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Help in Syracuse

L'Adour on Washington street is very reliable, French. Phoebe's contempo American on Genessee is nice. There is a Chinese place on Marshall street which is good. Dinosaur BBQ on Franklin St is local BBQ. Hope this helps.


another hidden gem: Copper Kettle in Morrisville, NY. There is a culinary institute at SUNY Morrisville, and this is their resto. Good creative food, building is nondescript but the food is great, good wine pairings. About halfway between SYR and Hamilton NY. Worth the drive.

Any Hispanic / latin groceries near Syracuse ny?

Willing to drive

Brazilian Ingredients

a lot of the manioc flour is used in "farofa," a side-dish / condiment. My daughter just got back from Brazil and got us all addicted to sprinkling it on beans and rice like you put cheese on spaghetti. Look for "farofa pronta" on a latin or brazilian online grocer. The "pronta" means it's ready to use right out of the bag. Just sprinkle it on your beans and rice, meat, whatever. You can also add water and make it into a grits-like side dish for meat. RE: picanha, we tried this too. Just get some sirloin cap, salt the hell out of it, grill it over a hot fire, and cut slices off the face. it will be good enough. Brazilians (in the South anyway) always have a bowl of rice and a bowl of beans in the fridge: instant lunch. We have gotten into this habit as well. In the USA, you sometimes find "gari" (fermented cassava meal) which is used for making "fufu," a West African dish. This looks a lot like farofa.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in General Topics

DRIED FIGS--give me some tips on the various types and countries of origin..

Turkish figs usually show up at my Arabic grocery store in the spring, worth looking for. They are great by themselves, good with salty cheese and nuts. Drink retsina or some anise flavored stuff like pastis or arak.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in General Topics


Forget the theory, in my opinion. One good way is to ask around for a good wine store near you, then walk in and talk to the owner. Tell him you want six bottles, not too expensive, and this is what you have tasted and liked in the past. Have some friends over for dinner, pop some corks (unscrew some caps?) and taste. My guess is that you will make some real progress in deciding what you like pretty quickly. Plus anybody who whips out 3 bottles of wine at a dinner is automatically designated a "wine guru." Emmis.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in Wine


Got a $20, 8 inch one with 2 wood handles from Amazon on my sister's recommendation about a month ago, and I am in love with it. Great for making pesto (really, there is a difference between this and the Cuisinart zap). Also, it is great for rough-chopping ancho peppers that I roast and put in bean dishes, etc. Tip: get an 8-incher with a wood handle on each end, try to pay < $20. I was very skeptical but am now sold. Nothing against knives, but walking a mezzaluna across a cutting board reduces a big job into a very small job.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in Cookware

Stainless Steel Sauté Pan - Sticking/Cleaning?

Why bother? I have a stainless pan with lots of stain on it. It makes the fond better and better with each use. Don't waste your time. If your friends sniff, give them your Very Patient Look and ask "Do you want to look at it or eat out of it?"

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in Cookware


First wash the truffle of any dirt. Then chop it finely (about double the size of rice grains). Then make the best, softest, most opulent scrambled eggs you can. Alton Brown has a recipe done in a double boiler with lots of butter which is terrific. Add the truffles to the eggs at the VERY LAST MINUTE, and eat. Heaven. Most of the taste of the truffle is actually the smell, so do NOT overcook them. One truffle is more than enough to flavor the eggs for 3-4 people.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in Home Cooking

beans in the pressure cooker?

Got this from some Brazilian site. The general scheme is FIRST to pour boiling water over the dry beans and soak them for about 15 min. Then drain and put them in the pressure cooker with lots of water and a tablespoon of oil (cuts down foaming) (btw, NO SALT), bring to pressure, and cook for 20 minutes. Quick release the pressure and check the beans. If you need a bit more time, do this and remember it for the future. If too mushy, cut 5 minutes off the time on the next iteration. 20 min works for rosadas and black beans, prob need a touch more time for larger beans. Easy.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in Home Cooking

Cancer Treatment Radiation = Mouth Sores = Poor Nutrition. Soft, delicious solutions?

Try a real ragu: ground beef, lots of carrots and celery, light on the tomato and spices. This worked very well in a similar situation. You can do this with soft pasta and it slips right down.

Sep 23, 2010
che74 in Home Cooking

Syracuse-Need a casual, sit-down place for dinner

The Armory Square area of Syracuse has a couple of brew pub type places that may work. Empire Brewing Company, Blue Tusk, etc. If you wander around here, you might find a place everybody likes. More upscale is Lemongrass (great upscale Thai), there is also an Irish place called Kitty Hoynes on a corner right there. Coleman's is in the old Irish section of the city. Erie Boulevard East near its intersection with East Genessee has the usual suspects (TGIF, Ruby Tuesday) as well as some nice Thai, Indian, and Korean-Japanese places. Marshall Street near Syracuse University has King David's (Lebanese) as well as some smallish places that come and go. Dinosaur BBQ on Franklin St is good BBQ for SYR.

Irish Pub
58 South St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

restaurant recs near Sodus Point in Western NY (between Rochester and Syracuse)?

Old Erie Restaurant in Weedsport NY. Owners of this nice little resto in this nondescript little town are both culinary school grads, and it shows. Great lunches and dinners, very easy to get to from I-90. Anybody hungry between Rochester and Syracuse on I-90 should visit this place.

Old Erie Restaurant
8924 N Seneca St, Weedsport, NY 13166


Tokyo Seoul and Secret Garden (different restos with different owners) both are Korean-Japanese places with decent sushi, on Erie Blvd East. Sakana Ya (2 locations, one downtown in Armory Square area with conveyor belt) also does sushi and Japanese-Chinese food well. Erawan on Erie Blvd East does good basic Thai food, as hot as you like. The hidden secret for cheap chinese takeout is HK, on Erie and Teal Ave: everybody in SYR winds up here sooner or later. Good Vietnamese is Mai Lan, on State street behind St. Joseph Hospital. Columbus Bread just one street over has baked Real Bread in SYR for decades, worth a stop, There are many Asian groceries in town, two Indian groceries, Arab groceries are Samirs on Genesse downtown and a place ("Jerusalem?") on Teal Ave way North from 690. Marshall Street near Syracuse University always has small new restos coming and going, right now there is a slider place that has great Belgian fries. Bubble tea is on the 2nd floor just above King David's on Marshall street. No dim sum that I am aware of (would be happy to be corrected). No hispanic grocery I have heard of (ditto on correction). Best overall grocery store is Wegmans, produce is really worth it. Lots of red sauce Italian restos, take your pick. We like the Neapolitan style pizza at Mario & Salvos on Genessee near Erie blvd. The Pickles Deli across Gennessee in the little strip mall is no more, but it has been replaced by a new Indian place which (a first for SYR) serves DOSAS which are pretty good (and this from a guy who ferments his own dosa batter). Most of the Indian restos in SYR serve standard North Indian stuff, often a buffet. L'Adour is French, bistro on the ground floor, upscale on the top floor: good honest French cuisine, good wine list. Dinosaur BBQ is good BBQ right downtown on Franklin St, ambience is biker chic but it's not a place you should worry about going even with your wife and kids. There is a little Lao place around the corner from Dinosaur which serves good larb (green awning right on Clinton Square). Pascale's moved out to Fayetteville, the food is good but I think they are more interested in their bar than in their dining. Great wine list though. Arad Evans you either love or hate: my wife loves it and I think the food is pricey and often indifferent. You decide. So SYR doesn't have everything, but what they do have is pretty good.

King David's Restaurant
129 Marshall St Ste 1, Syracuse, NY 13210

Clinton Square Cafe
2 S Clinton Sq, Syracuse, NY 13202

Pickles Deli
3 Airport Park Blvd, Latham, NY 12110

Tokyo Seoul
3180 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13214

Secret Gardens
2731 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13224

1000 Islands Trip: Foodie Recommendations?

Tin Pan Galley in Sackets Harbor (just outside of Watertown). Head and shoulders the best place in the neighborhood. Contempo American, brek lunch and dinner. Well designed dishes well executed, really worth the drive.

Tin Pan Galley
110 W Main St, Watertown, NY 13601