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Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

Those are nice choices. I'd skip the pizza and get something more local like smoked meat or poutine instead. Something we have here that is hard to find in Toronto are four Indonesian places ... I think there's only one now in TO and it's always packed? Nonya has started a tapas style menu so that could be fun and replace Pintxo and Big in Japan, and allows you to walk around Mile End and Outremont if you've already visited the Plateau. I had a very fun grrls' night out recently at Sumi Dojo which is a new Japanese isakaya with some fun cocktails and a varied menu of good Japanese tapas. Otherwise grabbing some bottles of wine and wandering along Duluth is fun and the byow places are not bad. Actually, a lot of them are Greek so the menus are a bit like on the Danforth. Maybe Jardin de Panos would be appropriate and the terrace is nice.

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Plateaumaman in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Critique our meal plans, please

I would probably walk a little further along Ste-Catherine and get pizza at Brigade Pizza because of the super hot oven and the great crust. My kids like the poutine at APDC, the one without foie gras, but then if your crew doesn't like cheese, fish and chips would work there. But never mind, you ruled that out. They might have their food truck in front of the restaurant on Sunday if you are lucky. Parc Olympique might have some food trucks too? or maybe it is worth grabbing some snacks at a bakery and taking those along. It's fun to walk around and look for cool small places where ever you end up. I had the chicken burger at La Banquise last week and it was just okay. My kids really liked the chicken karaage at Sumi Dojo and the menu has a lot of variety for small dishes of seafood and Japanese specialties. Plus the very loud exciting Sake Bomb experience, although my 14 year old found it really embarrassing instead of cool. Depends on how humiliating one finds one's mom when she's yelling at her beer I guess. Kind of worth it for me!

Smoked Meat w/non-meat eating husband

Yes, that's all worth doing. They have poutine at the Main too and a fried chicken sandwich that is okay. The turkey sandwich at Schwartz is not very interesting and is cold.

Smoked Meat w/non-meat eating husband

I don't eat beef so when my kids want smoked meat we go to the Main and I get the matzo ball soup which is delicious, maybe a latke. And if they are wondering if the sandwich at Schwartz is better we pick up one of those to go and they eat it at home. It's all good fun.

Best Ramen in Montreal

Tried the ramen at Yokato Yokabai this week and liked it a lot. Best broth I've had in this city by far. I had the chicken with the tonkotsu broth and it was very tasty, dense and flavourful. I also liked the noodles even though they are thinner than I'm used to - they still kept some bite and I added extra noodles halfway through the broth. Karaage and the green tea ice cream were also very good. The place was pretty busy with a primarily Japanese crowd so that was fun too.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Did try the matzo ball soup at Hof Kelsten but didn't love it. The one at the Main is more trashy fun. This one tasted like I was testing my chicken broth before adding seasoning. And I really dislike being served hot soup in a small plastic bucket.

Got my cucamelons! They are mainly exciting for the novelty factor and how cute they look. They taste okay but are a bit sour. Fun in salad.

I'm impressed Lufa has added snow crab from Norref to their deliveries. Saves us booking a Communauto to head there ourselves so although it's a bit more expensive, it's cheaper over all (assuming we aren't buying anything else, of course).

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Maybe worth checking tomorrow? Now they show as sold out but I do have them in my basket.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Cucamelons just appeared in the marketplace!

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Amazing, will try the pumpernickel soon then and I've already put some baguettes in my basket for this week. I want to try their matzo ball soup too one day as the description of the broth sounds really good. It's nice you guys share a loaf. I imagine you could always freeze half too?

Oh, I've been instructed by my dairy eaters to put the Biobio extra sharp cheddar in our basket this week again. That will be very good on pumpernickel.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

I don't see the cucamelons in the marketplace now, must have been a tweet or from their blog? Or they sold out? I get a Thursday basket.

The strudel is maybe more like a turnover and definitely with the Lufa strawberries as they mentioned that on FB. Very, very good.

Fête du croissant 2015

I didn't even manage to make it for this event. Good to know as Kouign Amann is closer to me in any case.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Oh, was too keen and so walked over the bakery. Is epic. And got some strudel made with the Lufa strawberries, double bonus!

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

I'm going to have to check out that bread. Which kind do you get? And two boxes of strawberries, yes, that's smart!

I am now addicted to the Japanese turnips. They are so handy for salads. Will have to try the cucamelons this week - just noticed those in the marketplace.

Tube of wasabi or umeboshi

If it is any consolation, I saw big packs of frozen wasabi at Marché Hawai this week.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

I agree. The strawberries are so outstanding that we eat them all the minute we get the basket home. They are expensive but then they are so big, kind of makes up for it. Good to know the oak leaf lettuce lasts long! We tried it this week and also ate it right away. I have teens in my house, what can I say? I was impressed by the big $2 grapefruit that are still juicy and fresh a week later. I keep everything in the fridge, berries, tomatoes,and nothing ever has time to spoil. I've been getting the frozen chicken carcasses and making soup stock with them. There are two small carcasses in the $3.50 pack so that's worth it for the quality of the broth. And the strawberry rhubarb frozen uncooked pies are delicous.

Tube of wasabi or umeboshi

They'd have to be under 100g or 100 ml and then in a ziploc bag. Maybe it's worth mailing it home?

My own Quebec City question

Nice report and it will be helpful for others going to Quebec City. I think smoked meat has become expensive everywhere.

Wheelchair accessible byow?

La Belle Thailandaise is nice, has lots of vegetarian options and is wheelchair accessible. Might be quite a bit less than $30/pp too.

Caterer for backyard BBQ

Another idea could be to pick up some shish taouk meat and marinated meat from Marché Adonis. Some of my friends stock up there before going camping when all they'll have is a bbq.

Razor clam season

Maybe at Beijing itself? Or Keung Kee? These look pretty promising, from Keung Kee, http://www.urbanspoon.com/rph/67/7214...

Fête du croissant 2015

A good excuse to get the croissants at Paltoquet again!

Leg of Lamb with bone Prices in Montreal area

I've had their merguez in the past after someone told me they were some of the best in the city but don't get to the market as often as I'd like. Luckily Provigo and Intermarche along Mont-Royal now nearly always have fresh ground lamb but they don't usually have lamb sausages. Thanks for the tip!

Leg of Lamb with bone Prices in Montreal area

Good to know. I used to always buy ground lamb at Adonis and then they started mixing it with beef (which I can't eat). It's worth roasting a leg more often than just at Easter.

Best Ramen in Montreal

Went to Sumi Dojo but then got too interested in other items on the menu so didn't try the ramen yet. The grilled squid and karaage were better than other places I've tried and the atmosphere was great.

Leg of Lamb with bone Prices in Montreal area

We got a 2.2 kg leg of lamb with bone in from Provigo on Mont-Royal for $28 at Easter. Frozen New Zealand lamb, but delicious. They had nice looking fresh ones at 4 Frères on St-Laurent this week but double the price.

Best Ramen in Montreal

Thanks for the report! I like springiness in noodles, will have to try Sumi Dojo one of these days. I felt the same way about Saka Ba. I actually like razor thin pork but I think Yokato Yokabai doesn't have a liquor licence yet? Are all the ramens you tried about the same price?

Top Food-Related Items to Purchase

As the others mentioned, Marché des Saveurs has a really good selection. I like to pick up creme de cassis or wine there from Cassis Monna et Filles. There are also maple products, good honey and mustards, jams.

Final 2 Day Itinerary Critique

I was at Au Pied de Cochon recently and wouldn't have been able to have any other meals after, let alone breakfast so maybe skip the late night idea? It's nice to be able to enjoy the full experience without worrying about heading somewhere else afterwards. If I had to chose between the Binerie and L'Express, it would be L'Express, btw. We like bagels from St-Viateur and 4 hours is fine. Unless piping hot out of the oven, bagels all benefit from toasting before eating anyway. It's a good idea to slice them and freeze them as soon as you can to preserve their moisture.

Unsliced sandwich bread

You could try the Pansu at Le Fromentier. Looks like this, https://montreal.lufa.com/en/product-...

Don Taco

Looks good and reminds me of tacos I've eaten in Mexico, not so stuffed that it all drops out, and two tortillas to hold it together. You wouldn't usually get guacamole there either unless you order it. Great to see the menu. I'll have to try the fish tacos one of these days.