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Catered Crepes for a Party?

La Belle Crepe in Minneapolis says that they offer catering at their website.

La Belle Crepe
825 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Best tres leches cake

The tres leches at 112 Eatery was fantastic, very rich and decadent.

The cake at Caribe was also very good.

Foie Gras

You should definitely call these places ahead of time since it's likely not always in stock but the St. Paul Coastal Seafood and Surdyk's have both sold foie gras if memory serves me right.

Soda Pop Store

There is a place on 169 just west of Jordan called Minnesota's Largest Candy Store that has a large selection of sodas, mostly root beer but they had others as well. They must have had at least 60 different types of root beer alone. It's part of Jim's Apple Orchard so it's only open seasonally. I'm not sure exactly when it will open for the year, but it should be pretty soon I would think.

Where can I find fresh yeast?

I buy fresh yeast at Cub Foods (at least the one in Woodbury) in the refrigerated section near the cream cheese it can be easy to miss because it comes in small 2 ounce packages. I've also seen it at Whole Foods in St. Paul. The brand is Red Star.