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Who has the best Panini in L.A?

I have recently been getting my panini fix at Urth Caffe. I either get the Caprese, which has mozzarella, roasted red and yello peppers, sun dried tomatoes, basil, and a pesto & olive spread that is to die for, or the Prosciutto, which has prosciutto, some other Italian cheese (can figure it out, but yummy), and the sun-dried tomatoes/basil&olive spread deal. They also have a portobello one, but it's hard to stray from your favs...

I just wish they had a half panini / soup combo.

Where else can I find an awesome panini?

Nov 23, 2010
J Snizzo in Los Angeles Area

What's worthy in my new hood? La Cienega between Pico & Olympic?

You MUST try Bloom Cafe on Pico, maybe a mile east of La Cienega. It has awesome food and juices, and has tons of healthier types of food like mescaline and cous cous. Great for brunch, too. We moved to the area a couple months ago and quite frankly this was our saving grace (without driving West into traffic or North into traffic...

Sep 21, 2010
J Snizzo in Los Angeles Area