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Take No Prisoners Hot Sauce

The bottles are from Sur La Table. I use the same ones for vanilla.

Aug 15, 2012
juncojunction in Recipes

Faux Pas: The Chef Was Texting

The last three columns have been about what restaurant staff are doing wrong. I thought his column was about diners' manners.

Feb 03, 2012
juncojunction in Features

Chipotle: We're Conflicted

The CHOW writers can't get it through their heads that NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN SAN FRAN/OAKLAND. Out here in the middle, where it's Chipotle v Taco Bell, we're very lucky to have Chipotle!

Dec 04, 2011
juncojunction in Features

Whole Foods Makes Us Lazy Cooks

This doesn't really have to do with Whole Foods, though, does it? Don't most stores have pre-cut vegetables? Do you oppose deli and prepared foods?
I'm tired of the Whole Foods bashing--it's the only place to get interesting, quality food. If you don't like it, PLEASE go elsewhere.

Dec 05, 2010
juncojunction in Features

The Dogfish Head of Hard Cider

I love cider, but NOT Crispin. I find the taste watered down and sulfurous. (And this "article" reads like a press release.)

Oct 26, 2010
juncojunction in Features

Should I Cut My Steak Like a Brit?

OR one could eliminate the issue entirely by cutting the entire piece of meat into pieces first, thus finishing with the knife, and then eat carefree with your fork in your dominant hand.

Oct 18, 2010
juncojunction in Features

Sauerkraut disaster!

My husband started his first sauerkraut a week ago. It's submerged in a round canister with a plate to hold the cabbage under water. He's been scooping a few moldy pieces of cabbage that are floating, but now the brine is brown. Any ideas or tips will be appreciated!

Oct 10, 2010
juncojunction in Home Cooking

The 2010 CHOW 13

Nearly everybody in America DOESN'T live in San Fran or New York! PLEASE write about some of the rest of us SOMETIMES!

Oct 04, 2010
juncojunction in Features

The Groupon of Doom

Captain, you don't seem to understand how Groupon works. Groupon sets the number of coupons, and the price, and makes their profit based on how many you sell. Therefore Groupon is incentiveized to lower the price (to sell more) and to sell as many as possible--thereby screwing the vendors.

Sep 25, 2010
juncojunction in Features