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Uses for Lemongrass Leaves aside from tea?

I have just brought my lemongrass plant in for the winter and as I always do I have given it a severe haircut. I now have boatloads of leaves but can't find any suggestions online just how to use them, beyond making a tea. There was some vague talk about certain south asian cuisines using the leaves in a marinade for meats, but I can't find a specific recipe online. Any ideas? Or further thoughts?

Sep 15, 2013
scrummy in Home Cooking

New to cheesemaking - have ingredient questions:

Not sure how small a city you're in, but any health food store worth their salt will have goat milk. That's where I get mine. It is pasteurised, but it works just great if you add CaCl. Make sure to get the full fat if you have a choice :)

Mar 02, 2013
scrummy in Cheese

Good spot for a lunch on Sunday?

What a great idea! And it's close to her, too...thank you so much! I'm more in the College neighbourhood and was coming up dry...

Good spot for a lunch on Sunday?

My friend's family is coming to town and they want to take her for a late lunch on Sunday. Mum is not an adventurous eater, so dim sum, sushi, etc are all out of the question. At the same time, it's my friend's birthday weekend so bacon and eggs are a little basic. Any ideas for a nice spot that is open Sundays? We're talking downtown.

Medium Dry Sherry Substitution in recipe?

@Billieboy: If one is cooking for a recovering alcoholic it is extremely insensitive and ill advised to use alcohol of any kind in a recipe, even if "the alcohol burns off". Just too many bad associations.

Jun 12, 2012
scrummy in Home Cooking

What should I infuse next?

Grrlscout, I must know, because I had considered the same combo...did you ever try the lemongrass/kaffir lime? How much of each did you use?

Dec 09, 2011
scrummy in Spirits

A Great First (& Second) Impresssion at L.A.B.

Oh God, I've blocked it from my memory...and it was a while ago...all I remember is feeling ignored when I arrived, and befuddled by the menu (I tried to engage the server with educated questions, but they were too busy to talk to me), and disappointed when I finally received my food. Maybe they're not interested in solo diners. But I felt...unwanted. In the way. And if the food had been amazing, I would have overlooked that. But it wasn't. i have *never* felt embarrassed to dine alone, but this night I did and felt I needed to get out of their way as quickly as possible.

Mezcal in Ontario?

A just-now search of the LCBO mentions these three. Any opinions?

Mexico | Embotelladora Jaral De Berrio
LCBO 47464 | 750 mL | $ 36.95

Mexico | Sinai Mezcal
VINTAGES 169417 | 750 mL | $ 44.95

Mexico | Mezcales De Leyenda Sc De Rl D
LCBO 225094 | 750 mL | $ 49.95

Is there a name for this style of feeding oneself?

I don't think any "Canadian" who was first and foremost raised a "Brit" would think it strange. I was born in Canada to Brit parents and consider myself as raised Brit. And...that's just how we eat a home style meat and potatoes meal! Same as you make sure to have some noodles and sauce together when you eat pasta, or include a bit of whipped cream with your forkful of pie :)

Jul 29, 2011
scrummy in General Topics - working really well for me!

I have recently discovered and fallen in love with a site called and I wanted to spread the word about it. You can collect all your online recipes in one spot (and even type in your own non online recipes yourself - you know, the one your Mum gave you years ago and you only have on a scrap of paper), tag them with your own tags that are meaningful to you, etc. And then they're all in one place! Now, if I have 3/4 of a bunch of cilantro left in the fridge and am wondering how to use it up, I just search under the tag cilantro and up pop a dozen choices. You can also go in and edit any existing recipes you've added with your own tweaks.

It used to be that there was a fair bit of copying and pasting involved, so to copy over a large collection was a bit of a slog, but they have recently introduced the "recipe clipper" widget, still beta... And it's even easier now. You drag the widget to your toolbar, go to the page with the source recipe, click the widget, and bingo! One click! It's added for you, ready for you to tag.

I feel guilty about using this resource so much, because it's free and I have no idea how the person who developed it is making money off something that is so useful to me that I haven't had to pay a single dime for. So I figured the one thing I could do is spread the word and encourage others to check it out. I likely won't ever actually throw out my stack of printed off recipes, but I might shove them into a back cupboard somewhere instead of keeping them in the kitchen.

Give it a shot :)

Jul 05, 2011
scrummy in Food Media & News

Can I freeze bamboo shoots and water chestnuts?

Dumb question Ipsedixit but does the same go for the ones I bought in a vacuum sealed bag? I only ever use half the package for my hot and sour soup ;-)

May 15, 2011
scrummy in Home Cooking

How to Eat a Charcuterie Plate

I think as with most questions of etiquette common sense prevails. If we're talking a slice of pheasant pate, use a knife to cut some off and spread on the bread. If it's a bite-sized slice of salami, though, I might be inclined just to pop it in my mouth whole :)

Feb 03, 2011
scrummy in Features

favorite chicken liver pate recipes?

Ooh, I'd be interested to taste test two batches side by side, one made with cognac and one with scotch. Plus of course then I'd have both cognac and scotch in the house :D

Nov 18, 2010
scrummy in Home Cooking

Killer pate recipe?

I'm looking for a real knock-your-socks-off chicken liver pate recipe. Something a little out of the ordinary, totally decadent...something that screams "special occasion"! I mean I could do standard cognac and/or peppercorns, but I already *have* those recipes. Anyone have something fabulous they want to share?

Thanks in advance

PS I will be sure to credit your great aunt Agatha or whoever's recipe it is ;-)

Nov 18, 2010
scrummy in Home Cooking

Minimalist Chicken Wings with Maximum Flavor

Umm, I am going to try this tonight. I've got I think 1-1/2 pounds of wings. We'll see!

Aug 21, 2010
scrummy in Features

Classic Steak Tartare

Good for you Weewah. I agree, anyone who considers themselves a foodie shouldn't be a little skeered of *gasp* raw <fill in the blank>, with the exception of poultry. My Mum used to sneak tastes of her Mum's meatloaf before it went in the oven - raw ground beef, egg and all - and she never got sick. Neither did I. When did we become such wusses? :)

Jul 29, 2010
scrummy in Recipes

Frank's Kitchen

Let me add my voice to those signing the praises of this place. I went in the very first night they were running their full menu (which could have been a major yikes) and it was a delight start to finish. The fact that it is right around the corner from my house is an added bonus!

And yes, the lobster tacos are a standout!

A Great First (& Second) Impresssion at L.A.B.

Anyone who enjoyed this place must have a completely different palate than I. I consider myself an *extremely* adventurous eater who will not dismiss anything as "weird" without giving it a try but I had likely one of the worst meals of my life here. A shame, because it's veyr close to my place and I was really hoping I would love it.

Kitchen Galerie versus Restaurant Laloux

Thanks to you as well Johnny. Looking forward to it!

Kitchen Galerie versus Restaurant Laloux

Thanks for the info, I had not heard of this place anywhere on the boards! Going onto the list even as we speak :)

Kitchen Galerie versus Restaurant Laloux

I will be in Montreal over the Easter Weekend and have a finite number of dining opportunities. For my last blowout meal I am dithering between Kitchen Galerie and Laloux. The lamb tartare at Laloux sounds TO DIE FOR and since Galerie posts not even a sample menu online, it's hard to compare. Any thoughts as to which I should pick? Or, given that "odd" tartares are my thing (whether meat or fish), is there somewhere else entirely that I should consider? My travelling companion/partner in crime and I will already be hitting up APDC and L'Express since she has not been to Montreal before so I will have fair opportunity for raw goodies but more (and different kinds) is always better :)

Also: Side note, where are good spots for lunch that are open on Saturday? After a lot of searching I came up with Kitchenette only to see that they only serve lunch during the week. Sad. Should I just go to Schwartz's or something?


Christmas dinner for a solo chowhound? Recomendations?

I will be dining alone on Christmas this year. Last year I went to Annona and it was good but I thought to try somewhere new this time. Truffles is gone, the Four Seasons Studio Cafe's menu is looking underwhelming and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for past positive experiences? Anywhere besides the big hotels and Chinese food that in the past has been open and given you a good meal? I'm downtown without a car. I absolutely do NOT have to have turkey in fact I'd rather not :)

Ideas for Venison Chops

Wow Shaogo, that sounds great. Thanks for the prep method :) and yaha that will go great with cumberland sauce. But - please to excuse my ignorance - you "moisten" them, THEN marinade them? Is the moistening literally a quick wash over, like a dip, dip, then plunge into the marinade?

As you may have guessed by now I don't actually eat a lot of red meat, or when I do I have it out, rather than preparing it myself. No objection to it, I just think I'm better at fish and seafood. But my other half is a good griller :) so I'll take care of the marinating and let him apply the heat.

Nov 20, 2009
scrummy in Home Cooking

Ideas for Venison Chops

Visciole, I'm not sure of the cut, was just told it was a "chop"...I like my meat rare anyhow so I don't think overcooking will be an issue, thanks. And actually the lean-ness of it is one of the reasons I'm keen to try it.

And Harters, that's a great idea on the CUmberland sauce, especially seeing as we're both Brits (though no longer living in Blighty.) Nice to have a recipe from home for a holiday meal, great idea :)

Nov 17, 2009
scrummy in Home Cooking

Ideas for Venison Chops

I was recently lucky enough to receive a few venison chops from a coworker whose husband just got back from a successful week's hunting :) They were already frozen when I got them so I thought, hmmm, maybe save them for our Christmas dinner (it's just the two of us and we're adventurous, i.e. please hold the turkey). So my question is: Anyone have any killer ideas for something special to do with them? Is there a marinade or sauce that you have used in the past that just puts them over the top?

Also, I have never used this as an ingredient before, so any cooking tips and caveats would also be most appreciated.

Thanks all!

Nov 16, 2009
scrummy in Home Cooking

Recommendations needed - best AYCE sushi downtown or midtown Toronto

Personally I like Sushi Bon on College Street. They have a roll I have never encountered anywhere else called the Arctic Roll. Instead of seaweed they wrap it in a rice paper wrapper (like a Vietnamese salad roll) and instead of rice they use tempura bits. There is also salmon, crab, avocado and eel sauce in there. I could make a meal off those alone!!! The AYCE price varies depending on midweek versus weekend but in general if I go I spend just under $28 for AYCE, a glass of white wine, tax and tip included. Admittedly it's mainly new wave sushi, in other words plain nigiri is not on the AYCE menu, but if you don't mind that then it gets my vote. I find that most AYCE places don't have that on the menu anyhow.

Sushi Bon
695 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B9, CA

Barley with Mushrooms and Green Beans

Yummo, I think I just found the recipe to do in a big batch for my lunches next week :)

Nov 03, 2009
scrummy in Recipes

Pad Kee Mao (Spicy Ground Chicken and Rice Noodles)

This looks super yummy, thank you. One thing I am wondering though....and indeed always have wondered regarding recipes I find on this it possible in the future to think about including nutritional analyses?

Sep 23, 2009
scrummy in Recipes

Looking for a dairy thermometer...

...that goes down to let's say 70F and preferably is one of the floaty ones that bobs in the milk. I have tried The Bay, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Calphalon, Tap Phong...nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I'm in downtown Toronto without a car and ideally I could pick one up tomorrow (Friday) so that the Designated Guinea Pig's house made goat cheese for his birthday dinner can get started on time!!! Otherwise I would just order online.

Need Rennete for cheese making in Toronto?

I have found another company online that is based here in Canada; haven't ordered from them yet but anytime I can keep my business domestic I'm happy. I'll let you know how my experience works out: