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Private Party Brunch in Lower Westchester

Looking for a venue, preferably in a restaurant as catering halls tend to be more expensive, that will hold about 100 people for a Sunday brunch. Ideally would be in the White Plains area and must have space for DJ / dance floor as well.

Impulse Hibachi - White Plains

seasons is closed too.

Nicky's Pizzeria in White Plains

Stopped by yesterday and it was closed off with yellow tape and a sign that said something about a fire. The inside dining area looked pretty intact, there were even some pies still on the counter. Maybe it was in the back? Anyone have any details?

Ideas for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Westchester

Teppanyaki is a great idea for a rehearsal dinner. We are an Asian-Italian couple and our wedding was Tuscan style so we didn't want Italian the night before. We thought this was a good alternative. We did Gasho's in Hawthorne. The food was decent and price was fair (don't remember off the top of my head but it was less than $30 per person). My only complaint was that it felt like 150 degrees in there. Regardless, there are plenty of options for this type of restaurant that you can go and check out.

Point is...I highly recommend it as an alternative to yet another Italian restaurant.