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Good Eats near the Hotel Angeleno

Hey Foodies,
I am looking for some desperate help here because I have never been to Los Angeles and this is my first time. It is my girlfriends birthday, she is out there for work and I was trying to think of some places we could go out during the entire week we are there.

She loves:
Chinese, Sushi, Burgers, BBQ, Real Real Italian, Ta pas, and good American fare.

Hotel Angeleno
170 N. Church Lane
Los Angeles,CA 90049

Thank you all so much, I look forward coming and visiting your town and please let me know if you are ever in Chicago, I can hopefully rec some good places.

Take care

Biggest Steak or Burger in Chicago

Thanks for all the feeback and I am looking forward to getting to these places.

I have however been to some new places and back to some of the old places.

Kuma's Korner is absolutely wonderful. Recently I went and had the Black Sabbath and Goblin Cock (Biggest burger I have ever eaten). If you have not eaten there, do so but get there early because it seems like the masses now about this place and it has gotten packed as of late.

Newport bar and Grill. This bar/grill/laundromat has some of the best patty melts and some of the biggest salads I have ever eaten. Wonderful food all around in a place that is hidden in the Southport Corridor.

Apr 13, 2008
lincolnparkgator in Chicago Area

Biggest Steak or Burger in Chicago

My friend and I are huge meat foodies and we are looking to see where they have the biggest steaks or burgers in the city. He has been to the Big Texan in Texas, tried the 72 oz free challenge and failed and is looking to see if Chicago has an equal. We both love huge burgers and steaks at good prices. I have finished two 1lb burger at the Chicago Sports Grille in the basement on the board of trade. The places we like for steak & burgers are:

Kinzie Chophouse
Chicago Chophouse
Newport Bar and Grill
Select Cut Steakhouse

Any requests would grealty be appreciated. Thank you

Mar 26, 2008
lincolnparkgator in Chicago Area

First Timers To Toronto

Hey thank you all for your help on this. We have two vegetarians in the group and most of us love the pub grub and local fare that our city has to offer. We will mostly be in the University Area, going to the Blue Jays game, the Track, and both theaters for the Improv Festival. We are looking to have a nice sit down dinner on Saturday before our show at the Bad Dog and then looking for places to hang out and enjoy the city. I am the only one who has been here and I think the city is just amazing, it will be nice to get out of Chicago and see Toronto, enjoy the comedy and the food. Thank you all

First Timers To Toronto

Hey Everyone,
I have a group of us coming up to Toronto this weekend for the first time and we are looking for some restaurants with the following criteria:

Moderately Priced Food
Vegetarian Options
Good Atmosphere
Vast Menu
Near Bad Dog Theater (on Danforth), Second City Theater, Blue Jays Park, and the University.

Any advice would be appreciated, we are coming from Chicago tonight and will be there tomorrow, saturday and sunday.

This group loves brunch, sit down dinners and happy hours. Thank you