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Palm Beach county closings 2015

Snappers seafood in Boynton Beach will be closing August 30 after 20 years in business.

Best Pizza in South Florida

Hard as I might try, I have difficulty beating Tucci's (Boca) Margherita pizza. Great dough, sauce and fresh mozz. There are others that I really like a lot but none as good as Tucci's.

Costco Food Finds - 2nd Quarter 2015

Re: Cut-up fruit bowl

I bought the same thing and it was great. Sorry you had a bad experience.

Jun 15, 2015
Alfred G in Chains

Grilled Teriyaki Pork Chops

What pineapple juice? No mention of it in recipe.

May 31, 2015
Alfred G in Recipes

Key Biscayne lunch

Any thoughts for a casual lunch?

Kelly's Landing

The lobster rolls are very good. You can get them either Maine style (light mayonnaise and cold) or Connecticut style (warm with melted butter). However, the highlight of Kelly's is the New England clam chowder. Absolutely excellent.

Best authentic Italian gelato

Try Sonny's Gelato in Boca.

Pressure Cooking vs Slow Cooking

Time not being a factor, is there any difference in the finished product? I have a Breville electric Fast Slow Cooker and when time is a factor I use the pressure cooker. When it is not I use the slow cooker. I was wondering if it made a difference in the end result, again, time not being a factor only the end result.

Feb 28, 2015
Alfred G in Home Cooking

Bamboo Fire Discount

Just a quick heads up for all of us Bamboo Fire fans. is offering a $25.00 certificate for $8.00.

West Palm Beach (2015)?

You will get better responses if you post on the Miami/Ft Lauderdale board which encompasses WPB.

Feb 16, 2015
Alfred G in Florida


Snappers in Boynton Beach has excellent jumbo king crab claws.

Slow Cooker Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Jan 22, 2015
Alfred G in Recipes


Wasn't happy with the reviews on either so did not go. Did not want to subject out of town guests to mediocrity, which is most of the cue in PBC. Will try Smoke next time BBQ comes up. Many thanks.


I know Troy's and it is good. Looking for a sit down resto. Going with a couple from out of town. Thanks.


Still on a quest for BBQ in PBC. Going on Friday to either Tom's Place or Blue Front. Any opinions? Will try Smoke another time.

Punjab Boca

Smartie, Have you been to taste of India yet on Okeechobee in West Palm Beach?

Miami mega list: feel free to comment! (wall of text!)


Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - January 2015 [Old]

$4.99 lb in Florida

Jan 09, 2015
Alfred G in Chains

Visiting hound needs Boca / Delray help

Had dinner at Nick's New Haven Abeetz last night and it was excellent. Party of 4 and all loved it. We had real food and not pizza (except for me, I had the clam pizza. Good but not as good as Frank Pepe's).

really good Chinese food West Palm Beach and north

Grand Lake on Okeechobee in WPB. Really good stuff.

Duck King in Boca Raton

Well, I finally had the opportunity to go to Duck King. I had a 5 o'clock reservation for Jewish Christmas dinner. When we arrived, we were the only ones there. However, that changed very quickly and within a short period of time the restaurant was jammed. Although I had a reservation my name was not on the list when I arrived. However, this did not present a problem. I had a reservation for Peking duck and we ordered additionally wonton soup and hot and sour soup. The wonton soup was acceptable with very good broth but no greens or pork in it. The hot and sour soup was exceptional. The Peking duck arrived and it was presented beautifully. A half duck on either side of the tray and sliced. I was really looking forward to digging in. It came with the requisite hoisin sauce, sliced scallions, cucumbers and pancakes. Unfortunately, the skin was flaccid and rubbery. The duck itself had very little flavor. I mentioned this to the server and she said that she would tell the chef with no attempt at any correction. This was very disappointing for a restaurant that claims Peking duck as a specialty. You would think that it would be made to perfection. Regrettably, this was not. I will probably try them again because I thought the menu looked interesting. For sure, I will not order the Peking duck.

Chinese on Xmas day

Check out Rainbow Palace on Oakland. A little pricey but very good.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2014 [OLD]

It's still available in South Florida.

Dec 16, 2014
Alfred G in Chains

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2014

No truffle oil is worth buying.

Nov 30, 2014
Alfred G in Chains

I don't like Tilapia. Do you?

Farm-raised tilapia is a popular source for fish, not only because it is widely available in the US, but it is also very inexpensive. Almost all tilapia served in the U.S. is from China and the orient. Before you stock up on Tilapia, you may want to know about its correlation to inflammation. Recent studies have concluded that eating Tilapia may worsen inflammation that can lead to heart disease, arthritis, asthma and a world of other serious health problems. People who resort to eating more fish as a way to get their dose of omega-3-fatty-acids and lessen their risk of heart attacks may want to hold off on the tilapia. In fact, scientists have found that the inflammatory potential of tilapia is far greater than that of a hamburger or pork bacon!

Tilapia is also the lowest bottom feeder. Fish farmers rely upon tilapia to keep the fish tanks clean; the tilapia are added to tanks of farm raised fish to eat the droppings of other fish in the tank. Tilapia can also tolerate grossly over crowded conditions. Fish farmers in China (where 90% of U.S. consumed tilapia come from) will often harvest the primary stock and add thousands of tilapia afterwards to Clean the tank and maximize the farm's yield.

Fish farmers want all male tilapia because they grow larger and are less aggressive. Production of all male tilapia can be accomplished by artificial sex reversal. To artificially create sex reversal, the physical sex direction of the fish is manipulated by the feeding of methyltestosterone prior to and during the early sexless stage of the baby fish, called fingerlings. This technique was first developed in Japan in the 1950s for sex reversal of aquarium fish and species of carp. It was demonstrated as commercially feasible in the 1970s. Fish raised in this manner grow bigger quicker because they do not need to expend energy in developing reproductive organs and require less feed. If properly applied, the sex reversal treatment can be 98 to 100% effective.

Treatment with methyltestosterone is now the chosen method of producing tilapia in fish farms worldwide. Virtually all tilapia sold in traditional American supermarkets and grocery stores is tilapia fed with methyltestosterone.

17 alpha-methyltestosterone is highly toxic to the human liver and linked to cancer.

Nov 25, 2014
Alfred G in General Topics

SoFla Thanksgiving and Fruit Pies

Can't top Costco for a great apple pie.

Looking for a Nice Dinner Spot in the Fort Lauderdale Beach Area

I have dined at 3030 Ocean and it is excellent. Highly recommended.

Naples Waterfront

You might want to post this on the Florida Board which covers Naples.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - October 2014 [old]

I had the same problem. They were supposed to be U15 which is a nice sized shrimp (under 15 to a pound). I noticed that the size varied from very large to medium. I counted the shrimp and was surprised to discover that there were 20 shrimp in a one pound bag that should have held no more than 15. Your picture is very accurate. Will not buy again and I might mention it the next time I am in TJ's.

Nov 02, 2014
Alfred G in Chains

Lamb Shanks in the Slow Cooker?

Just came across your excellent recipe. One question . . . what size can of diced tomatoes?

Oct 23, 2014
Alfred G in Home Cooking