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Thanksgiving dinner recommendations in Muskoka?

Hi, I reserved a lovely B&B in Gravenhurst and would like to find a lovely dinner place for Saturday and Sunday nights.

Any suggestions? We are not into traditional thanksgiving food and my boyfriend is vegetarian but fish would do :o)

Thanks in advance!

Avoid eating at Hugh's Room - the food is AWFUL

Any suggestions on where to go around there if the food is terrible? I am going to a concert on Saturday and would like to have early dinner somewhere close if we are not going to eat there...

Great Mexican in Toronto?

I recently visited Cocina Lucero with 5 of my close friends. I specifically asked if the margaritas are made with lemon. After I ordered a pitcher of it (for 28$), the waitress brought us some nuclear green colour mix that we couldn't drink. We returned it after she explained that the second "grade" of margaritas was made with lime, just not this one. So we ordered the next level up, which took ONE HOUR to come to the table, no word of a lie. They must have pressed two dozens limes or lemons in there (for 39$ per pitcher now). Still nasty coloured, we couldn't taste the alcohol at all and it made me sick enough after three sips that I had to trade seats with someone to be closer to the hallway, just in case. My boyfriend and I felt sick until the next day, because the margaritas were just so acidic and bitter, compared to what we are used to drink in Mexico.

2 guests liked their food out of 6 - the four of us would NEVER go back.

As predicted by many before, the service was excruciatingly slow. Also, when asked for hot (picante) sauce, they brought us President's Choice. My friend who lived in Mexico for five years insisted on getting something else and got Grace brand hot sauce instead.

Never again - really. BTW for GREAT margaritas go to Dos Amigos. Unfortunately I always found that the food does not match the quality of the drinks. The guacamole and choriqueso are exquisite, though.

I tried the choriqueso at Cocina Lucero and thought it was also horrible.

Seeking a good restaurant with a big round booth or table for 8 people

Ciceri et Tria is italian, fun, casual, lovely and affordable. They have a chef table at the back, it is square and you can fit in 9 people.

Early dinner near Yonge & Adelaide?

Wow, I am devastated about Osteria (the name is really Ciceri e Tria). I love this place and so do all of my friends. I am hoping to book it for my bday next year. Not sure what you don't like but that's quality italian at its best AND fabulous wines and good service too!

La Salle a Manger sucks!

I am sorry as well thatyou had such a bad experience. I went only once, this summer, and had the best meal ever and so did my friend and God only knows that we travel and are total foodies. It may be that they are inconsistent though but good service deserves a good tip, bad service deserves no tip, AND when you are not happy in a restaurant no matter where you are you should speak up so that they correct was was wrong and also not make you pay for it. I rarely had a bad experience where people would not try to make me forget what was wrong in the first place (except at defunct Susur in Toronto).

I totally agree that attitude etc. is not right but generally speaking I find that 50% of my experience depends on quality of service, atmosphere, etc. and frankly in Quebec City and Montreal this has never been a problem.

Just remember to speak up and explain yourself AND to ask for the manager when not satisfied. I am not a diva, but everytime I tried it worked in best advantage.

JK church street cafe now open.

Hi again, I walked in for the first time to sit down and eat spur of the moment with a friend on Thursday. Was a bit disappointed with the short menu, compared to gilead café, especially since they took out the 3 tapas for 11$ that I had seen when it first opened... I must however say that the Ploughman, composed of two terrines (patés) and a slice of lovely cheddar was a great little snack. Not enough bread but when asked the new and SO charming and courteous waiter came to the rescue with more.

I was also a bit disppointed by the mac n cheese but hey, it was filling and only $6.95. I would expect a bit more flavour from Jamie K though... The wines we tried, however, were up to our expectations.

Desserts (Linzer torte and Meringue) were ok. Call me difficult - we still ate the whole thing though o)

I would likely go again for a glass of wine and snacks but likely not for a meal. Will return and try the brunch and breakfast items though.

I am worried as it's now been opened for a few weeks and really, there was nobody there when we showed up. Maybe it doesn't matter since the have the wine bar next door to sustain it but I would hate to see the place close - as I menioned before, they do sell lovely artisanal bread and that was cruely lacking in the neighborhood.

I look forward to hearing other experiences - maybe I'll be convinced to try something else :o)

JK church street cafe now open.

I am SO THRILLED as this is the one thing I was missing the most in my neighborhood... a place where I can go pick up fresh bread, croissants, etc. or just meet with people on the fly for a glass of wine and tapas....

I looked it up on internet and no mention yet - staff said that press release is going out next week so it will pour.... but we have the advantage to be in the neighborhood :o)

Bakery around Younge & Front (not St-Lawrence Market)

Thank you very much! This is very close so when in need of something quicker than going to the Distillery I will certainly give it a try!


Bakery around Younge & Front (not St-Lawrence Market)

Oh joy! EXACTLY what I was looking for! And I can walk up to Finch and back so this is just.... PERFECT!

Merci beaucoup!

Bakery around Younge & Front (not St-Lawrence Market)


I just moved to the Esplanade and would love to find a real French or other type bakery for croissants, pastries, etc. St-Lawrence Market is fun when you go there but if you want to buy ahead of time or morning of (Sunday) for guests coming to town it is not very useful...

Any suggestions that I can go to on foot?


Help finding prepared gourmet

I have never tried their foodshop but LOVE Daniel and Daniel (caterers). They do have takeout meals. Call them to see if there is anything you don't have to reheat but I am sure they would do it. Also according to previous postings it seems that a lot of hotels like Four Seasons and Royal York would also accomodate you...


My favorite Ontario Wineries

I am moving back to Toronto after 18 months abroad. I used to take pride is making all my Quebec friends and family discover quality Ontario wines to match fabulous Quebec cheeses... So after reading a nice summary post on good places to find fresh food in Toronto I was inspired to recycle an old email that I typically send to people if I don't have the time to accompany them. Again it's been almost two years since my last "Niagara Tour" so the information might be a bit obsolete but I can at least assure you that where I say it's good... I've tried it personally and many friends alike and... it's good! Actually more suggestions would really be welcome. The best part to remember about Ontario wineries is that if they are on the "official" wine route and or if there is parking for buses... DON'T GO. My best finds have always been word of mouth and places that are not advertised and that don't sell to the LCBO. By the way, Malivoire is always looking for people to pick grapes in January for their ice wine cuvée and I dream of the day I will go because dinner (and plenty of wine) is on the house and it is supposed to be a really wonderful experience. The downside is it has to be minus 8 Celsius for three days in a row so it is a bit unpredictable, especially if you have to sleep over (wine helping) and show up for work in Toronto the next day. Hope you like my suggestions and please make others... I am moving back in September.

*Lakeview Winery (excellent and cheap red gamay, impressive starboard) More into table wines...

4037 Cherry Avenue, Vineland

*Stratus (ultrapremium white and red - for the connaisseur) Haven't been yet but it is supposed to be already producing cult wines. Only winery on this list located in Niagara instead of Beamsville. Ask questions about architecture, etc.

2059 Niagara Stone Road, Niagara

*Lenko (premium everything, I recommend the Late Harvest Vintage similar to Ice wine for one third the price, the raspberry wine (similar to ice wine), the 2002 unoaked chard, and everything else you fancy). One of the best wineries of Ontario. Will run out of late harvest and raspberry VERY SOON

5246 King Street, Vineland

*Malivoire (excellent Gamay, chard, ice wine, rosemary cooking syrup, house signature rose is ok) One of the best wineries of Ontario as well.

4260 King Street, Vineland

*Tawse (new kid on the block, opened spring 2005, ask for Brad and say Marjorie sent you, and taste those UNBELIEVABLE Chards (Beamsville Bench assemblage is best). Cabernet Franc very good as well but not for that price ($40). Incredible Riesling (the 2002 and 2003 Carly's Block" Estate ones. Ask questions about architecture, etc.

3955 Cherry Avenue, Vineland

Featherstone (good reds, very young, promising winery - they have peppery wines
3678 Victoria Avenue, Vineland

Marynissen (excellent reds to drink in 10 years for the collector
RR6, Concession 1, Niagara on the Lake

Ridgepoint (supposed to have amazing merlot but we were not allowed to taste
3900 Cherry Avenue, Vineland

Kacaba (pronounce Kassaba - we have to go back to assess with a fresh palate - supposed to be premium winery
3550 King Street, Vineland

Angels Gate (we were disappointed but it was our last stop so we have to go back there with a fresh palate as well
4260 Mountainview Road, Beamsville

Thirteen Street (we positively cried of deception about their pinot but everyone else says they are to die for including Canoe, Jamie Kennedy, Susur, Rain, Luce, the Fifth, Harbour 360 and Avalon so I guess you be the judge
3983 13th Street, Jordan Station

Flat Rock (terrible wine but worth the trip for the view and architecture and I think they will have a restaurant or something eventually
*Vineland (Excellent wines, I love the Chenin Blanc and the Cab Sauv... Beautiful boutique, world-acclaimed restaurant (featured in Gourmet magazine) and now event 2 bed and breakfasts which are always sold out!

3620 Moyer Road, Vineland

*My personal recommendations

Your 'regular' middle of the week spot...

I think no one has mentioned my very favorite (outside La Palette for a lovely steak frites): the Rosedale Diner. Looks like an old diner but in the summer they have a LOVELY garden at the back where you wouldn't believe that you are somewhere with a front door on Yonge, the cheapest fare I can remember is the house burger for 10$ (and it is a luxury delicious burger) but there is plenty of lovely other dishes including creative soups, fish and meat light mains and wonderful desserts as well. Plus that's where I discovered many of my favorite Ontario wineries!

OT - Best of Quebec City (I did try the Quebec board first!)

Hi, I am from Quebec City and can only beg you NOT to spend 45$ on the buffet at Chateau Frontenac. Chowhound is about foodies, not buffet style rubbery and coldish pancakes... We took my mum once for her birthday and came out of there totally insulted!!!! I'd rather spend the money at Fran's on College to get the same stuff just less variety... Sorry, I have been away for 7 years now (living in fabulous Toronto) so cannot remember recommendations...