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Fresh Eggs

I raise poultry for eggs and meat, on a small farm, here in Florida's Panhandle. I wish to provide y'all with some insight that I have gleaned, over the past few decades, concerning eggs. I have hens that produce eggs that have shells of white, shades of brown and a breed called "Americauna" that has shell colors ranging from a pale blue all the way to an olive green. If these hens all eat the same feeds...their eggs will all taste the same! Most birds encase their eggs with a semi-impervious film called "bloom", that if left intact, will protect the egg from undue moisture loss via the shell; thereby lengthening the egg's shelf life. Since I'm a small operator, I practice due diligence by keeping my flock's nesting area clean and provide separate night roosting areas for my birds. This ensures that the hens don't poop on the eggs. If I have to wash eggs I do so then after dry I rub a thin film of food-grade mineral oil to replace the 'bloom.' Eggs handled in this fashion can be stored on my kitchen countertop, at room temperature(72-75F) 12-14 weeks.I do refrigerate eggs that I market, however. Market eggs can be stored under refrigeration, safely, for 10 months. As for pasteurizing eggs, this is done when raw, shelled eggs are sold; in bulk, to the food service industries. Also, I might mention that I raise guinea fowl, ducks and geese; I enjoy their eggs and have many customers that do also. If anyone has questions? I am more than happy to reply!

Sep 22, 2010
carugoman in General Topics

Where Gyro Meat Is Born

I eat souvlaki; which is pieces of lamb and beef; marinated in fresh grated onion,lemon juice, olive oil and herbs. Spear the meat on a stick and grill. Serve on a fresh baked naan or pita, tomato, kefaoltiri cheese and some goat milk yogurt...wait! Y'all must be city rats? Taco bell for some real Mexican food?

Sep 22, 2010
carugoman in Features

Classic Cheesecake

How does this recipe rate as being "classic cheesecake?" I see no curds used in the recipe; let alone other cheeses, besides 'cream cheese', which technically is not a cheese per it is a 'processed cheese'; such as American cheese. If you decide to identify a recipe as being 'classic', do so accordingly! Get it right the first time or don't waste time with your version that is anything but "classic?"

Sep 22, 2010
carugoman in Recipes