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Make Your Own Frozen Dinners?

I have seen an operation like that in Liberty Village but I don't know if it is related to Supperworks or another shop.

My better halfs birthday..a bistro?

Pastis, hands down.

Fave Ontario Beer

I love Mill St!

Latest Drink Trend

A friend invited me to a bartender competition hosted by Gibsons and all the drinks were mixed with Canadian Whiskey. I have seen trends involving martinis, scotch, tequila and rum, could Canada be making its mark with whiskey as the new "it" liquor?

Has anyone noticed whiskey cocktails on menus? Where would you get a good one?

Oct 31, 2008
hungryhungryanne in Spirits

New Aji Sai on Queen - AYCE

AYCE has always been an order as you go style in downtown Toronto. All those sushi places that lay it out for you are conning you into warm fish and stale rice.

Best eating Seasons and Festivals in Tokyo?

Could you go into more detail about why Autumn is best? Is it because of the atmosphere of the season?

I might stick be sticking to Tokyo for most of the trip because of another visitor.

Feb 08, 2008
hungryhungryanne in Japan

Best eating Seasons and Festivals in Tokyo?

Does Fugu taste good? Another thread made it sound tasteless and tough.

What's your favorite eating season in Tokyo/Japan?

Feb 08, 2008
hungryhungryanne in Japan

Best eating Seasons and Festivals in Tokyo?

I have chosen Tokyo/Japan as my big trip this year and want to focus as much as I can on the food. Timing over the next year is open and I thought that if I could get some information on the best seasons or festivals I could make a decision for when to go. I should have 4 weeks at my disposal.

New Years seems to be big with osechi ryori and all the other symbolic food (soba, omochi, etc).

Is there anything special during the Cherry Blossom season?

Are there any large festivals with unique or just lots of street stalls?

What is your favorite season and why?

I'm open to and enjoy all kinds of food. The more interesting/unique/odd the better!

Feb 07, 2008
hungryhungryanne in Japan

Sushi Kaji (Pictures)

I would have expected a lot of bowing!

Worst/Best Tourist Trap Food in TO

Maybe the altitude is playing games with everyone's tastebuds, including the chef.

Kobe Beef FOUND!!!!

a regimen of massage and beer would do that to anyone! too bad the meat on market in yorkville isn't nearly as fatty.

Looking to buy Aged Balsamic - Suggestions?

Me three!

Looking to buy Aged Balsamic - Suggestions?

But is it a winner?

mid-day drinking and eating?

Ki would let you watch the Investment Banking types skitter away to their offices in the sky and powdery bathroom habits.

Pic Nic at Queen and Broadview

I know some people who wouldn't mind picnicing in the laps of the jilly's girls.

All GAME tasting menu?!

It would be an interesting concept if you could only eat what you catch yourself.

Most Romantic Restaurants in T.O.?

I'd rather have the view across/beside me at the table be great. That's what romance is about.

Agree on Auberge du Pommier and Globe Bistro.

Best sweet potato fries in Toronto

I doubt that many of the places serving sweet potato fries are hand cutting any of their potatoes. I say this because the shape, size and cut are the same across the board at restaurants that have them.

I thought that batter might be the case because of the very light and textured coating that was creating the crispness at the restaurants I liked. What else could be accumlating onto the surface during the cooking process? There isn't anything else to explain this.

Double frying potatoes is not unfamiliar to me. I've tried it myself and a light and barely detectable batter will do the trick, whereas plain just leaves it limp.

Best sweet potato fries in Toronto

The nature of a sweet potato or yam doesn't allow one to exactly translate potato cooking methods with great success. The moisture content levels make it a different initial product which will leave me with a disasterously dried out fry if I actually obtain that nice crisp shell, double fry or not.

Nearly all the fries I've seen are cut to the exact same specifications. If they were anything but commercial, I'd be shocked.

The Great Pizza Debate

1 - Politica
2 - Regina's

No comments.

Per Se on Queen St. W.

I just love hype mongers.

Their full name is "Per Se Foods" and are listed as a Grocer/Retailer.

Keller quietly making his mark in Toronto? I doubt it. He's far too big for our britches.

What do Toronto restos do best?

Toronto's Mexican food is great.. just don't forget the "Tex" part in front of that.

Organic delivery service in Toronto

I know I love my organics brought straight to my door with petrol eating vehicles.

Boston Hound in Toronto

Xe Lua! Get a pint of beer for sub $3. A miracle in this city.

Liberty Street Cafe or Bungalow

Not Bungalow. Unless you like waiters who insist that they don't have a single thing to eat except for an undressed salad and then reluctantly checks the kitchen to find one burger for a table of 5.

Dim Sum for Lunch on Friday on Spadina

isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

rol san has cryptic words on a menu to describe something that cart restaurants will lift the lid off of to show you. on that note, kim moon serves dimsum in the back space and you can get a sneak preview at their bakery counter. good crystal shrimp dumplings.

Thai in Toronto

i like real thailand on bloor in the annex.

the panang curry rox my socks.

so, do i get an invite to this supper club now?

Japanese noodle restaurant

i'm not sure who has tried it, but asking the search function will give you a lot of opinions.

First Timers To Toronto

i always get my parents to take me here when they're in town!

An Ex-Montrealer's Guide to Culinary Toronto

good list!

i will definitely need to find this monforte dairy.