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Great Passover favorites??

I am relatively new to D.C. and missing my mother's Passover cooking. Is there anywhere in D.C. to get some good traditional Passover favorites? I'm not kosher so it wouldn't have to be a kosher deli, just work long hours and would love some great noodle kugel or brisket to come home to!

Best Apple Picking?

I am relatively new to DC, and looking for great apple picking. I lived in New England for several years, so while I'm certainly not expecting the same experience, I'm hoping there is an orchard somewhat nearby with some of the key things I am looking for? I have a car and I'm willing to drive about 90min (I wouldn't want to go much further than that and the closer to DC, the better). I'd like to:

-bring my dog
-have a decent variety to choose from
-great or decent view?
-have some other activities going on at the orchard or (very nearby), like a barbeque, general store, hayrides, picnic area, mazes, wine tastings, etc.

I would LOVE to find great apple cider doughnuts, but I've heard they are hard to get outside New England. An organic orchard or one that didn't spray pesticides all over the U-Pick apples would be ideal. If I could find *most* of these qualities, I would love to plan a trip for next weekend. Any thoughts??

Mount Vernon/Baltimore

Wow, this is fantastic!! Thank you all so much for your help!! If you think of anything else, please let me know : )

Mount Vernon/Baltimore

New to Baltimore, just moved from NYC. Where are all the restaurants here?? Any delivery?? Please help!

Breakfast in St. Pete's?

We are staying near St. Pete's beach/ St. Petersburg area for the next few days. We've been given quite a few recommendations for lunch and dinner, but nothing for breakfast. Any suggestions??

And just while I'm asking, any really great, reasonably priced seafood? Thanks!!!

Mar 17, 2011
adri2788 in Florida

Looking for Good-Great Delivery in the Morningside Heights Area?

I haven't tried much in terms of takeout, mostly Max SoHa if I'm looking for something quick and relatively cheap... and I do think their food is really pretty good. I'm really up for anything and I would love to try ethnic food, since I just moved here from a somewhat rural place without too many options. Any suggestions would be helpful, really!

Sep 21, 2010
adri2788 in Manhattan

Looking for Good-Great Delivery in the Morningside Heights Area?

Hi, I'm a CU grad student new to the city and still trying to learn my way around. I am loving trying all of the new restaurants, but every once in a while I'd like to take advantage of delivery while I'm here! Can anyone tell me the best places to order delivery? Thanks!!!

Sep 19, 2010
adri2788 in Manhattan