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leonardo's in rhinebeck - opinions?

I can only speak for the cold sandwiches. I don't get any of the proprietary ones on the board, I tell them what I want, but its not far off some of the ones listed.

I'm kind of particular about my Italian subs and they meet the mark every time I have gone for one. The ingredients are quality and its put together well. The last time I was there they gave me a slice of the Cappy before making the sandwich to see if the thickness was to my liking which was appreciated since they would have cut it too thick otherwise.

I have been there repeated times since my first sub and will be going again.

p.s. I've had Rossi's before as well and it is very good but also 20 minutes down the road, or more, so not really an appropriate alternative if your looking for lunch here and now.

p.s.s. Who remembers Minafra's in Red Hook? They made some killer subs.

The Local in Rhinebeck. Anyone been?

So I finally ate at the Local this past Saturday for a anniversary/birthday celebration and I have to agree it was pretty, pretty good (For all you Curb fans out there).

We started off with the Cockles (Small clams) with onions, potatoes, and chorizo among other things. They were very good, the broth was stand out, bout wanting to drink it afterward.

We had the Duck Two Ways, someone mentioned above Duck Three Ways, they must have changed it, one too many ways I guess, but none-the-less it was really good. The Spaetzle was a treat as I love it, you don't see it much, and I think its hard to do right.

The other entree was the scallops dish. As I remember it was brushed with some basil pesto and sat in some red chutney type thing with a polenta cake. As you can probably guess, it was real good.

We also got the lime creme brulee for the "birthday cake" which was very good as well.

As for the smaller things, beer, wine etc. The beer menu could use some reinforcement in my opinion, I believe only two beers on tap. The birthday girl got wine, not very savy in that arena, she didn't rave nor complain about it.

As for price, I'd say the food is reasonable, the drinks will get you, as they always do I guess, but overall I was well satisfied and will be returning hopefully sooner than later.

Best Sliders in Manhattan

More than that may be life threatening but do agree, there is something about them.

Nov 05, 2010
MHKM in Manhattan

Best Sliders in Manhattan

I have seen posts for best burger in Manhattan but nothing for sliders and even though you could hold a good debate as to them being the same I believe they are distinctive from each other.

So to start this off, I don't know if they are the best in Manhattan but they are probably the best I have ever had and they are served at Bar Pleiades in The Surrey hotel on 76th between 5th and Madison. This is most likely in no small part due to their true origin, Cafe Boulud, located across the way in the same hotel.

Give 'em a try and report back and/or add to the list!

Cafe Boulud
20 East 76th St., New York, NY 10021

Bar Pleiades
20 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021

Nov 04, 2010
MHKM in Manhattan