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Best delivery in old montreal

You can probably get some good lobster in Chinatown to take out or else order them online and have them delivered by Deer Garden or Keung Kee through Just Eat. Looks like Keung Kee also delivers soft shelled crab and it is a good, authentic Cantonese place. Gado Gado delivers Indonesian meals through the same site so that's another good option. Sushi delivery can be good, just not sure about any of the places that are listed on this delivery site. Saint Sushi Bar does takeout but it might be a trek to go pick it up.

Montreal / Quebec City - 5 days - several questions

As luck would have it, I made a Pinterest board for Old Orchard Beach that I'll link below. We really liked Ken's Place as it has a good oyster bar too, got the fisherman's platter at Clambake a few times and also enjoyed Bayley's Lobster Pound. Have a great time!

Looking for stewing fowl

Try G&D in Chinatown?

Montreal dinner for two nights

Marché 27 is very close to Prince Arthur and a nice place for tartare and martinis. Was Amelio's around 20 years ago? It's a good pizza place on Milton and it is also byow. Otherwise a stroll along Duluth presents some good options already mentioned here and maybe more of the vibe you are looking for. Jardin de Panos is alright when catering to many tastes and budgets, I find, plus the big terrace is a plus.

ISO bubble tea in/ near Mile End

This is the kind of thing Yelp is good at usually. Not very close to Mile End but closer than Chinatown, Wok 'n' Roll sells bubble tea, and I Love Sushi does too. Su Shian Yuang seasonally has really good authentic Taiwanese bubble tea (not powdered). But I'm guessing there might be options closer than these which are around St-Denis and Rachel? Pho Tay Ho also has bubble tea, Beaubien and St-Denis. There must be some along St-Viateur? Good luck! I bought bubble tea stuff to make it myself at Marché Hawai but it pretty hard to get the tapioca balls just right.

Laksa paste in Montreal

I tried the Munik brand paste I got at Marché Hawai in Ville St-Laurent this week. It is pretty good although it lacks a little something. They have a few other brands there as well. But from what I have heard, good authentic Laksa paste is very hard to find outside of Malaysia.

Montreal restaurants with vegetarian options, including a special-occasion place?

Excellent report and nice to know the vegetarian menu at Europea is worth it. I like Gado Gado a lot, especially those steamed buns and the gado gado itself. Will have to check out those avocado fries one day.

Back from whirlwind girls' shopping trip

Sounds like a lot of fun, well-researched and very successful. Thanks for reporting! I'm curious about which wines you brought back?

Montreal / Quebec City - 5 days - several questions

We had planned to go to the Hosaka-ya ramen place across the street from L'Affaire but it was closed for a summer break, oh well. Also wanted to try some Lebanese sandwiches that suddenly became very hard to access due to tons of construction along the Grande Allée. So yeah, a little harder to chowhound in QC than around Mtl, that's for sure.

Montreal / Quebec City - 5 days - several questions

Wow, beautiful photos and a great report. I'll have to try Legende next time.

Montreal / Quebec City - 5 days - several questions

I meant the walled city, although we also passed by L'Affaire est Ketchup and Patente Machin and they were too busy for us, the 'hood a bit uncomfy. But overall I found the options too similar everywhere, more expensive than in Montreal, lacking ethnic places for snacks, and I seemed to be left to season my food myself often as much was sweet instead of salty. Those are sweeping generalizations of course but as I avoid dairy and most bistros are French, my options were very limited most of the time, so much cheese and cream. There is a great market at the Old Port although not many snacks to grab there either but lots of good ingredients and produce to bring back. Cycling around Ile d'Orleans is actually a great plan, lots of people were doing it, and it is very scenic.

Montreal / Quebec City - 5 days - several questions

I spent a week in Quebec City recently and there is so much construction every where and so many tourists in all the restos that we didn't manage too many meals out in the old city. I can recommend touring around Ile d'Orleans if you have a chance as it is great fun to stop and taste test the ciders, cassis wines and other products found on the island. My favourite meal of our week was at Panache Mobile overlooking a lovely vineyard with the view of the Chutes Montmorency in the distance. Best beef rib poutine ever, according to my poutine eaters and the lobster roll was not bad either.

If you are driving from Quebec City to Portland, Maine, I can recommend a few places south of Portland in Old Orchard Beach for delicious cheap seafood. There are lots of good foodies stops in Portland though so perhaps that's not helpful. I seem to recall that there is very little along the highway on that drive.

kam fung , le crystal or rubis rouge?

The dinner specials at Le Cristal Chinois are very good, especially the set dinner for peking duck for 6. That would be my choice.

Crystal Chinois report

The portions are pretty big at CC so you might need fewer dishes there. Their sticky rice in lotus leaves (lo mai gai), for example, comes with three wrapped leaves instead of just one. And the radish cake order is a big heaping plate. I went with my youngest son recently and we barely managed 4 dishes but I think in a regular dim sum place we'd have been good with 5.

Crystal Chinois report

That's a great report and also sums up well how I feel about the Cristal Chinois. Once you get addicted to something on their menu it is hard to go back to Ruby Rouge or Maison Kam Fung again. The pan-fried turnip cake in XO sauce is the culprit for me.

Best asian grocery potsticker dumplings

The dumplings at Chinoiserie et Dumplings are pot stickers.

Best asian grocery potsticker dumplings

As mentioned earlier, the best are from the freezer at Chinoiseries et Dumplings, especially the chicken dumplings. Failing that, I get them at Qing Hua, usually pork and cabbage, or if I have to choose between Gilly or Sunland brand when at Marché Hawai, I usually opt for the the Sunland. We did a taste test between the two brands once and those were the winners of the pork and chives test. Chives can be overwhelming so again, pork and chinese cabbage are a good bet. Can you tell my kids like dumplings for their school lunches? All but the first are not really potstickers though but can be cooked as if they were if you are careful. Otherwise, just stick with boiling them.

ISO Chinois

They have a few different types at Arthur Quentin. I got one last year when I started canning tomatoes. I just used a wooden spoon.

Family Dining in Montreal & Quebec City

Steak Frites could be a good option then and there are two locations. I think most menus will have a few more safe choices for kids so it is probably fine to go where you would like. My kids are pretty adventurous now but when they were younger it was easy enough to please them at, say, Au Pied de Cochon or L'Express. You might have to wander away from Square Phillips for adventurous food. What kind of adventure are you looking for?

Not a lot of chowhounds from Quebec City on these boards but a search will likely turn up a pretty good list or two. The level is high so it should be easy to find some good pastries for breakfast. There is good poutine there, or else Poutineville in Montreal can provide some more wild options as well as good classic poutine. For smoked meat, the Main offers a more extensive menu with other options, otherwise Schwartz is fun for the experience.

T&T Tacos and Tortas

We went about a week ago and really enjoyed the two tortas we ordered, the torta el pastor and the cochinita pibil one. The meat was very well prepared and the buns light and fluffy. I also found the side salsas too mild and was disappointed with the fish tacos as the coleslaw on top was very bland but perhaps that has been changed? It wasn't spicy when I had it. I would like to try the tacos el pastor next time as they seem to excel here. It would be fun to be able to order a variety of tacos vs. a plate of four that are the same. In any case, a good addition to the neighbourhood where tacos and tortas have been sorely lacking.

Dinner tonight (Thursday)-- where would you go?

It's worth ignoring the decor for the passion fruit ceviche and the fish empanadas! It's a very cool concept and competes well with other light dinners around, especially for takeout. Thanks for the head's up for the Thai place, good to know!

Dinner tonight (Thursday)-- where would you go?

It's a good idea to have reservations at Saint Sushi Bar these days, btw. There's a new Mexican place where Planete Poutine used to be on Rachel, T&T tacos and tortas, that opened up this weekend, looks very good with nice drinks. Or maybe grab a picnic full of ceviches and empanadas from Ceviches and head to one of the big parks? We wandered into Jardin de Panos earlier this week without a reservation since we wanted to be on a terrace and that was fun, not too heavy (depending on what you order) and byow. Probably would need to reserve that today.

Awesome Supermarkets (and why)

Yes, the one at Boyer. It's much improved over the years, that's for sure. They have 7 different brands of coconut milk.

Awesome Supermarkets (and why)

I used to stock up on ground lamb at Adonis on our way back from Marche Hawai (easy loop to do in a car and when you've got a massive bag of rice, worth it, much closer than A'dam!) but they didn't have it the last few times. Luckily Intermarché on Mont-Royal sells pretty good ground lamb for burgers. Sakaris had a long explanation for why they don't have lamb which I didn't pay much attention to, but I got some lamb shoulder steaks there that I am scratching my head over tonight. Not quite sure what to do with these.

ISO: Melinjo leaves, seeds and crackers for Indonesian cooking

We'll have to set up a Chowhound shuttle to Marché Hawai eventually. If only they delivered!

ISO: Melinjo leaves, seeds and crackers for Indonesian cooking

The only place you can find krupuk emping (melinjo crackers) is Marché Hawai in Ville St-Laurent, aisle 9 or 10? They do have a big variety though so it is worth it, either pre-fried (which I never buy and that's in another aisle of snacks) or the kind you need to fry yourself. Not sure if the have leaves or seeds. They do also have other hard to find ingredients for Indonesian cooking like kemiri nuts, salam leaves and peteh beans.

Awesome Supermarkets (and why)

When I go to Sakaris I like to get their cubed pork shoulder to makes curries and stews, also their chicken thighs are very tasty for stocks and chicken soups. They regularly have whole rabbit or turkey legs as Eaterbob mentioned already. Good prices, fresh, and they are very aware that their clientele doesn't want to pay a fortune.

Awesome Supermarkets (and why)

Definitely worth going to the Ville St-Laurent Marché Hawai for a big aisle of good sambals and excellent tempeh in the freezer. I haven't been to the other one but am told it doesn't have the same selection of Indonesian products. You've been planning to go for a few years now, hey? Stock up while you are there!

I'm also cow intolerant and get interesting cheeses at Vieille Europe. They've always got a cool brébis on sale. Segal always has cheap packs of raclette de chevre which is also handy. Adonis has started cutting their ground lamb with beef which is a huge drag but maybe shows the effects of their new ownership. There's beef in most of their merguez too which is also annoying.

CSA Farms

Aren't those turnips great? And my salads are much improved with sprouts and microgreens from Lufa. I've also got a garden full of basil now as I get their potted ones, make pesto from half and plant the rest. It is too bad they don't have a lot of fruit though. At least their apples were great through much of the winter. I also get baguettes and buns delivered and freeze them till I need them. It's handy when I don't need as many tomatoes and want to fill up the $30 minimum with something. I get Aeroplan miles for my orders as I put it on a mileage credit card so that's another plus

A friend of mine combines her home delivered basket from Jardin des Anges with organic frozen meat delivery so she rarely has to set foot in a grocery store.

CSA Farms

I find I save money using Lufa since the fruit and veggies just keep longer and as they are so tasty we use it all. And I do also buy soap and granola from them, nougat and some other things. $10 for two packs of fresh pasta can seem like a lot too but when I can feed a family of four and it's the main part of the meal, it's still a good deal.