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Looking for South African Bakery/Specialty Desserts

Wow, thanks guys! The tea seems to be resolved. I'm emailing the South African Connexion but their website doesn't have a dessert menu =( I might have to make something from scratch....which wouldn't be so bad except that it's time consuming and it's for work, not for me!

I will keep you posted if I find anything...

Looking for South African Bakery/Specialty Desserts

Hi everyone,

I looked through all the threads and could not find mention of a bakery in Montreal that would make South African specialties like Koeksisters, Soetkoekies, Hertzog, Krakelinge, etc.

I need to find these for a work function that is going to be South African-themed. Does anyone have an idea of where I could get things like this??

As a bonus, any pointers to a place that sells good Rooibos tea, preferably in large quantities would be appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Any suggestions for the West Island?

I was invited there recently for dinner (my first time) and I didn't think it was very good either. Their greek salad was entirely tasteless and had white onions in it? I never saw that in Greece. They always used red onions.

Not too expensive restaurant with great service downtown Toronto?

PS. I forgot we also had the endive salad with blue cheese and it was great too!

Not too expensive restaurant with great service downtown Toronto?

If you appreciate French cuisine, ignore the kitsch factor of the website and to to Le Select Bistro! We went in November and the food was to die for! It's not too pricey since you can eat off the prix fixe menu. The ambiance is warm and the service is attentive.

We had the beef tartare, duck confit, and 2 steaks. We all had the creme brulee for dessert and did NOT regret! We all shared and everything was so good!

Le Select
432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA

Looking for a grocery store for Superbowl-type food?

Anyone know a place in the West Island (or not too far by car) to buy good corn tortillas, chiles, agave nectar, etc?

best in-store beer selections?

I second the Paradis de la Biere ! I went there recently for the first time and was amazed by all the Quebecois beer they offered. They even carried my favourite mico brewery Les Trois Mousquetaires!

Good Takeout Sushi near Ste Genvieve?

On the recommendation of a close friend, I ended up going to Wi Sushi on St Jean, near the SAQ Express. It was yummy! We ordered a 50 piece plateau and had a chance to sample a lot of different things. Although a little expensive, I think it's well worth it

Good Takeout Sushi near Ste Genvieve?

I've heard that Kanda is really bad though I haven't tried the St Jean location. I know Aikawa on Brunswick has good sushi but I'm looking for a place that does takeout. Any suggestions?

987 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R5M3, CA

Pilsner Urquell

I think I saw this at the IGA Extra in Ile Bizard yesterday...

Your experiences at Fourquet Fourchette?

I went to the Fourquet Fourchette in the Palais for someone's birthday over the weekend and I was under-whelmed, to put it mildly. We were a large group, about 30, so I'm wondering if we were too much for the kitchen? Was it just us that had a bad experience?

Judging from the website and the premise of the restaurant (not to mention the prices) I thought it was going to be a warm atmosphere with delicious food. Instead, I found it to be over priced, cafeteria-style food that someone tried to improve the presentation of (except for the dessert which looked like it was thrown on the plate - literally).

First off, we were only offered the table d'hote to order from so the other dishes were off limits.
We had:
pitcher of ephemere 16
smoked meat entree 10 (shared)
salmon 25
bavette 26
plus the soup and dessert of the day which came with the table d'hote

So the entree turned out to be a small salad with a few slivers of smoked fish
The salmon was alright but it was served with over-cooked rice and some other veggies. It was supposed to come with beer sauce, which I eventually found under the rice
My bf had the bavette and I sampled it - chewy like rubber!

The soup was alright although we weren't informed what it was beyond 'soup of the day'
'Dessert of the day' looked like it came out of plastic bags from Costco. A little meringue, a truffle, a small triangle of water melon, a thin slice of orange and a small triangle of chocolate. It was haphazard and not even arranged nicely on the plate.

So all in all we spent nearly 100 on dinner and we were very disappointed. Is this the norm at their restaurant? What were your experiences?

Fourquet Fourchette
1887 Av Bourgogne, Chambly, QC J3L1Y8, CA

Fennel-Apple Slaw

Very refreshing taste and original too. I added lemon to the apples right away in an effort to keep them from going brown but to no avail, by dinner they were already beige. Aside from the aesthetic, it was wonderful

Oct 04, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

Sour Cream–Banana Bread

I baked this for longer than the time recommended and when I finally cut it open, it still looked a little dough-y at the bottom, like it hadn't fully cooked. Otherwise, the taste was good. I think I'll try adding nuts next time for a crunchy factor and baking it for...even longer.

Oct 04, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

Caramelized Onion Dip

I made this for my bf and did not anticipate liking it as much as I did! The taste is incredible and pairing it with a strong 'red' beer like the Trois Mousketaires Rousse was delicious

Oct 04, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

Herbed Buttermilk Dressing

Made this for use over yellow carrots and it has a real zing from the garlic. I bet it would be good with fish too

Oct 04, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

Spiced Apple Cupcakes

Yummy! I made these but I made a few changes
-added about a teaspoon of calvados
-squeezed juice out of the apples
-replaced half the maple syrup with maple flakes (sugar)
-also let them to cook longer so there was a nice crunchy little crust on the top. delicious with the accompanying icing!

Sep 27, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

Food Scars - Things you will never eat again.

Ewwwww! I would never eat that again either!

In a weird way this reminds me of my mom. She has this uncanny magnetism when she eats in restaurants we almost always find hair in her plate

Sep 25, 2010
WestIslandian in Not About Food

New to Montreal, looking for European grocery store

ooOOoo looks good. I love that they have a website

birthday dinner- a wow place

I must be going to the wrong weddings! haha No wedding food I ever had was as elaborate, well executed, or yummy as the stuff I had at the 360

Simple Cinnamon-Raisin-Apple Strudel

I tried this today. It turned out wonderful. Just the traditional German taste I was looking for.
A couple things though: 8 tbsp butter was way more than needed. I had lots of leftover. I also soaked the raisins in brandy overnight before making the recipe and included the both raisins and the liquid in the mixture. Delicious!

Sep 24, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

New to Montreal, looking for European grocery store

I am looking for a more German oriented spot but I am Romanian so I'll give the place a go for sure

Traditional Tiramisu

Sep 23, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

50 Desserts That Every Cook Should Know

I use the Clafoutis recipe from the LCBO (


and my mom's Tiramisu recipe


6 eggs
6 tbsp sugar
500g mascarpone cheese
lady fingers
Cold espresso


Beat the egg yolks with the sugar. Mix the egg yolk mixture with the mascarpone cheese..
Then beat the egg whites into a still foam and incorporate them into the cheese mixture.

Make the coffee with sugar, milk, and brandy. Dip ladyfingers in the coffee and arrange them in the bottom of the tray.

Pour some of the egg mixture over the ladyfingers, then make another layer of ladyfingers.
Finish with cheese mixture refrigerate.

Sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve.

Sep 23, 2010
WestIslandian in Home Cooking

50 Desserts That Every Cook Should Know

I would be interested in your pumpkin cheesecake recipe! My boyfriend is of the opinion that nothing cooked with pumpkin has any taste and I am on a mission to prove him wrong this Thanksgiving!

In my opinion there are a few classics you're missing like:
Clafoutis (Cherry or other fruit)
Strudel (Apple or other fruit)
and Tarte tatin (Apple or other fruit)

I love versatile recipes that can use just about any fruit =)

Sep 23, 2010
WestIslandian in Home Cooking

Oven Roasted Veggie Strudel

Sep 23, 2010
WestIslandian in Recipes

Quiet, romantic, not too pricey downtown.

I'd recommend Robin des bois: delicious food, reasonable prices, nicely decorated, friendliest waitstaff ever because they're volunteers, and it's smallish and (in my opinion) romantic, my first time there was for Valentine's Day and perhaps that notion stuck with me? Anyways, I thought it was charming and the fact that all profit goes to charity is also a touching notion

Robin des bois
4653 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1R2, CA

birthday dinner- a wow place

What could be more 'wow' than the CN Tower? Granted that it's the view that wows, but the food was good too. I've been twice. The last time I went I chose the vegetarian dish and it was simply delicious.. something along the lines of grilled portobello mushrooms with goat cheese over spinach and roasted red peppers. oh and there was a crust of some sort of nuts on the mushrooms. it was a little while ago so I forget what nuts they were exactly but I do remember it was tasty!

New to Montreal, looking for European grocery store

First off, thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm going to go hunting this weekend in preparation for Thanksgiving .. see what I can find.

I've been to Warta once. It's true that their traditional Polish sausage, kolbassa, and kabanos are very good, and that they also have the cherry juice. Unfortunately, it's a Polish oriented shop and apart from those items I haven't found much to my taste there. I was kind of hoping to fine a One-Stop-Shop. Bearnoise is definitely on my To Try list though!

New to Montreal, looking for European grocery store


I just moved to Montreal from Toronto and need to find my new culinary bearings. In Toronto, I frequented the Brandt factory outlet for mostly German products like beerwurst, bratwurst, lakschinken, kolbassa, kabanossa, knackwurst, weiners, Hungarian Salami, beef for making rouladen, haribo gummy bears, sour cherry juice, Tchibo coffee, Milka, Schogetten, etc.

Anyone know of a place that sells some or, preferably, all of these items? I live in the West Island of Montreal and am willing to go pretty far.

Any and all help appreciated!