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"Say Cheese" London, Ont (moved from Ontario board)

Hello, fellow Chowhound friends. Ok so let's summarize what we do know. We know that the recipe needs only the best, freshest ingredients, real cheese, real whole vegetable stock cooked for hours slowly and hand stirred. So let's get out there and search for a recipe that comparable and share it with everyone.

I tried the one from silver spoon, it was just ok. There must be one out there that at least comes close. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Oct 21, 2013
franca50 in Home Cooking

"Say Cheese" London, Ont (moved from Ontario board)

I can't believe I have found this post. I've lived in London Ontario most my life and every year, this time of year, I too think of Say Cheese's cheese soup. Last weekend I was at a gathering, where everyone started talking about Hilary Alderson and her cheese soup. One of the guest said that they were at a party recently where she was one of the guests. People were talking to her about her cheese soup and now in her 80's mentioned that the recipe has never been shared and has decided to leave it to her son. Such drama for a cheese it!

Anyway, I was looking through one of my Silver Spoon cookbooks and found a recipe for cheese soup that I think I will try. It has beef stock and beer in it as wel. I'll come back and let you know how it turns out.

I wonder if Hilary really knows the impact her cheese soup has made on so many people. :-)

Oct 29, 2010
franca50 in Home Cooking