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Three days in Paris. Where would you eat?

Among my favorites is a small spot in the 5th called LiLane. 8, rue Gracieuse
75005 Paris. The place is small and beautiful, the waitress was incredibly nice - more on that in a bit, and the food divine. The menu choices - entee + plat + dessert, or entree+ plat, or plat+dessert
provided great value and flexibility. We had one E+P and one Plat+dessert and were beyond satisfied. The ravioli langoustine were a great starter with three a piece we were humming for minutes. The duck breast was cooked to perfection and the salmon made for a crispy skin delight. Our table neighbors recommended the souffle which we ordered with reluctance. To say that melted away with two spoons full is no exaggeration.

We needed the walk back to our apartment, to savour, not to recover, and with directions home
we were on our way. As we reviewed every morsel, the young waitress reached us at a full run.
One left iPhone 4 brought her down the path she had directed us along. And they say the french aren't friendly or accomodating! We returned to the restaurant to find the young, talented chef, St├ęphane Guilcou, carrying boxes up from the cellar. As we wandered out again, iPhone in hand, we wondered how to say thank you...this is it, eat there. The wine choices, the food, the quiet subtle interior and Leila and Stephane all combine for an evening superb in Paris.

Sep 18, 2010
nora10012 in France

Recommended eats in the Marais?

Go to Le Gaigne; 12 rue Pecquay. 75004 PARIS ... The price is more than reasonable for a beautiful, little spot in the Marais. The vegetable millefeuille was divine. We split it and were sure we got two full size portions for the price of one. The taste was so fresh one could envision the tomatoes growing on the vine.
The fish entrees were superb; our only disappointment was the molten chocolate cake. But, we
hardly needed it! It was a great meal. The very friendly waitress was helpful - her english was limited but so too is our french.

Sep 18, 2010
nora10012 in France