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Palmdale, California

We're here for work and have been checking out the local restaurants. The Yard is very good with a solid kitchen that puts out meals that are fresh and haven't disappointed us.
Another brew pub called BJ's is standard fare but well done.
What every you do, avoid a Mediterranean place called Fresco at the Antelope Valley Mall. The mains were actually not even edible. The pasta dishes were swimming in water and the one pizza was a cheese ball on a bad crust. We asked for the check and left after telling the rather pleasant server that the food was just not acceptable. The chef should be fired but he may have been the owner. In a nutshell, avoid Fresco at all costs.

Jam Cafe - Carlton & Ontario Streets

Jam Cafe is a gem. Toronto needs more small restaurants like this. Good quality food that doesn't break the bank. Two soups, two main courses, a shared dessert and a bottle of wine...with a generous tip $100.

I will most certainly be returning.

I'm tired of spending $200 plus for a dinner for two and feeling like we should be grateful at other Toronto eateries.

Maybe we should start a thread...Meal for 2 and Bottle of Wine for under $100.

Buca - Review

It started off badly. All of the tables along the west side of the restaurant needed to use their cellphones to read the menu. Lighting problem..ya think?
The arty glass panels may look great but they reflect sound. It was so noisy that we had to shout at each other to be heard.
The wine menu...over priced. The food isn't not bad but certainly not memorable. There were five of us and the meal with tip was $550.00. I can tell you it was not worth the price.
That said the service was good but that doesn't make a good restaurant. Not worth a return trip.

Great Service [Central Steak - Albany]

The food was good but far too much. We were four adult (Canadian) males who were in the area on business. The portions were enough to feed a small sports team...but that's nothing new. South of the 49th - the portions are alway huge. Maybe that's why there's an obesity epidemic...

Central Steak
1632 Central Ave Ste A, Albany, NY 12205

Great Service [Central Steak - Albany]

After a gruelling film shoot, my four colleagues ventured out for a local meal and we weren't expecting much based on prior experience.
Much to our surprise, we had a very good meal but what made the meal memorable was the excellent service.
The server was very well spoken with an excellent sense of humour. If we lived in the area, we'd go back.

Central Steak
1632 Central Ave Ste A, Albany, NY 12205

what's up with 1921 in Houma?

We spent a week in Houma and the restaurants were for the most part very unsatisfactory. Big Al's - we walked in and the young man at the front desk was chewing a took pick, which he kindly held in his hand while talking to us. We asked why everyone was wearing their jackets...he said it was something to do with the a/c. We sat down and I unrolled the napkin holding my cutlery. Someone else's meal was still in the fork. We got up and left.

The only good place we found was a restaurant called Cafe Dominique. The food was fantastic as was the service. We would have dined here every night had we known...

Dec 27, 2010
Discerning Palate in New Orleans