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Mexican - New Rochelle

I live in NewRo and have probably eaten at most of them. Little Mexican has the best drinks and I like them, but not as much as I used to -- they changed their shrimp recently which is usually what I order. Still, I would put them near the top of the heap. Nice size portions and reasonable prices. El Herradura in Wykagyl stay away from, but the original one on Main St. is much better. Their shrimp quesadilla was fantastic - pricey but huge. Drinks not quite as good as Little Mexican, but fine. Nice servers at both places. I haven't been back to Mexican Corner in several years as they don't have much fish on their menu, but many people seem to like it. Last, but not least, is El Tio across from New Roc City. Their food is good/homemade. Service is sloooow so don't go when you're in a hurry. Some of the best tres leche cake I've had. Please post when you've tried a few.

Best jelly donuts in lower Westchester?

Ok, now I'm going to totally embarrass myself. After reading this thread I had an overwhelming craving for a jelly donut, which never happens. I drove myself to the nearest Dunkin Donuts and got the jelly donut with powered sugar. For me, it was great -- fresh, soft with right jelly ratio. Of course, you wouldn't want to bring a box from DD to a special occasion ....

Sushi/Sashimi Westchester

I was there last year, based on CH reviews. For me, it was just ok. Would not make a special trip back or recommend.

Pinocchio (Eastchester) is closed

I'm not the best person to discuss merits of Valentino's as I've only been one time. It was indeed old school, and even fun, but I was utterly overwhelmed by the amount of garlic inundating every dish -- even those that typically don't contain garlic besides what's in the sauce, such as eggplant parm and seafood fra diavolo. Because I wasn't expecting to encounter it, I didn't think to tell them to tone it down. Anyhow, if you LOVE garlic, you won't be as put off as I was.

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

We tried it last night. I feel compelled to try any restaurant that has the chutzpah to open on Main Street in NewRo and would like to support the good ones so more will come. This is a good one and it will stay on my list. We had an appetizer of grilled calamari -- I am not a huge garlic fan and couldn't get beyond the first overwhelming whiff/bite, but my boyfriend was happy to finish it. For main courses I had an absolutely perfectly cooked fresh branzino over diced potatoes and swiss chard and the waiter made sure that they left off the garlic and extra oil. My other had a filet mignon that he also thought was superb. Portions are large. Prices, a tad high. Some good wines by the glass. The bread that was brought at the beginning of the meal was good and the red pepper spread accompaniment was excellent. No room for dessert, but the dessert menu only had 4 items, 2 of which contained nutella. The others were flan and fruit salad. Service gets a mixed review -- our waiter was certainly competent, but acerbic. It may well have been his sense of humor and he did warm up the closer it came to tip time. The Manager at the door was a sweet gentlemanly person who checked up on us during the meal 2 or 3x. We were there on a Weds night and it was more than 1/2 full -- I imagine it will be quite crowded on the weekends.

Recommendation for nice, but not too fancy?

If you didn't know Devon has other locations, there's nothing about it that yells "chain". I eat out a couple of nights a week and since I'm a pescatarian, fish is usually on my plate. The guy at the next table over at Devon was having a 2lb lobster ($55) that made me swoon -- he said it was perfectly steamed. Our oysters were pristine. I was hot to try Vernick which really does sound like a unique Philadelphia experience (but no tables available) and certainly I can't profess to be an expert on dining in your city but we were very happy to have ended up where we did. However, I am making note of your recommendations (love BYOB Italian) for our next visit. Cheers!

Jul 15, 2013
cloverose in Philadelphia

Recommendation for nice, but not too fancy?

We were visiting Philadelphia from NY a few weeks ago and had a wonderful, wonderful dinner at Devon Seafood Grill. Very lively place where I think anything would go fashion-wise -- and good for a special occasion (my birthday in this instance). We had lovely service, perfect drinks and some of the most skillfully prepared fish that we've had. It is right in Rittenhouse Square. Recommend highly! Also, I signed up for their email list before going and ended up with a $25 off coupon for my birthday -- they have frequent special offers.

Jul 11, 2013
cloverose in Philadelphia

In search of proper ice-cream sundaes in Westchester

The Longford's in Larchmont, unfortunately, was sold and is now called something else. The new owner does not stock Longford's, but a variety of other ice cream brands that are not nearly as good.

They do sell Longford's ice cream in Mamaroneck on Boston Post Road at Chocolations -- and at a good price. It may be marginally closer than Rye, depending where you live.

Longford's is my personal favorite and their espresso nugget is incredible.

The Swedish princess hits Philadelphia

Let me preface this by saying I'm a NY'er who seldom dines in Philadelphia. I am a seafood lover. In Phil last weekend my s.o. and I had a spectacular dinner at Devon Seafood Grill. They know their fish. Oysters were immaculate and instead of having to ask for horseradish, they came with fresh grated root. We followed the oysters with a perfect, flaky piece of halibut and an amazing yellowtail sushi grade tuna. The sides were also delish -- especially the apple celery root coleslaw with mustard, the grilled asparagus and lovely stringbeans. The man at the next table was chowing down on a 2 lb lobster that looked incredible -- he said it was. The dessert, a creme brulee, was also wonderful. Nothing bad about that meal and our server was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. Loved the clubby atmosphere. Oh, and the drinks were expertly made with fresh juice, I might add. Sure wish I lived closer!!

May 29, 2013
cloverose in Philadelphia

Lunch in Saratoga

I see the original post here is from 2003, but for anyone in the current decade who wants a good casual lunch in Saratoga Springs, I'd recommend the newly-opened Spot Cafe. I was at a party that was catered with wraps from Spot and the hummus was the best I ever had. Desserts were great as well. Here's a link to more info. It's close to Comfort Kitchen -- also recommended.

Need dinner rec for Port Chester by Capitol Theater

We ate at Acuario before a show at the Capitol. We parked very close to the restaurant and after dinner drove over and parked right by the train station a couple of blocks from the theater. Of course, it was a weekday night, so that might not work on a Friday or Saturday.

Worst restaurants in Westchester

I used to love Coromandel years back but got really turned off the last few times I ate there and never went back. Food went from fresh/well-spiced to oily. But, since it's been a while, maybe it's a situation like Cholo's. Would be interested to hear ....

Westchester, near New Rochelle, excellent Chinese Take-out?

I happen to think that Red Ruby on North Ave NewRo (near Iona -- a door or two down from Dunkin Donuts) is as good as I've found in the area for take out. I love their big shrimp!! Wherever you end up, you'd probably want to sample a few dishes first....

Eggplant parm from market/deli

Ohhh, that explains it. My mistake. Thanks.

Greek - Mamaroneck

Tried Nemea for the first time last night. Mixed review. The restaurant itself is nice/comfortable, nothing fancy. We were there on a Saturday night with a res. We were offered a table inside or outside -- tempted to sit outside on a beautiful evening but the proximity of the cars on Boston Post Rd was a deterrent. Inside, the music was loud, all base, and every table seemed to be below a speaker. They did turn it down and dinner got underway. All courses took a little too long to come, but it was a Saturday nite -- they were pretty full, but not 100%. Our waiter was competent and explained dishes and the kitchen made note of special requests -- a plus. I had a wonderful Greek salad -- very fresh and very large, w/good dressing on the side at my request. My SO had the mussels -- at $15, don't bother -- each one was gritty with sand and should have been sent back. Main courses after a long wait were good, although at $30 or $31, my whole sea bass was very small -- it was boned in the kitchen, so probably looked smaller than it was, but it could definitely have been larger. The strip steak special my SO ordered was huge ($33). He said it was tasty, but the steak was tough and rare rather than medium rare as ordered. Again, he could have sent it back for another minute of cooking,but didn't. My excellent lemon potatoes came to the table about 5 minutes after my fish, with apologies. We passed on dessert. Bill (with 4 glasses of wine) was about $30 higher than our usual Sat. nite dinner. Worth it? Eh. Service was seriously lacking. Our waiter was stretched very thin and at some points during the meal and trying to get the check, we almost had to stand and wave to get anyone's attention. Several wait people were standing around while ours was hustling and did not help cover for him. The food was good overall and we're not going to cross it off based on Sat. eve but they have a little tweaking to do.

Eggplant parm from market/deli

You're right, although I guess I was responding to others who mentioned them. I would be interested in learning about where to go for good eggplant parm anywhere myself. Thanks..

Eggplant parm from market/deli

I love eggplant parm and so does my best friend so after reading this thread we went to Tarry Lodge last night to try theirs. HUGE disappointment. Thin, crispy yes -- but VERY salty and generally unappealing. Not a lot of eggplant flavor. (Service was also bad BTW.) If you are looking for an eggplant parm to go, I've gotten pretty good at Villagio in Pelham, also Mario's in New Rochelle -- both pizzerias and both about $10-$13. I've also recently had a very good eggplant parm at Piccolo Mulino in Mamaroneck -- $18 on dinner menu, but very large portion. Tarry Lodge's was $19. I agree about DeCicco's, but would take it over Tarry Lodge!

I think I give up on Pizza in Westchester

Believe it or not, I found the pizza at Mario's on Main Street in New Rochelle to be outstanding. Not a place to go sit i.e. ambiance, but they deliver piping hot. I ordered several pizzas for a school reunion and was happy with all varieties -- although I did not try the pepperoni or cajun chicken since I don't eat meat. The eggplant is divine and the mushroom had beautiful fresh mushrooms. Perfect ratio of sauce/toppings to cheese, good quality ingredients and nice medium thin chewy crust. If convenient to you, jhopp, would be interested in your opinion.

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

That's them! What a deal too. Oh well, now I know. BTW, the tiramisu turned out awesome!

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

Found them at Cosmo and Alex in Mam'k. They had a huge display and a brand that I had read was good, Bonomi. Also picked up the marscapone there. Thanks laylag!

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

I know about finding the hard ones -- I've been studying the art of making tiramisu like I'm taking a college course! My first attempt was going to be this weekend but it may be too hot in the kitchen. BTW, I also saw some well reviewed savoiardi available online at Amazon.com. Thanks!

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

Thanks, that's convenient for me!

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

Thank you. Hoping not to have to drive that far as I'm in New Rochelle.

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

Thanks, I figured an Italian grocery would but I guess I need also to check where they are. There's J&D in Chester Heights -- I can give them a call

Where to find Italian Ladyfingers (Savoiardi) for Tiramisu in Lower Westchester

Making my first tiramisu this weekend and have read it's best to use the hard Italian ladyfingers called savoiardi found in Italian groceries. I'm not sure where I can get these in lower Westchester -- maybe even the supermarket for all I know, but I've heard they can be hard to find. Anyone with firsthand knowledge on this? Fairway? One of the Italian bakeries on Mamaroneck Ave?? Thanks!

Pascal's in Larchmont Permanently Closed

Too bad, I liked this place. Food/service were always reliably good. Think accepting too many restaurant.com certificates may have been their downfall. Seriously, I don't know why they closed -- they always seemed to be busy whenever I was there. Anyone know?

wait before you go to MP TAVERNA [Irvington]

Four of us just tried it for the first time on Sunday. We were all happy with what we ordered. Food came with a nice topping of grilled vegetables plus you get to order another side (the smashed fries are to die for). I had the whole dourade which was fabulous and not expensive at all for a whole fish -- think only around $22. Someone else at the table had the mixed grill and loved it, others ordered the hanger steak and salmon which were both fine. The servers were very friendly, funny and attentive (3 breadbaskets!), although it was at the end of the evening so not crowded. The only annoyance factor, and it was a big one for only one of us, not for the others, was that they had run out of several items, and almost all the specials. It must have been the end of a very busy weekend. One of us was disgruntled as he wanted the scallops and they were not available, and then something else that was also not available. Fortunately, the menu choices are fairly extensive. I particularly loved that, after ordering my fish according to a few dietary preferences, someone, either the manager or chef, came out to discuss the preparation and find out if it would be okay. Huge points for that! Anyhow, the place is attractively decorated, spacious, offers really good food at a reasonable price and has a nice vibe -- a rare find in Westchester. I miss Dayboat, but am very pleased with the successor so far.

Bethel, NY?

Although it's not new, my vote goes to Fat Lady Cafe. Can't go wrong.

Where to Watch Rangers Game Tonite -- Lower Westchester

Looking for a place with decent food and good sports tv viewing. I'm a pescatarian though so fish-veggies must appear on the menu. Comfortable place to sit/watch while eating. Any thoughts?

Sushi Mike's - Dobbs Ferry

Who knew? Thanks for the interesting info PB. Then there's really no excuse for fish that isn't immaculate, is there ......