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Toronto restaurant (or bar) with beautiful Xmas decorations

I realize this is a little bit of a strange topic. But, my gf loves Christmas, especially the decorations with lots of lights, tinsel, etc, etc. Last year, we were in Montreal at this time and the Sheradon there had a really great bar and restaurant with huge Xmas trees with lots of sparkle, lights, d├ęcor, etc.

Is there a place in Toronto like this you guys are familiar with? Even if it is a hotel bar you have seen? The atmosphere can be quiet, I would just like a nice-ish place to eat or drink that's really Xmassy. Thanks so much for any help.

Nataraj closed and I am very sad. What happened/any suggestions?

I dont know how many others may know this, but Nataraj Indial Cuisine, a delicious indian restaurant on Bloor at Brunny (in the annex) has a "for rent" sign up. I am crushed, as I have gone there every week for years! I always got the chili paneer (which was spicy, sweet, and not chunky besides the paneer) with a subzi naan.

Does anyone know what happened? Is there any way I can find out? If they are moving or opening somewhere else, I would like to know about it! Is there any way to track down the owner or the chef to see what they are doing?

Finally, if anyone knows a place where you can get a good (similar to nataraj!) chili paneer orr saag paneer, I would be very thinkful.

Thank you for all your help!