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Dealing with Food Hoarders

I personally hate it when my parents don't keep THEIR house the way I like it. Rude!

I unfortunately suffer from a lot of host-judgement. Don't like how my host decorates, don't like how dressed down they are because "they had to cook", don't like that they used canned salsa and made a mess cooking. Thinking it makes me judgmental, saying anything would make me an asshole.

Dec 28, 2011
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No Special Treatment for Vegetarians at Barbecues

While some vegetarians can be complete bores about needed a special spot on the grill to cook their cracked barley patty's while simultaneously reminding you of all the injustices that cow you had planned to enjoy suffered before finding its way on to your grates, most of the time vegetarians just don't eat meat and I don't think it is really asking for a lot of accommodate them. The article seems to suggest that this is a job so tedious as to be completely ignored. To me this is just rude and unnecessarily so. Even if you don't want to dish out the cash for some special health-food store veggie patty, there are plenty of seasonable vegetables that can be easily thrown on a grill, dressed with the same BBQ sauces as your once-living fair and served to all of your guests without issue.

Also, the suggestion that you serve a BBQ BYOM (bring your own meat) seems preposterous. It would be the same as hosting a dinner party and asking all your guests to bring their own dinners, its just ridiculous.

Jul 13, 2011
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Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. McPerfect

I'm not sure if the complaint here is that the McPerfects are Martha-Stewart Perfect or if they fight during diner.
If its the former I'd mention that some of us are anal retentive (like myself) and love to exercise that personality trait at diner parties. If this is them, your job is to be a good guest and remember they want your dinner to be perfect because they want you to enjoy enjoy it and let them show off their perfectly matched napkins/tablecloth/napkin rings
If it's the later I'll just mention that I have friends that did this, and when I mentioned it one day they denied it as ridiculous (their relationship was perfect) so they may not realize this makes you uncomfortable and maybe you should say something politely and discretely

Apr 18, 2011
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Is the Thank-You Card Obsolete?

Karen, You make a very good point. Maybe I'll mail them after diner from now on. Though luckily nothing like that has happened yet *knock on wood*
And I agree the "thank you" card can be wasteful and should be reserved for more special occasions. Casual dinners are one thing (then email/text/quick phone call is better) but I try to get into the habit of sending a tangible note after something more special like a formal dinner for a birthday or graduation etc. I think I am attached to this because being only 25 I think it's a practice that more people my age should engage in. Plus it may inspire us to invest in more eco friendly thank yous, perhaps re-purposed waste paper. I make Christmas cards this way and normally get a pretty good response (better then with a purchased card)

Apr 04, 2011
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Is the Thank-You Card Obsolete?

I've got to defend my comment before about sending a card before you go to a party. While a hand-written note detailed every minute detail about the dinner you just enjoyed is very nice and personal, it is also somewhat empty to me. I know I sound defensive, and I know my opinion reflects my own lack of sentimentality but when I take the time and invest the money in such an event I appreciate the thank-you, not the 15 sentences on everything we had and what happened. I was there...I remember...thanks.

I think the notion of a "personal" thank you is nice the abstract, but don't lose sight of what you are doing. You are thanking someone for making you a dinner. That is actually the only important thing here, not a few lines of "hey details that prove I was really at your party and didn't just send you a thank-you form letter" to me say nothing of substance.

So while I may not take the time to rehash every aspect of my nights festivities, I still get my thank-you to the person nice enough to cook me diner in a timely fashion and I just can't get behind the notion that such a showing of gratitude is insincere. Unless you need to eat first and make sure the food is good before you can say thank you....I tend to choke down food I hate out of courtesy but to each his own

Feb 28, 2011
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How to Tell If a Cowardly Troll Is Pretentious

I hate to be that poster making that comment but to sum up: food, like every other facet of our culture is subject to trends. We all accept this. The post was a little obnoxious, but funny and true. Getting gourmet gelato IS what? is it good? do you like it? do you like that it drives to you rather then vice versa? So calm down and stop being so damn pretentious
: )

Feb 17, 2011
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what do you prefer that most foodies would scoff at?

hmm on the same note: Ego Waffles with "fake" maple syrup....I prefer the real deal on everything but that...

or Caviar and goat cheese on a saltine....shameful but the best way I've ever had the stuff

Feb 09, 2011
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So what would be your last meal? If it came to that :)

To start, salad with garbanzo beans, Gorgonzola, tomato, pepper, cucumber and a plain vinaigrette and some grilled blue cheese toasts my mom used to make

Then I think a basic Burger, with blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and BBQ sauce, with a plate of really good French fries. Served with a Stella

Take a break for a Makers Sour

Some of my aunt's cheese cake and a cup of coffee....I'd be ready to meet my maker then

Feb 09, 2011
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Is the Thank-You Card Obsolete?

I agree that Thank You notes (especially for young people like me who grew up with email) feel much more special then the most eloquently constructed email. So I propose two alternatives to this advice:
1. Send the card before you go to the party. Since we seldom send "That Dinner Party Sucked Ass Cards" it's safe to assume you will have at least a relatively good time warranting a thank you. You can even drop the letter off at the post office on the way to the party (and therefore almost guaranteeing it will be there the next day just like an email). This is what I do, though mostly so I don't forget and send it a week late, but details
2. Also, if you are hell-bend on being timely, write the note, scan it, and email it. Then you get the best of both worlds: your host knows you put more into his/her thank you then a few lines you wrote after deleting spam mail, and you get to thank them right away

Feb 09, 2011
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Can I Take My Baby to a Restaurant?

My parents always made it a point to take us to restaurants because they felt like this was the only way we would learn to behave in one. "Kid-friendly" restaurants are great but going out to nice places and being forced to keep my youthful rambunctiousness was a great lesson for me (And it also explains why so many people my age are still not "age-appropriate" when they go out. Your kids are kids, not animals, they don't need too high a level of pandering.just be conscious of venue. To judge I'd ask, if it was a night out with out m little ankle-bitter, would I be annoyed if he/she was at the table next to me?

Nov 03, 2010
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Meddling Mother-in-Law

I have a very similar problem with friends coming over for dinner. Again they mean well when they are constantly in my face, messing with my "flow" asking if they can help. For me it was a two step process.
1. realize that they are not trying to be annoying, but actually have a hard time with leaving all of the work to me. So in reality, tripping over my friends every two seconds while I am trying to prepare something is actually their way of being nice
2. give you helpful friends (or mother in law) the time consuming and important job of hostace. Leave out wine (with opener) finger food, tell her to greet guests and take coats, etc. If that doesn't keep her busy idk what will

and finally remember that you want control over your kitchen because you think you are a good cook and you want to work hard to cook a good meal for your family. Maybe just tell her this and she'll understand (in a perfect world that is so don't hold your breath)

Oct 27, 2010
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Why Pastry TV Is Boring

I don't necessarily mind "Cake TV" per say (though every episode seems like the same thing, different cake) but Top Chef: Just Desserts has taught me a valuable lesson. Pastry Chefs are whiny and insane!! It's like Top Chef meets a self-help book club for the mentally unbalanced.

Oct 07, 2010
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This Beer Brings Shame Upon Us

eww....though I think I would try Bubblegum-Flavored Beachtime Barbie Brew...just saying

Sep 27, 2010
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