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Ethnic,budget restaurants in Pitt

Abay Ethiopian Cuisine is very good, and will be an adventure for a budding foodie.
30 S Highland Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206-3931

Point Brugge Cafe is a great Belgian place. It is very small and popular with people in the know so you may have a wait. It is also a great place for brunch.
401 Hastings St
Pittsburgh, PA 15206-4505

Soba is a little pricy, but it is my favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh. Its Asian fusion. The pork belly is the greatest thing I have ever eaten.
5847 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-1707

LuLu's Noodles was one of my favorite places to go when I visited my wife in college. I even have a t-shirt from there. You can't go wrong with many of the dishes.
400 S Craig St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3709

Your daughter lives in Oakland so I'm sure she has been the places below. Maybe you can go next time your in town.

Mad-Mex in Oakland is a fun place. But I would only recommend it after your daughter is of age. The margaritas are the big draw there. My wife lived in the house right behind it on Myran (sp?) ave. so we were there all the time.

Fuel and Fuddle is a great place as well in Oakland. The food is relatively cheap. They have a wide variety of beers. But what is amazing there are the pizzas (in my opinion of course) I get the smashed potato pizza. They have a brick pizza oven that makes all the difference.

Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA, Pittsburgh, PA

Abay Ethiopian Cuisine
130 S Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Oct 05, 2010
WhineO in Pennsylvania

Time for a Pittsburgh board?

I'm new here, but there seems to be lots of posts that are just about Pittsburgh here. Any chance of becoming like our ugly brothers across the state and getting our own Pittsburgh Board?

Sep 16, 2010
WhineO in Pennsylvania

Looking for good ice cream and hot dog joints [Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Uniontown Areas]

Oh Yeah! is amazing. Most fun I've ever had at an ice cream place.

Sep 16, 2010
WhineO in Pennsylvania

Ruth Bourdain: The Interview

I hate to say it but it sounds like Anthony Bourdain to me.

Sep 16, 2010
WhineO in Features