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Special Restaurant (Montréal)

Both French/English answer will be good for me :)

I am looking for a special restaurant, either food, service or ambiance that REALLY change from what you can see in other place in Montreal.

Exemple (that I already did)
- O'Noir
- Auberge du Dragon Rouge
- Cabaret du roi

The price is not '' important '' for me (well I don't want to spend 150$/person) but, if it's between 0-80$ it's fine.

Thank you very much :D

Hope that I can try new experience with your help!

Different type of radish.

Hi, I live in Montreal '' Quartier Latin ''

And I would like to know where I can buy different type of radish (other than the normal pink-red one)

If you know a place near '' french downtown '' wich sell these kind of radish (like watermelon color, black, etc.) Please tell me :)

Have a good day !

Weird ; is it legal ?

Hi everyone, Today, I had not much to do, so I decided to go walk a little bit in the Montreal's Chinatown.

I entered in a chinese market, and I saw something really weird. I saw for the first time a frozen complete turtle ( with the shell and everything ). So I am wondering is it legal to sell / eat turtle in canada (Québec) ? They are not protected animal ?!

If it's legal how do you eat it ?

I need your opinion ! ( French + English )

well give me the other list ;)

If it's over 22 .. I just have to split the bill with friends hehe

ohhh... and I've tryed the Café Gitana ( Shisha bar , on St-Denis ) pretty cool place

I need your opinion ! ( French + English )

I forgot to say that I don't really care about the price ( just saying 22$ for a pitcher of budweiser is a bit ridiculous )

But well I've tryed Altitude 737 ( wich is pretty expensive ) and liked it alot.

Keep up the suggestion I want alot of place to try out ;)

I need your opinion ! ( French + English )

English : Hi everyone, I'll explain you what I'm looking for. I live in Downtown Montreal, and I am looking for place to go ( 5 to 7 ), terrace, etc. I want a place not too crowded where we can sit inside or outside. The beer must not be overpriced ( like 22$ for a pitcher )

I am kind of bored of St-Sulpice and want to try something new. I don't like much Dieu du Ciel because there is not enough space ...

If it can help you to find something, I'll throw more infos...

Age : 20
Occupation : University Student
When : Tuesday / Thursday / Friday
Parking : Yes if possible but not a must.

Thank you your help is REALLY appreciated.


French : Allo tous le monde, je vous expliques ce que je cherches. Je vis dans le centre-ville de Montreal et je cherche une place où boire ( 5 à 7, terrasse, etc.) Je cherche une place pas trop comblé, où il est possible de s'asseoir que ce soit à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur. La bière doit être de relativement bon prix ( pas 22 $ le pichet ).

Je commence à être blazé du St-Sulpice et j'aimerais essayer quelque chose de nouveau. J'ai déjà essayer le Dieu du Ciel et je n'ai pas très aimé parce qu'il n'y a pas t'en de place à s'asseoir à l'intérieur.

si sa peux vous aidez, je vais donner des infos supplémentaires.

Âge : 20 ans
Occupation : Étudiant à l'Université
Quand : Mardi / Jeudi / Vendredi
Parking : Oui si possible, mais pas obligatoire.

Merci votre aide est énormément apprécié !

Cheap beer ( I mean really cheap price )

Hello guys. I hope you know the Sport station ( La staion des sports ) on St-Catherine ( near St-Hubert)

I was very surprise about how cheap the prices are. For exemple a pizza for one person is under 6.00$.

But the point of my post is. Do you know a place in Montreal who sell beer cheapest than this place ?

0,12$ / Onz wich mean around 7,20$/ pitcher (60 onz)

Thank you.

Need your help : Coffee.

I went to Art Java ( Mont-Royal )

Wasn't bad at all, food was ok, and my chaï latte was good.

Nice and comfortable chair. I spend around 4h00 there and I never feel like someone wanted to put me outside.

Nice place to study anyway ;)

Need your help : Coffee.

Hi guys, I am a student in Geophysic at the University du Québec à Montréal ( UQAM ) , and I am wondering where is the best place to take a coffee, relax and read my several books.

I need a place with not '' too much '' noise , wich mean that people can talk ( I don't want a library lol ) but not heavy metal music.

* I would like that your place is in downtown, or near , but give me everything anyway :P *

Where is the place I am looking for ;)

Afrikan - Gratia Afrika

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I'm new to this forum/blog or everything you call it. I'm sorry if my english is not top because I am french ( from Québec )

So where to begin; Tonight me and one of my friend (girl) went to Gratia Afrika a small restaurant near Metro Lionel Groulx in St-Henry.

We arrived near 6h00 pm, and we were alone. I ordered the Tilapia ( entire fish ) and my friend the chicken.

Very lovely place, the ambiance was cool. Kind of afrikan music not too loud but not too quiet too. Just perfect set-up.

The food was full of flavour , very tastefull. Both of us really loved the food. A little bit spicy but with some kind of creole spice.

Well overall I recommand to anybody who just want to chill out and have some great time with a girl / friends

Gratia Afrika
3506 Rue Notre -Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC H4C 1P3

Food : 7.9/10
Service : 8/10
Ambiance : 8.5/10
Price : 9/10 ( around 14$ each person )
Accessibility : 10/ 10 ( very close to Lionel-groulx metro )

Final : 87 %