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Bubble tea: your favourites in Montreal (and some general questions)

I like the bubble tea at Su Shian Yuang but it's seasonal and I can never figure out which season it is supposed to be. They make it with real tea and no powders. At other places our favourite bubble tea is often the taro flavoured. You can buy all the ingredients at Marché Hawai and try making it yourself. The challenge is to keep the tapioca balls soft in a cold drink. And it's not very healthy, no matter where you get it, unfortunately.


Rachelle Bery and Tau have organic apples, and a lot of the big supermarkets do too. We like to go apple picking at Parc St-Bruno and they try low pesticide things, but might not be organic.

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

Not sure if it has been mentioned already (search on beta site is confusing for me) but there's a new Peruvian place on St-Denis above Rachel, Tumbao. Looks promising.

Where to get a carbon steel pan in Montreal (plateau-ish)

I was obsessing on finding a good fry pan nearby recently and found lots of choice at Ace Quincaillerie Azores on St-Laurent. Ended up selecting a Josef Strauss ceramic coated pan and it works well on our glass stovetop. Otherwise, Stokes on St-Denis has some pans that might include carbon steel or maybe Arthur Quentin for top of the line options?

Best restaurant tartare

I second L'Express. I don't eat beef anymore but when I did I also enjoyed the tartare at Chez Levecque.

Alternative for Pintxo?

Yes, I hope it will re-open soon. Casa Tapas is another option. You both might also enjoy some of the new Japanese places offering small plates like tapas on St-Laurent, like Kabocha or Saka-Ba. Or for foie gras and duck, Au Pied de Cochon or L'Express?

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Oh, that does sound specific. Peaches and strawberries are both what I'd hoped for! Celery is enormous, taking over one shelf in our fridge. Will have to make some soup stocks soon.

Places in Montreal you WOULDN'T take your kid?

Good point and they do seem to be nearly interchangeable. It's also nice to eat in at either place so the fries don't get soggy!

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Don't see it in the marketplace this week, oh well, but luckily the peaches have reappeared. Finally some organic celery on offer - I've been hoping for that. I wonder what Molokhia is?

Where do get a plate of fresh pasta

I get a lot of fresh pasta in my Lufa basket. They are supplied by Maison du Ravioli and it has inspired me to make my own. Trying a simplified recipe soon, 100 g of flour and 1 egg per person.

Places in Montreal you WOULDN'T take your kid?

The only place that definitely doesn't accept kids is Garde Manger and that's not on your list anyway. I've had to leave a terrasse because there is some rule about liquor licences prohibiting kids after a certain hour, maybe St-Sulpice? I think that is the same reason Garde Manger refuses children. Other than that, you should be fine. It's a bit tedious for kids to sit quietly for long periods of time in restaurants though so I'd probably be tempted to mix it up with some more picnic-like experiences like Romados chicken in the park, Dinette Triple Crown and things like that. I'd probably skip the La Binerie or do that as take out as well, and I'd reinstate La Banquise. They have crayons and colouring books. Grazing along at Jean-Talon market is fun too and they have great oysters there which saves another sit down meal experience. My kids always came away from the market with loads of gifts from the vendors, lollipops and candies.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Oh good, I've been wondering where to get good peaches. Will look out for the salicorne! How do you prepare it?

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

I've been away for much of the summer. Anything special in the market place I should try now at this time of year? Looking forward to some of my regular purchases again, hummus with cumin, some tomatoes and good lettuce.

Does anyone know where to find 'Nduja sausage

Buy it online? An article in the Globe links to this source in Canada,

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful report. I'm sure it will be helpful to many future visitors.

We ordered similar items at APDC not so long ago but with more people. Isn't the plogue à Champlain great? Although I was a bit shocked by how small the portion was as copious portions are usually the norm. It's very reminiscent of the APDC sugar shack food. We've also found the service to be uneven there, sometimes fabulous, other times not but it is still unique.

Best Ramen in Montreal

I'll have to try the ramen at Thazard. Not related to ramen but inspired by this thread, I tried the takeout bento box from Kabocha for lunch today. They replaced the beef with extra shrimp for me as I don't eat beef. Great variety, not too expensive at around $13.50 with tax included. I'll have to go back to try their squid ink poutine and ramen at dinner.

Also, for a quick visual guide to local ramens, a Pinterest board with a collection of photos,

Solo Lunch, Plateau

I like the above list by CaptCrunch a lot just as a handy reference for good lunches in the 'hood. We get the falafel at La Panthere Verte often and with the windows open it's almost like a terrasse. It's probably the best bet for salads too. Romados would be a very easy place to get a good lunch and feel comfortable alone too even though there's no outdoor seating. Frites Alors just added an outdoor terrasse and there seem to be more popping up everywhere. La Banquise has a little outdoor courtyard. Tomato (pizza) and Wok 'n' Roll have terrasses on St-Denis and they are okay. The Main across the street from Schwartz has a small terrasse too if sitting down for a smoked meat sandwich is the plan.

Best Ramen in Montreal

My memories of the ramen at Kinoya were not stellar as I am fussy about my noodles and I don't love things like corn as toppings. Their bento boxes at lunch time are good, especially the miso mackerel. My kids won't go back there as the service can be so sloooow. Have you tried Hakata Ramen? or Imadake? They're not bad.

chinese food, dumplings, dim sum

My favourite dumplings are at Chinoiserie et Dumplings on Chabot, although I prefer to buy them frozen and prepare them at home than to eat them there just because it is a small place. Am going to try the new Harbin Dumplings later this week and stopped by there once to ask for some takeout. They were very helpful and gave me a recipe for chili oil. I also like Sammi & Soupe dumplings and Qing Hua on Lincoln. For dim sum I enjoy Cristal Chinois or Su Shian Yuang which is vegetarian Taiwanese, so mainly for their fried turnip cake and smoked tofu bun. Oh and the fried seaweed. I need to try Papa Jackie and Gia Ba by the sound of it.

Visiting Again After A Long Time - Where to Eat Montreal Now?

I don't see an easy reply option on this thread, not sure why but to answer your question posted today, I really like La Capital Taco as they make their tacos al pastor properly and they offer some other good menu items that are fun like chicharron de queso. Sometimes APDC has individual tourtieres available from their food truck and those are very good. If you like eating outside, have you got Dinette Triple Crown on your list? It's not too far from the market and the picnic baskets etc. are fun. My pre-teen loves their fried chicken. We ordered the tandoori pizza from Jarry Pizza and some kids loved it, others not so much. And the delivery guy was so shy, didn't knock loudly enough on the door where a party was going on so it took really long to actually get the pizza. Given the option, I think my kids would prefer the curry poutine at Chef Guru to tandoori pizza. They do love the thali plates with butter chicken at Punjab Palace and Chand Palace, also very inexpensive options.

Itinerary advice: June 9-16

Meals I enjoy in Chinatown are Nudo for hand-pulled noodles, Cristal Chinois for dim sum, La Capital Taco for tacos. I'd probably go to Saint Sushi Bar forsSushi because the ambiance is fun and the sushi is inexpensive and original. You've been to all my favourite bakeries so I'd just go back and maybe add Hof Kelsten to the list.

For an upscale meal it might be worth going back to APDC or somewhere else for a seafood platter as lobster season is usually on until mid-June. Or maybe a lobster roll is something to aim for at Atwater Market? Besides the laksa at Satay Brothers.

Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

I really enjoyed La Capital Tacos in Chinatown. Good tacos al pastor, nice shrimp tacos and I am very, very picky about my tacos. Also fun to be served all these things on Chinese dishware. It is not too far from Old Montreal so nice for strolling around before or after.

Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

You're right. Am lumping in Satay Brothers.

Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

Those are nice choices. I'd skip the pizza and get something more local like smoked meat or poutine instead. Something we have here that is hard to find in Toronto are four Indonesian places ... I think there's only one now in TO and it's always packed? Nonya has started a tapas style menu so that could be fun and replace Pintxo and Big in Japan, and allows you to walk around Mile End and Outremont if you've already visited the Plateau. I had a very fun grrls' night out recently at Sumi Dojo which is a new Japanese isakaya with some fun cocktails and a varied menu of good Japanese tapas. Otherwise grabbing some bottles of wine and wandering along Duluth is fun and the byow places are not bad. Actually, a lot of them are Greek so the menus are a bit like on the Danforth. Maybe Jardin de Panos would be appropriate and the terrace is nice.

Critique our meal plans, please

I would probably walk a little further along Ste-Catherine and get pizza at Brigade Pizza because of the super hot oven and the great crust. My kids like the poutine at APDC, the one without foie gras, but then if your crew doesn't like cheese, fish and chips would work there. But never mind, you ruled that out. They might have their food truck in front of the restaurant on Sunday if you are lucky. Parc Olympique might have some food trucks too? or maybe it is worth grabbing some snacks at a bakery and taking those along. It's fun to walk around and look for cool small places where ever you end up. I had the chicken burger at La Banquise last week and it was just okay. My kids really liked the chicken karaage at Sumi Dojo and the menu has a lot of variety for small dishes of seafood and Japanese specialties. Plus the very loud exciting Sake Bomb experience, although my 14 year old found it really embarrassing instead of cool. Depends on how humiliating one finds one's mom when she's yelling at her beer I guess. Kind of worth it for me!

Smoked Meat w/non-meat eating husband

Yes, that's all worth doing. They have poutine at the Main too and a fried chicken sandwich that is okay. The turkey sandwich at Schwartz is not very interesting and is cold.

Smoked Meat w/non-meat eating husband

I don't eat beef so when my kids want smoked meat we go to the Main and I get the matzo ball soup which is delicious, maybe a latke. And if they are wondering if the sandwich at Schwartz is better we pick up one of those to go and they eat it at home. It's all good fun.

Best Ramen in Montreal

Tried the ramen at Yokato Yokabai this week and liked it a lot. Best broth I've had in this city by far. I had the chicken with the tonkotsu broth and it was very tasty, dense and flavourful. I also liked the noodles even though they are thinner than I'm used to - they still kept some bite and I added extra noodles halfway through the broth. Karaage and the green tea ice cream were also very good. The place was pretty busy with a primarily Japanese crowd so that was fun too.

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Did try the matzo ball soup at Hof Kelsten but didn't love it. The one at the Main is more trashy fun. This one tasted like I was testing my chicken broth before adding seasoning. And I really dislike being served hot soup in a small plastic bucket.

Got my cucamelons! They are mainly exciting for the novelty factor and how cute they look. They taste okay but are a bit sour. Fun in salad.

I'm impressed Lufa has added snow crab from Norref to their deliveries. Saves us booking a Communauto to head there ourselves so although it's a bit more expensive, it's cheaper over all (assuming we aren't buying anything else, of course).

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Maybe worth checking tomorrow? Now they show as sold out but I do have them in my basket.