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Watching the sunset over the water in the SF Bay Area

I just moved back to the Bay Area after 8 years away. I'm desperate to find a nice bar or restaurant where I can sit outside and watch the sun set over the water. All 3 characteristics must be met. I don't want to sit inside, I'm not excited about facing east over the bay, and I'm not excited about watching the sun set over land. There must be a place in the bay area where I can do this. Like this picture.

I love a place in LA like this (Moonshadows), I love a place in Seattle like this (Ray's), I love a place in New York like this (Boat Basin).

I refuse to accept that such a place doesn't exist in the Bay Area. I don't care if I have to drive 30 minutes or more to it. Stinson? Half Moon Bay? Alameda? Point Richmond? Berkeley?


Thank you.