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Place for New Year's Eve with family in OC?

I've been looking for something fun to ring in the new year, but most everything is 21+.
I want my son to be part of celebrating the new year. Something that doesn't end at 9PM.

The Block Party in OC just seems too much of a drunk fest even if they say you can bring kids. (PG13)

Does anyone know of a venue or cruise in Orange County? TIA. (he's 12 btw)

Dec 20, 2011
harmony888 in Los Angeles Area

Baking soda as meat tenderizer?

Soak meat in water and baking soda to avoid that "weird taste" baking soda leaves behind..(you know that taste when you brush with it and sometimes that grimey flavor in you toothpaste. I would say about 1 tsp per lb. of meat and add water, then rub..soak for 20 minutes then do some good rubbing and rinsing off..marinate as usual..this texture will work well for mongolian beef or beef pieces for stir fry..I wouldn't use this on any good cuts like ribs, filets, rib-eye..this is more for london broil, flank, beef stews..

Sep 25, 2010
harmony888 in Home Cooking

Tenderizing meat with Coke???

BAKING SODA DOES IT BEST. Soak the meat in water and baking soda for 20 minutes, then rinse it VERY WELL..marinate as usual..this works well for tough cuts specially if you want it cubed or thick cut. It will not be rubber or moosh, just follow the father in law worked in a hotel restaurant as a chef for over 15 years. Make sure it us rinsed WELL, or it will leave an undesirable flavor..(the kind you get with beef brocolli at the mall)

Sep 25, 2010
harmony888 in Home Cooking