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A morning after wedding breakfast around the Hyatt downtown

$25 or so per person

A morning after wedding breakfast around the Hyatt downtown

Yes..on Sunday morning

A morning after wedding breakfast around the Hyatt downtown

Looking for a venue that will hold 40 people for a brunch around the Hyatt downtown.
The hotel itself is booked so
need a reasonably priced restaurant. Not O and B at TIFF as suggested by the hotel

a good brunch place in south etobicoke

Looking for a good brunch place in south Etobicoke up to about Burnhamthorpe for Sunday morning?

In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

Here is the answer! Direct from Tate and Lyle's in the UK!!

I’m sorry that you’ve been having trouble finding Lyle’s Golden Syrup, however I can shed some light on the situation. The glass bottle supplier suffered major inventory losses during the London riots back in the fall. This put all production on hold (including the production scheduled for Canada). We have been out of stock since the end of November and now the product has begun to run out at store level too. The good news is that our replenishment order is on the water right now and you should start seeing the product back on store shelves by mid-February (probably a little earlier than this).

Good news, but I did buy some at a Bit of Home in Mississauga for $3.99!

It will be here soon

We appreciate your patience and loyalty!

In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

I have been trying to locate it as well and just sent a request through their webpages. I don't know where it's disappeared to. May have to go to British stores to get it but it will be more expensive.

Looking for a good birthday restaurant in the west end for 20 people

A 50th birthday party for October 2, 2010. The west end, from about Roncessvalles out to maybe Oakville. Can go downtown but prefer not to really - only if there's great parking.

Live in South Etobicoke and prefer Italian food. Please do not suggest Via Allegro as we do not particularly like that place. Will go if nothing else, but I doubt that to be the case.

Want people to be able to sit and pick off the menu, enjoy a good ambience and have some good conversation and good laughs.

Can you suggest someplace??


Via Allegro
1750 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M9C5H5, CA

Good hospital food?

I know St. Joe's and there is a chef that's been on board for about 3 or 4 years now who used to work in a restaurant downtown, I believe on Front St (can't remember the name now). As well, there is another chef who I believe is Indian which explains the Indian food. The food has drastically improved since the chef came on board from what it was and he is always willing to try new dishes. Don't forget, making a meal for 300 patients who all require something different can be difficult.

Malt Syrup

I went to a place in Hanover on the weekend and came across jars of malt syrup. If you want to send me some kind of way to contact you, I can maybe pick up however many you want of malt syrup.

SPIN on the Queensway

Went to a relatively new place at Queensway and Islington called SPIN. A crepe and waffle place, for main dinner courses and of course desserts. I really enjoyed my meal - I had a nice Thai Chicken crepe and then for dessert, had a dulce de leche crepe. Both were very tasty! My dinner date also enjoyed her meal. I believe that the official opening is in May, and they told us that they plan on having an outdoor patio on the sidewalk facing the theatres adn the Queensway. It's got a funky atmosephere and apparently, all of the menu items are named after records, hence SPIN. Now, I've just heard that, but it seemed to make sense with the menu.

I did find it somewhat pricey, however, so be prepared. The food is cooked fresh and it was a nice meal.

Hopefully, this place will stay as I think it adds to the character of this neighbourhood!

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Well, I never would have thought that one of my posts would have garnered so many responses. I'm glad that everyone seems to be enjoying this place. I've only eaten there once since I posted this way back in January, and I have to say that the last time, hubby got take out as we live quite a distance away. And, I was very disappointed because I think I got the piece that they were going to throw away. Even hubby commented on how bad the piece of meat was that I got, but I am willing to try again at some point, perhaps even this weekend. I'm glad that this place is still in business - when we went in January, it was pretty empty and we thought that it would be too bad if it closed!

Always looking for more finds!

Cookeville, Tennessee

No, we're only in Cookeville from Monday to Wednesday night, leaving on Thursday. Not much time for anything else, which is why we're looking for good places to eat.

Mar 18, 2009
maryfran in Kentucky & Tennessee

Looking for name of restaurant

Never mind - it's the Cracker Barrel. Just couldn't think of it!

Cookeville, Tennessee

We're heading to Tennessee in April and am looking for good places to eat that are not a chain? Any bbq places, seafood, something that Canadians from Toronto would enjoy? Bbq would be the top choice. Thanks!

Mar 18, 2009
maryfran in Kentucky & Tennessee

Looking for name of restaurant

When I was in Tennessee a number of years ago, there was a restaurant that was known for "home cooking" and had an attached gift shop to it. I want to think Comfy something, home cooking something? Can anyone help?

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Part of the problem may be the terrible location. For people in the north west end of the city, it's great. But, when we found this place originally, it was because I was searching to find the place that my hubby bowls at just off of Hwy 7. We live in S. Etobicoke, so this won't be a frequent haunt of ours. Perhaps Mississauga would have been a better location. But, it's not the easiest of places to find or get to.

We still continue, however, to go there as we really like it as well.

Hopefully more people will find ths place.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

They bake the cornbread on site and it has a nice sweetness to it. It wasn't dry like some of the cornbreads I've had. Desserts are listed as Pecan Pie, Peach Cobbler and Apple Crumble for $3.99 a slice. It's described as below:

"All of our sweet dishes are baked in house using only fresh ingredients. Our recipes come from many grandmas throughout the southern states. We've priced them all the same to make your choice a bit easier".

I can't say anything about the desserts because I didn't have any.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

A pulled pork sandwich is $8.99 for a small and $12.99 for a large. Description reads "Slow smoked pork sholder, rubbed with our red rub secret blend of spices". The side of mac and cheese I had was fairly substantial and while the ribs were not huge on meat, they were still very tasty. The only other thing I noticed was that the place didn't have that huge wood smell like Phil's does.

My appy of hush puppies came with, I believe 6 and the savannah skins had 4. They were good because they were on the different side with the pulled pork in them.

Service was good and prompt. The only other table occupied was about 8 men with their hockey pool.

I guess all you can do is give it a try. Same as I did with the Brick BBQ Yard and that had to be, without a doubt, the absolute worst ribs I have ever had.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Sorry don't have the hours in front of me. You can call

Southern Rub Smokehouse

I do. Nick gave me the brochure, and a full rack costs $22.99, 1/2 rack is $13.99 and a 1/4 rack is $8.99.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Meant to also say that they also have their own bbq sauces which were quite tasty. They also have a nice mustard bbq sauce which is quite tasty.

Southern Rub Smokehouse

Went to a new place last night that's just opened up this month. It's at 4555 Highway 7, Unit B1in Vaughan. Hubby had a combo of pulled pork and ribs and I had the ribs. You get 2 side orders with your meal, so I had the beans and mac and cheese, both delicious, and hubby had coleslaw and Aunt Phee's potatoes, which are like scalloped potatoes, but cubed instead of sliced.

The ribs were St. Louis cut pork side ribs that are rubbed with some spices, and then smoked "low and slow" according to their advertisement. They also have a variety of salads and chili. We also had delicious starters with the Savannah Skins, which were potato skins that were stuffed with pulled pork. We also had the hush puppies with a marvelous orange marmelade sauce for dipping. Yum.

I'd definitley go back. The service was quite good with Nick being not only our waiter, but also half owner with the chef Jim. Nick was very knowledgeable and made sure that we enjoyed our meal and kept our drinks flowing.

We will definitely be going back. Their website is not up and running yet, but for future reference, it's Their phone number is 905-264-1300.


Hot sauce in Kensington - Jungle Boy?

There's a new stall in the basement of the Market that sells all sorts of sauces, including hot sauces. I wouldn't know if they had what you're looking for, but I noticed the store a couple of weeks ago when I was down there on a Saturday. They had quite a number of sauces, including bbq sauces, dips, etc. Just behind the bakery. Good luck with your search.

Jif Peanut Butter

What a pain. Someone at work goes to the States every 2 weeks, so she's picking me up a couple of jars. Otherwise, it's asking the sis in Niagara to go across and buy some for me.

I did actually see small jars at the Apple Market on the Queensway and Camilla in Mississauga.

Jif Peanut Butter

I'm searching high and low for Jif peanut butter in the South Etobicoke area. Anyone know where it may be found? I just tried Walmart with no luck.

Lakeshorelicious (Mimico & New Toronto)

Al Lagos is an interesting place. We've eaten there a few times. There is no menu and there are no prices. We've enjoyed very good meals there and the salad with the dressing is very good as well. Yes, if you want spaghetti bolgnese, then he'll make it for you. Or, tell him what you like, and he'll make up a dish for you.

I would definitely give it a go, but be prepared to pay some bucks. He's a very nice person, from Pakistan and trained in Italian restaurants in and around the Toronto area. Ask him his life story and he'll tell you!

Brick BBQ Yard

Hey pastryrocks - did you read my post on the Bedt Ribs in Toronto? We ate there last night and it was truly an awful experience. Such a bad dinner. We should have known that something was wrong when the front door was opened by a bent coat hanger.

Keep looking for places as we're in the same area you are - in S. Etobicoke about 5 minutes from the Brick BBQ Yard and we are always trying to find new places. Chowhound has recommended several places that we enjoy!

The Best Ribs in Toronto

I'm sorry. We have just had the ribs from the Brick BBQ Yard. They were beyond horrible. Mine had great big globs of fat on the bone for half of the ribs, they were incredibly greasy, bland and tough. I had the rice and the steamed vegetables as a side. They're kidding about the steamed veggies - I guess if you love lots of broccoli, which was 90% of the veggies, then hey, you'll love these. I ate about 2 ribs, or what I could eat, of a half a rack. They were disgusting. I will never go there again.

Anyone know where I can get Fresh Cadbury bars from the UK?

Here's a link. I don't know where you are in Toronto, or GTA, but this place had quite a lot of chocolates, biscuits, mixes of sorts, etc.. Bought an Arsenal mug there in honour of my dad that passed away 8 months ago too!

Mamma Martino's ...Huh?

Have to agree. I drive by this place twice a day and in the evening, the cars lining up to get in is phenomenal. A friend of ours knows the owner, and we took them to Rocco's one day and all he did was talk about MM and the great guy that owns the place. We asked a whole lot of times if he liked the food, and all we got was how great the owner is, Bruno. So, perhaps the appeal is not the food, but because they may know the owner? LOL. I will sometimes stop and get the caesar salad, but really, nothing else. I would much rather pay my money at Rocco's or even Thyme 4 than at MM.