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Boston for Torontonians - Oct 8-10

ohhhh thanks for the scups dinner tip, bivalve! would you go there for lunch? what are you fave things to order on the menu?

Boston for Torontonians - Oct 8-10

we love farmer's markets. perfect! so our sunday is planned - market and then dogtoberfest :)

Boston for Torontonians - Oct 8-10

if we went to see the aquarium on the cheap, are there any good restaurants nearby?
and i'm guessing 'scups' may be a good place to go after the ferry?

Boston for Torontonians - Oct 8-10

ok from the above it looks like neptune oyster is a must! this is exactly what i needed to know. to tell you the truth we almost changed our hotel to cambridge bc we heard the downtown is dead on the wkend. but then we saw the rates in cambridge...

Boston for Torontonians - Oct 8-10

pretty good thread yumyum, it looks like the consensus is taiwanese, cambodian, afghan, seafood and turkish. haitian and burmese also look interesting.
i'm leaving out cocktails, and italian, brazilian and portuguese bc we do have plenty of that here.

anyway that thread seems more about getting a very diverse set of restaurants (since toronto is pretty cosmopolitan). i'd like more boston-representative food close to our hotel, where we can bring our little guy.

Boston for Torontonians - Oct 8-10

My husband and I will be traveling to Boston next weekend (Oct 8-10). We are looking for tips for places that are not too touristy, but capture the feel of the GBA. We love seafood so we think we're heading to the right city :) In Toronto, we love everything from French bistro to pho, Ethiopian to neapolitan pizza. Are there beer/wine/food festivals in the area that weekend? Good markets to check out?

All we care about is the chow - it needs to be delicious. Decor, ambiance, service are secondary. It would be great to get your best 'cheap eats' near our hotel (we're staying at the Club Quarters on Devonshire St).

Please give us a range of ideas for brunch, coffee, lunch and dinners. Are restaurants typically open early/late? Do takeout? We have our 10-month-old with us and he's used to fine dining (we aim for early dinners), but if we don't get a good vibe, we'll leave him with my mother who is along with us for the ride.

Oh, and please let us know if we need to make a reso!

Best pizza in Toronto?

I never had an issue with the QMP crust. If anyone is trying Libretto, I recommend one person orders the duck (pizza blanca) and one person orders the prosciutto (and douse that with the chili oil). Then let your senses soak in the interplay between sweet, spicy, and salty.
Until I tried these two, Pizza Rustica was my favourite. Bellisima is a lovely family-run joint if you can't stand the hipsters at QMP/Libretto.

Pizza Rustica
270 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V3P5, CA

Bier Market on King W

The food here is good. My friend and I downed 2 orders of the fries in half an hour yesterday... and this is a place I've had lunch, a snack and dinner, all in one sitting. (We were there for 11 hours). But yes, it's overpriced bc you're paying for (a) an incredible patio (b) the see-and-be-seen factor.

Astonishingly, the beer selection is not nearly as good as it should be, considering the name of the place. They didn't have porters!!! Come on! Also, they organize the menu by country of origin rather than by type (lager, stout, etc). But what totally ruined this place for me? Adding the number of calories per pint on the menu. Geez Louise... talk about sucking the joy right out of life...

All that being said, I think it's worth trying the food if it's not beer you're after. I've never been really disappointed.

Bier Market
58 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON M5E, CA