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family restaurants in columbia, mo

You might look at Flat Branch Pub and Brewing. Good food, varied menu and the place is nice and noisy...very kid-friendly.

Nov 17, 2010
srowson in Great Plains

Bangkok and southern Thailand island-hopping

Thank you so much for your response, Curt...I'll mark these on my map. Can't wait!

Bangkok and southern Thailand island-hopping

Thanks. We're staying nearby so Khao San road will probably get a walk-through for spectacle's sake. Won't be a focal point.

Bangkok and southern Thailand island-hopping

Looking to hit Jay Fai and nahm in BKK as well as Chinatown and Khao San Road for plenty of street food, but could use other tips. We'll eat anything and heat's not a problem.

After four days in Khao Sok National Park we hop from Ko Samui to Ko Phangan and finish up at Ko Tao. Any must-hit restaurants on those islands?

Thanks in advance.


Midwestern hounds in Seattle...with kid

Good stuff. I'll pass that along. Thanks!

Sep 09, 2008
srowson in Pacific Northwest

Midwestern hounds in Seattle...with kid

My wife, mother-in-law and 4.5 year old son will be spending the week in Seattle...without me. All three appreciate good food from all over the world, including our little Chowhound-in-training (who happens to love tapas and sashimi - go figure).

They asked where to eat and I drew a blank. Seattle's at the top of my list but haven't been there yet. Digging around here I've come up with a few places that seem oft-mentioned and seem relatively kid-friendly for a well-behaved child. How's the list look? Other places I'm missing, should be cut from the list?

Harvest Vine
Pike Place Market (incl. Matt's)

They'll be all over town so location isn't terribly important.

Thanks all.

Sep 08, 2008
srowson in Pacific Northwest

Columbia MO Bleu

The owners and chef say the week of August 18th. Much remains to be done, however; I don't see how they can do it. But that's their answer and they're sticking to it. See for more info.

Columbia MO Bleu

The owners and chef say the week of August 18th. Much remains to be done, however; I don't see how they can do it. But that's their answer and they're sticking to it.

Bill Buford Arista Recipe?

No luck on this, eh? I'm looking to try this myself and have run into a few problems of my own. Getting a half of a hog, boned-out seems to be just one of the hangups. No recipes seem to exist online. Did you give it a shot?

May 06, 2008
srowson in Home Cooking

Columbia, MO Chowhound gathering

Mid-Missouri Chowhounds will be gathering for dinner and drinks the evening of Thursday, April 24. The site is being voted on currently at, but the time is 5:30pm.

Please contact me off Chowhound to RSVP or offer suggestions.


In San Antonio for Big 12 Championship

Missouri football fans, having awakened from a nearly four-decade slumber, are ready to party in San Antonio this coming weekend. We also need good grub, and I personally plan to eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tex-mex too.

Anyway, I'd like to sample the finest local spots, but specifically small, hole-in-the-wall places. I've seen Rosario's, Taco Taco and Mi Tierra (even with the loud, touristy vibe) recommended a few times...but they don't really seem to fit the mold of the smaller mom and pop type places I'd like to find. A friend also suggested La Fonda on Main, Las Canarias and Rio Rio.

We're staying on the Riverwalk but are willing to cab it to other locales. My wife has never been to San Antonio (and I haven't been in 10-plus years) and I've promised her three days of the best Mexican food possible to help justify our I need some help from fellow Chowhounders. My marriage thanks you in advance.

Scott in Missouri

Nov 26, 2007
srowson in Texas

Chowhound gathering in Columbia, MO

I hereby propose an inaugural gathering of the BoCoMo Hounds to be held in Columbia during the month of October. We could meet at one of Columbia's restaurants, debate Sycamore vs. The Wine Cellar, speculate on the demise of Trattoria, whatever. Regardless, all discussion and arrangements for said gathering have to be made off of the Chowhound site, according to moderators. So, email me off at if you're interested.


STL - favorite outdoor dining?

I vote for Lagniappe's down in Soulard. I'll admit I haven't been there in a while, but the food and outdoor patio were great as recently as a few years ago.

Great Mexican food in Columbia, MO

Very true, most are Salvadoran...I was lazy with the terminology. I did have a good time at Mixtec up in DC a couple of times.

Great Mexican food in Columbia, MO

I actually was unimpressed with the Mexican offerings in six years I found only a few I liked, which is very strange given the enormous Latin population there. My all-time favorite was El Puerto on Route 1 in south Alexandria. El Rodeo is not quite as good, but it's close enough for me. El Puerto's house hot sauce is also my all-time favorite, El Yucateco.

Great Mexican food in Columbia, MO

I think the highlights at El Rodeo were covered by Zeke. The tacos asada are almost always great (once they were a little dry...just trying to be fair and balanced here) and definitely ask for the spicier sauce. The migas jalisco is wonderful for breakfast...just about the perfect hangover food if you ask me. They also have a cubano sandwich that was really good. I second also the carne asada el rodeo.

Don't forget their juice of the day, which usually runs along the lines of watermelon or canteloupe. It's perfect after downing one of their fried jalapenos.

Great Mexican food in Columbia, MO

After moving back to Columbia after six years in D.C. I thought my days of quality Mexican food were behind me. Not so. There are at least three really good Mexican places in Columbia. I'd love to hear other suggestions.

The Good:
1) Taqueria El Rodeo
2) Tequila
3) Carlito's (on Business Loop)

The Bad:
1) Rio Grande (Broadway west, near Truman's)

The So-So:
1) El Maguey
2) El Rancho (downtown on Broadway)

Celebratory dinner in Columbia, MO?

Cherry Hill Brasserie was an abysmal dump...beyond bad. Terrible interior, creepy service, empty. Oh, and the food wasn't any good at all either. Perhaps I caught it after its heyday, but I for one am looking forward to something decent going into that now-vacant spot.

As for celebratory dinners: You can't go wrong with Sycamore. Very good food and the service is outstanding. I personally like The Wine Cellar (on Cherry Street) a bit more, as it's more interesting and different, but that's a personal choice. Your friend will be very pleased with Sycamore.