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Where can i find Ginger Beer

the OP also wrote that they'd settle for just soda.

Where can i find Ginger Beer

the loblaws in park ex has them in the international food aisle.

If I say RUE Jean-Talon OUEST (west) between DECARIE and St-Laurent in Montreal

curry & naan is now called chand palace. the last time i was there, they told me that they changed owners and that the outdoor sign will be changed soon.


the food at damas is not only delicious, but stunning in its beauty! i didn't know that damas and kaza maza are no longer affiliated. i've only been to kaza maza once after damas opened and the food was still good, but we had issues with the service. i will still return for the food though.

Date (she is very special) night: Quiet sushi joint?

although jun-i is a nice quiet setting at lunch time, i found the music to be obnoxiously loud when i went for dinner. i only went for dinner once, so it might not always be the case. i love the sushi though!

Galette des rois

although i don't know if any of them are great, this list might help:

ISO Milo drink powder

i've seen milo at the loblaws in parc extension. it's usually in the imported cookies/drinks aisle, but i've sometimes seen it in the international foods aisle.