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Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

The owner(s) has made several posts on this thread (all removed) but seems sincere in their efforts. My first review may have seemed harsh, but in my estimation, was completely fair, and honest based on our visit.

The bottom line is; this is a local non-franchise establishment, and I sincerely wish them the best. Quite some time has passed, and I have convinced some of my original party to re-assess the food situation at Boar n' Wing with me, on an undisclosed date. We are all hopeful for improvements.

I will report back by the end of February.

Boar 'n' Wing
5164 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M9A 1C4, CA

Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

Most of our sides were pretty good. I cant say if their "Fries" are the same as the "Wedges" we ordered, but they seemed like the frozen variety.

Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

cynical foodie said your can order them either way. When i was there i wasnt offered that option when asked breaded or not, the repy we got from our server was lightly breaded.

Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

as i said in the OP, their prices are on par with Wild Wing, aps drinks, lbs of wings. I dont want to rference an actual number, for fear that i'm off a few cents, i wouldnt want to start a war.

Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

Thanks Brian! I'll have to check out the Beaver, i have never been, and i DO like wings. Do THEY have a wing night?

Boar N Wing, Etobicoke

Me and a party of 3 hungry men were excited to try a new local wing spot in Etobicoke. We are fortunate enough to have a Wild Wing, and the famous Wingporium in our area, so if we’re in the mood for whacky flavours, we’re set. I was interested to see how it would stack up.

The decor was nice, above pub/bar standards, and I was SHOCKED at how many tv’s had been installed. I was further shocked to see, smaller tv’s in every booth!! This will be the place to go for a sporting event, as its competition is dismal when is come to “watching the game”. Everything was clean and well lit, with tones of seating. The music however, was overbearing, and more appropriate of a club, which might explain the owners decision to dress as a European gigolo, shirt unbuttoned to his navel. Our entire table agreed both were inappropriate.
As a group, we were there for wings, and many of them. To our dismay, the 73 flavours they boast have ridiculous names, little to no explanations, and are presented as a jumbled, misspelled mess on the back of the menu, our server had no clue. After cautiously making our decision, we ordered: Calamari, Wedges, and Deep Fried Pickles to START, 4 pounds of wings, and unlike its competition, we were allowed 4 different flavours, which was nice. Their prices are exactly par with their competition

After what seemed to be an inordinate wait, our wings arrived one pound at a time, and were clearly overcooked; we all agreed they were terrible. The sauces, were all milder than advertized, and very sparse, most all of our wings were tasteless and overcooked. After a time of crunching and gnawing through our wings, nearly finished, our STARTERS came from the kitchen, but were admittedly quite tasty.
The Boar and Wing IS quite new, and I was initially going to cut them some slack, but our server let us know the owner had owned 2 Wild Wing franchises previously, so I can’t help but feel the WINGS should have been better, after all, thats why most people are going to go there. We asked our server if there was going to be a “wing night” or any deals throughout the week and she acted as if we were asking for free wings for life, and condescendingly assured us their prices were already good. Hopefully they realize their major local competitors, and almost every wing place I have ever been to, has a wing night.
From what I can tell, they have been open just over a month now. I will go back, not because I was impressed by anything but the tv’s, but to give them a second chance. I’ll report back in about a month likely.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Too many mediocre BBQ places, perhaps, but if a street were lined with GREAT BBQ places, I’d be there for breakfast lunch and dinner. Albeit; dead by age 30, with the physique of John Goodman and John Candy’s love-child.
“Here Rests John GoodCandy, Stickey Fingered and Peaceful”

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

its a shame, i was originaly pretty optimistic for a mom and pop style place thats was warm and welcoming with great food, and i still cant knock the food.

My new alternative for an artery clogging evening is Memphis BBQ just north of hwy 7 and islington... I appreciate that is a big trip for those of us in central etobicoke... but the food there is outstanding...

no brisket, but the pulled pork, ribs and SMOKED WINGS are all well worth the trip, prices are good, and the staff is friendly and helpful, at least i have found this on 2 trips...
granted this place may seem to be a little more of a dive, but to me, BBQ should not be too fancy anyways.

Memphis BBQ
8074 Islington Ave, Woodbridge, ON L4L1W5, CA

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

I had been just after they opened and several times since. This last visit will be my last.

at first Paul and Sandy were delightful, happy and i enjoyed being there and letting them know how dearly i love their pulled portk and brisket. On my last visit the service was so horrid, i'll likely never go back. The cashier/server, was quite rude with customers, and even raised he voise at a pair of men who has asked for sandwiched to go, on account of their limited dine-in area being full, She explained (very rudely) that she would not accomodate take out orders while their dine-in room was so full, she snipped "come back in 45 minutes". After my party had dined, our orders were wrong and some sides never even arrived, we went to the cash to pay our bill, when we were yelled at regarding the limited supply and told we could not order take out. which we werent even looking for, we were simply trying to pay and leave... The last few times I have been there they have told me and my guests what we could and could not order, or we were scolded ordered "too much". I understand they smoke their products for a long time, and smoking too much would be wasteful, but they have been open for a while and should have product for their customers, instead of running low and treating the customer poorly for even trying to order.

Good cheap lunch around Yonge and Bloor

I also just started work around here, I'm a hungry hungry hippo, (6"2 - 260lbs) but I dont mind walking about to find some good stuff.

Ginger on the East side of Yonge just South of Bloor!

a little crowded at lunch but the line moves fast, and i gotta say, their Vietnamese Sub Sandwich is my GO-TO for a quick lunch.

a big fresh bun, various veggies, and your choice of Chicken, Beef or Pork (i prefer beef) for...wait for it... $3.50!!!!!!!!!!

I can eat two if i'm feeling pig-ish, but one could do a normal person i bet, or grab one of their salad rolls' on the side which are good too!

Don't be deterred by the line/noise, its fast and WELL worth the wait