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Easy Crab Cakes

If crab is too expensive in your area to hide in a crabcake, even a good low breadcrumb version like this, sub canned (I use the shelf packs) salmon I add a bit of minced onion, bell peppe and parsleyr-any fresh herbs just no old bay! Freeze beautifully. ...

Feb 07, 2015
mlradin in Recipes

what's Conpoy?

In HK a popular dish is conpoy and bamboo shoot (fresh bamboo is sort of like lightly roasted carrot in texture and flavor) but the conpoy is usually not really scallop. I think the restaurants sub some kind of seaweed? It is avdelicious dish!

Feb 06, 2015
mlradin in General Topics

LV restaurant week 2011

my parents will be in LV during restaurant week and would like to participate -- but the list of restaurants and menus is a bit overwhelming. They stop in LV a few times a year driving from CA to SLC or elsewhere, and they always eat at Mesa Grill. They would like to expand their repertoire -- any suggestions from the benefit list? They are experienced diners who eat their way around the world, and they have little patience for the precious or overpriced. Thanks.

Mesa Grill
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Aug 25, 2011
mlradin in Las Vegas

Gluten-Free Doughnuts Good, but Not Doughnuts

yes, there is a tendency in the US to latch on to any excuse for dietary restriction -- there is no, i repeat, no nutritional or medical benefit to not eating gluten for otherwise healthy people. Indeed, these food restricters make it more difficult for those of us with real, serious diet-related diseases -- they add fuel to the belief that dietary restrictions are a choice or a sign of a picky eater, rather than a matter of health and often life or death. That said, in the case of gluten there is a condition separate from celiac, called "gluten intolerance" where gluten triggers the same sorts of digestive problems (but not the systemic symptoms) -- it is a facet of irritable bowel syndrome triggered by gluten. The point is, don't assume every non-celiac who avoids gluten is just a frivolous dieter or hypochondriac -- he or she may find real relief from eliminating gluten.

Dec 03, 2010
mlradin in Features

Where's great food in Tacoma area?

Regardless of our HK standards, we now live in the Palm Springs area -- I don't believe I have actually seen a Chinese person here other one family from HK who bought a house here to golf) outside a Chinese restaurant kitchen .... I recently read that a casino has hired a serious chef from China to open a Chinese restaurant (with dim sum!), so we are hopeful, although an HK chef would be preferable! Anyway, we so appreciate all the info about the current Chinese food scene -- I used to live in Seattle, and in those 5 or so years I never found a good place (and I got food poisoning on my big trip to Vancouver with another former HK resident specifically for Chinese food) until my last week there -- which I spent in the hospital while my parents ate lunch daily at top gun. Renton will be too inconvenient, so I think we will look at the top Chow board choices for dim sum. I gave up on Chinese in Tacoma (the trip is ostensibly to see a nephew's play at UPS, with a day of eating in Seattle!), thanks to your warnings!

Oct 29, 2010
mlradin in Greater Seattle

Where's great food in Tacoma area?

hey, Lucky Wonton -- can I get some Chinese food rec's from a fellow Hong Kong-er (albeit a gweilo)? I used to live in Seattle and never found a really good place -- my family will be visiting my nephew in Tacoma and would love some good HK dim sum (after living in HK for 10 years, our standards are pretty high, but where we live now people are still ordering chow mein...). Thanks!

Oct 25, 2010
mlradin in Greater Seattle

nashville dining for senior ladies

Thanks to all who recommended this restaurant for my mom and her friend's dinner out in Nashville. My mom tried to phone me after the amuse-bouche to tell me how brilliant it was...They decided to get several first courses instead of entrees (so as to try more dishes, as they are unlikely to return to Nashville any time soon). My mom had picked out the grits souffle from the website's menu -- although it was not quite what we imagined, really more souffleed grits than a grits souffle (think sweet potato "souffle" -- a heavy base lightened by folding in egg whites rather than a meringue flavored by the addition of the vegetable) -- they loved it. Apparently when the new chef revised the menu, this was the one dish saved. The service was attentive and professional -- when mom's friend could not decide on a wine, the sommelier came over, discussed the choices and had the ladies taste the options -- so she could buy a glass, not several bottles. This should not be surprising, but this kind of professional service, especially without the addition of pretention, is, well, often unaffordable. Anyway, the Watermark was the highlight of their week in Nashville.

Watermark Restaurant
507 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203

Sep 27, 2010
mlradin in Kentucky & Tennessee

nashville dining for senior ladies

Thanks for all the recommendations -- noise concerns, outside seating -- all useful info. If I may impose on your Southern hospitality a bit more.... Will the weather in Nashville be enjoyable for al fresco dining Sept 21-26 (coming from CA, but from both the sweater-demanding coast and the patio-misting desert)?
Is the emphasis at Suzy Wong's and Chachah the food or the theme/scene -- or the drinks?
Thanks again!

Sep 16, 2010
mlradin in Kentucky & Tennessee

nashville dining for senior ladies

you guys have posted some great lists recently recommending Nashville restaurants. Here's my twist: my mom and her friends want a couple of good but not fancy dinner spots to escape a weeklong convention for retired airline stewardesses (yes, they were called stewardesses then. And alert your single fathers/grandfathers...). No bbq because they will get plenty at the convention. No pseudo-French -- these ladies are savvy world-travelers who know their food. Don't be fooled by their ages -- these ladies all look 20 years younger than their passports -- think Betty White minus the blue rinse and granny styles. But no loud music. Oh, and they appreciate a good martini. I fear the much-recommended Miel and the like may be too tame, but they specifically rejected your Southern gems -- think healthier than fried chicken (my idea -- when in the South, eat the best of the South...). Any suggestions? Where would you go to catch up with friends? Thanks.

Sep 15, 2010
mlradin in Kentucky & Tennessee