my local asian grocery store there are tanks of all kinds of live fish and crustaceans and I was thinking it would be nice to get a couple lobsters out of those tanks and cook them at home.

The unintentionally hilarious thread about killing lobsters got me wondering if I have it in me to do the deed.

I bought sushi-grade fish from this market and it was pretty good, but as for all the stuff in the tanks, yeah it's "fresh" but is it gross because they're living in such close quarters? Or is the ocean just as bad with its pollution and whatnot?

I'm totally ignorant about seafood. Are these worth a try?

Feb 21, 2015
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Are you a food hoarder ?

I hoard the bottles and jars! So good for storing foods that come in non-reclosable bags. I also like how everything looks in glass jars of various sizes.

Tyranny of the chicken finger: How we created a generation of unsophisticated, picky eaters — and why the cycle must stop

I thought that colorful ketchup came and went, but if it's still around I wanna try it! Just for fun. I love ketchup so if it's just food coloring how bad can it be?

Article: So butter is good for you?

I sort of don't care about the global warming aspect of this, but I find it interesting that something most of us foodies have known and discussed for quite a while has begun to surface in more mainstream conversations... How fat became the enemy and sugar and HFCS became an ingredient in practically everything. Hope some of you find it interesting.


what is shortening?

Yes, in that it sounds less so, but I've never used it and could change my tune if I smelled it. I'm Weird though...

Feb 15, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Restaurants that don't take reservations near Pantages

Its possible that this feature isn't available on the mobile app so I'm gonna try the laptop, thanks

Restaurants that don't take reservations near Pantages

Thanks these are great suggestions. Not a fan of umami burger but the other spots look great! I don't need anything fancy and being married this long we don't need anything romantic (doesn't suit us).

Im grateful for these options as I want to map them out in case one place looks hopelessly full we can move on from there.

Going to see Alton Brown in a month at the same location so I'll have another chance to blow it heh.

Love you guys! <3 <3 <3
(I'm not being weird, it's Valentines day)

Feast, a new Disney film

I loved it... As Wahooty said it was the short that came before Big Hero 6 and was better than the film imo! Of course when you combine my two greatest s loves, food and dogs, you can't go wrong.

what is shortening?

You can fry chicken in it which I've heard is good because it's so refined that it doesn't impart a flavor. I only use it to season my cast iron pots and pans. I find the smell sort of off-putting but it does the job.
You can grease pans with it, use it in cake frosting (gross, but that's what I think is in most commercial frosting).
Ive heard of it used in biscuits and pie crusts but that sounds icky to me.

Feb 14, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Restaurants that don't take reservations near Pantages

I messed up and didn't make reservations for dinner tonight! My husband is taking me to see Wicked... He is not the type to plan ahead and make reservations... And I've been distracted with illness and personal issues. We really wanted to go to Musso & Franks again but they, and everyone else, are booked as can be expected.

I know there are probably some of those restaurants that don't take reservations and normally I hate that sort of thing but I think it might be worth a try tonight. I'm totally unfamiliar with the area and with that experience so I'd like advice from anyone who has done it...

Is it worth the hassle of waiting?
Are there restaurants that have this model near-ish to the theatre?
Is this plan hopeless due to it being Valentine's Day?
Anyone have a better idea? I've been thinking picnic.

Please don't scold me for my bad planning.

Thanks for any advice, you guys have never let me down, in fact LA locals you have helped me have some of the best meals of my life.

What to do with 4 cans of evaporated milk?

It's incredible in coffee

Feb 09, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

the old NUT TREE - ginger bread cookies [Moved from SF Bay Area Board]

Thanks for bringing some great memories back with this post! Reminds me of road trips with my mom... Oddly I don't remember gingerbread cookies but the bread they served with dinner was so sweet with a slightly bitter crust... I can almost taste it.

Feb 08, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

BK's Chicken Nuggets Officially SUCK!

I'm not sure why, but BK is among the worst fast food chains. I know a lot of people on here probably hate McDonalds but I find their nuggets irresistible. They have a little chicken skin mixed in with the "all white meat" which makes them succulent. Any nuggets I have had anywhere don't satisfy because I hold them to the McDonald's standard.
While we are bashing Bk can we talk about the fries? They taste like poison!

Feb 08, 2015
iheartcooking in Chains

Why is Trader Joe's Sushi so off-putting?

Some supermarkets have some pretty good sushi surprisingly.

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Chains

Why is Trader Joe's Sushi so off-putting?

Here in Southern California a lot of our grocery stores actually have a small in-house sushi bar! I could hardly believe my luck when I discovered this. Love to grab myself some when I'm shopping as a treat, it's quite fresh and tasty! If the sushi lady is working behind the counter while I'm shopping she will make me some fresh to order and to my specifications.
For us it's Vons and Ralph's... Not sure what you have put there but it's worth a look.

You can tell the bad stuff because the rice looks different, to me it looks like rice pudding almost. Horrid.

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Chains

Asian grocery store ingredients that enhance every day non-Asian cooking?

beef shanks sliced to manageable sizes... Used these to make pot roasts and chili.

Ginger, scallions at an amazing price.

Coconut milk (especially for low-carb desserts

Rabbit, although I found it to be scrawny and bland...

Tinned fish of all kinds... I never use these in Asian food, but they enhance my lunches and ensure I'll have the break room to myself.

I love 99 Ranch!

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Pronounce "Gouda", Please.

Now if I ever do hear it pronounced "How-da" I'm gonna know what they're saying and not assume it's a greeting ;)

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Cheese

Cool discoveries in Indian/Pakistani food stores? Tell us

Loose boxed black tea. I use it to make iced tea, by making it in the coffee pot (because it resembles coffee grounds) and then heavily diluting the very strong tea with ice water.
Normally I use cheap store brand black tea bags which are very cheap, but this is even cheaper because just a little goes a long way! I can't remember the brand but I think it comes in a yellow box and its like $3.

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Coffee Before Your Meal - Love it !

Coffee surpresse my appetite for hours so... No :)

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in General Topics

Could we please have Related Posts back?

I'll check it out on my laptop... But I use Chowhound on my smartphone almost exclusively (as I do all my online stuff, computer is basically a backup for when my phone dies) and it used to always appear at the bottom of the thread, like "further reading".

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Site Talk

Not sure I like where this is going

Fine if they need business partnerships and ads to generate income to keep the site running, but with that revenue you'd think they could afford to give a shit about what the users want.

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Site Talk

A Faster Chowhound: Pagination for Longer Threads

I have changed the settings but it's not super consistent. Some threads still break down by pages while others are collapsed and show the full thread, possibly because my phone had annoying habit of refreshing and sometimes logging me out. So I have to be logged in to get the functionality that was always there before, so really it's still inconvenient.

It's not the change that bugs me so much as how completely pointless it seems. If it ain't broke...

Does anyone love their slow cooker?

I love mine, primarily because I work, but also because it's good for the things it's good for, only. I pretty much never put vegetables in it, for example.
One of my favorite techniques to keep my good from becoming overcooked mush is to add everything in frozen in the morning. For example I'll toss in a chunk of frozen mirepoix, frozen stock cubes, meatballs, leftover marinara... Turn in on when we all leave for the day. Kids get home from school, stir the pot. I get home from work and toss in some dried macaroni and some raw green beans. By the time the table is set the meatball soup is ready.

Since I have multiples (they're so cheap at the thrift stores) I can make huge batches of stock which is so convenient.

To keep moisture down on some of the braises I'll stick a barbecue skewer under the lid to keep it slightly ajar.

The mini crock pot is great for fondue, a little bigger than a fondue pot (we are pigs) and it doesn't scorch.

Again the slow cooker is great for the things it's great for. Never a lean meat or vegetable, and if you're gonna cook pasta in your dish, do it near the end, it takes only about twice as long as cooking pasta stovetop.

Oh stuffing is great in there too.

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Cookware

What to do with huge bag of frozen tiny shrimp?

Texted mom and the dressing was: "Mayonnaise wth tiny bit of sweet pickle and lots of celery and parsley and pepper."

This post has brought back memories and now I have to make this. Thanks, pistachio peas!

What to do with huge bag of frozen tiny shrimp?

My mom used to get us these as a treat when I was little. She'd toss them into a salad which IIRC was just romaine, tomatoes, plenty of scallions. I think she dressed it with blue cheese, which doesn't sound good to me at all now, but she was just learning to cook back then and that's the salad dressing we had. If we made it today I'd make a citrusy dressing, probably cucumbers instead of tomatoes... I also remember the shrimp being still slightly frozen in the salad and having a bit of an icy crunch. I don't recommend it, but as a child I think I liked it.

I think they'd be great in dumplings too.

Feb 07, 2015
iheartcooking in Home Cooking

Could we please have Related Posts back?

I don't mind ads, they're a necessary evil... But why oh why did you have to take away related posts? Have I done something wrong? At the bottom of the page, we used to see links to threads that were VERY relevant to the opened thread, which used to send me down a rabbit-hole of information and provide hours of reading. Now, no matter what thread I'm reading, the "Related" section at the bottom is the same slow-cooker Sunday link. Every. Time. If I'm reading about oysters, the related thread is slow-cooker Sunday. If I'm reading about an LA times list... Slow cooker f*#%ing Sunday!
What possible benefit could there be to eliminating such a useful and awesome feature?!?!
Is there any chance we could have it back? I can't be the only one who misses it.