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Chow spots that are bikeable with baby from Central Park

So now thats its warm again I am getting back in the habit of biking with my 18 month daughter. I prefer destinations, and destinations where we can eat. We live close to central park. I dont like doing too much street biking as I am a bit nervous and dont trust city drivers (and especially, cabbies).

So I am generating a list of places that are easilly and safely accessible from central park, so on a random moments notice we can just hop on a little adventure..

So far I have:
The places on Amsterdam in the 100s (Noche, Thai Market, Bombay Frankies)
Jamaican / West Indian places (Under D tree, etc..)
African places (Massawa, Zoma, West African places...)

I know there are tons of other places. I am gravitating to places higher up because I rarely go there and because I find the streets more manageable avove 80th or so.

Any thoughts are recommended!

2084 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

Thai Market
960 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Mar 20, 2010
superfine in Manhattan

mexican near glendale???

Thanks for all the great posts. We went to La Cabanita and had a great meal. The arrechero taco was delish, very good quesadilla's, and good stuffed peppers. Their salsas were very good, and i could have been fine drinking them.

Might do the taco truck for lunch!

La Cabanita
3447 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA 91208

Nov 09, 2009
superfine in Los Angeles Area

mexican near glendale???

we are in for a short period of time and having a hard time getting away from friends and family to go to other areas. we are dying for some good mexican food, but dont want to stray more than 15 (ok 20) tops. any recommendations??

Nov 08, 2009
superfine in Los Angeles Area

Columbia Area Recs

Thai market is pretty good thai, Noche mexicano has decent mexican food (better than most of what you get in the city, weak compared to what i'd get in LA). Also, Bombay Frankies for indian takeout roti burritos. Very tasty.

Jul 21, 2009
superfine in Manhattan

Recipe, a new American bistro on the UWS

We ate here last week and were very pleased - good rustic food - quality ingredients. We had the beet salad and the tomato tart - both good, nothing extraordinary, but tasted very fresh. For a main we shared the whole fish, which I believe was a durade - was great with a few summer vegetables scattered around - we like the veggies so much that we ordered a side of them as well. We brought our own bottle of wine, which is really great for now - I hope it takes while for their liquor license to come through, it makes it so much more affordable. I hope this place does well, it is a nice addition to the neighborhood.

Jul 19, 2009
superfine in Manhattan

Where can I buy lobsters in the Hamptons that wont be ridiculously overpriced?

Want to cook dinner for my sister and her family as a thank you for letting us stay with her but dont want to spend a fortune given that I can get them for 7.99/lb in the city! Thanks.

where do I find great greek olive oil near livingston nj

My daughter brought me back some olive oil from a trip to greece- it was so good I want to find somewhere close to me (Livingston) that sells good greek olive oil - can anyone recommend any places? Thanks.

NYC dining out with infant?

We live on the UWS so when our baby was that young we would go out to eat often but locally - we tried to go to restaurants with outdoor seating - it just seemed easier in case the baby was fussy - bar boloud is a good restaurant with outdoor seating in lincoln center area - if I think of others Ill post back.

May 25, 2009
superfine in Manhattan

Anyone try the set menu at Boqueria for large parties?

Thinking about going there this Friday night (the Soho branch) with a party of 6 - for parties that large they require you to do a set menu of "chef's choice" tapas for $40/pp. Has anyone been there for this type of meal? Care to share your experience? Thanks.

Apr 20, 2009
superfine in Manhattan

Upper West side Recs

I really like Bar Boulud in the 60s- havent seen it mentioned in this thread. Agree with the many Kefi recs - love that place. Had a great meal at West Branch several months ago. LOVE Shake Shack burgers - best burger Ive had in the City. Hampton Chutney is good too for interesting dosas - casual atmosphere (no table service). We also really like Bistro Casis - french bistro on Columbus and 71st - go for lunch, similar menu but prices are much better and order the steak sandwich - delicious.

Apr 11, 2009
superfine in Manhattan

Sat Brunch UWS - Not much wait?

I like Freds - amazing French Toast that tastes like candy (made with cinamon raisin bread) and I dont remember ever waiting very long. Very casual - good for kids - pictures of dogs all over the walls. 83rd/Amsterdam

Nov 05, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Looking for best lamb dishes in midtown west

Best lamb dish Ive had is at Bar Americain - the Lamb Porterhouse - its better than steak. Amazing!

Nov 05, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Kenyan Food?

We are throwing an election party and making food from the candidate's geographic backgrounds - having trouble coming up with a Kenyan dish - any recommendations (nothing too complicated - we have lots of other stuff to make). Thanks.

Oct 30, 2008
superfine in General Topics

Curry Leaf on Lex / Cambodian Cuisine on 3rd

In an attempt to hasten labor for my 39 week pregnant wife, we hit both of these restaurants this week hoping that a little heat might encourage some movement. Here are our thoughts about both.

Back in the day, when I lived in brooklyn, I'd bike to cambodian cuisine in fort greene quite frequently, often pairing it with a trip to bam. So I was thrilled to go there, knowing that the same team was behind this place. I was (and am still shocked) that its in this new location (93rd and 3rd), as the last time I hung out there I was hanging out with my preppiest of friends, who are all in i-banking or what not. Overall, everyone liked the place, though I liked it the least. It didn't compare to my memory, but its possible that I've elevated the food in my mind. We got the fish cake apps, which were decent, the beef skewers, which were good, and the fresh rolls, which were fair. I've definitely had better south asian fish cakes. The fresh rolls were fine, but as something that I make myself once in a while I was hoping for something better than what I make. Ultimately, I prefer my fresh rolls with more herbage, vietnamese style.

For mains we got the chicken ahmok and two noodle dishes, one fried noodles, the other regular. OK. I would go back for the chicken ahmok, it was tender, coconutty and delicious. The noodle dishes were good, covered in peanuts (and the sauce for all the apps was peanut), but nothing earth shattering. We found the heat to be weak (the fried noodle dish was supposed to be spicy), even though we specifically said we like spicy food. I've been to cambodia, and been to SE Asia several times, so I was a bit dismayed at the lack of heat. And I dont think its the same if you just add some chili sauce.

Overall, I am glad we have cambodian back, and I think it fills in the niche with a cuisine that is unique yet still very SE asian (meaning if you like thai or vietnmaese but want to try something new...). I will go back and try other stuff.

On to curry leaf. I still haven't found to northern indian cuisine what I feel towards saravanaas and southern indian cuisine (love maybe?). So with recs from here, esp by people who share sentiments towards saravanaas we went to curry leaf on lex. And though I dont think its as clear cut a winner as saravannas, I was quite pleased.

We ordered 3 mains: Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Tandoori, and Saag Paneer. We (again, the whole labor thing) specified we want the lamb spicy (as vindaloo is typically a very hot dish) but nonetheless were served a very flavorful but mildly hot dish with very moist pieces of lamb. If it were a bit hotter it would've been perfect. I crave chicken tandoor ever since getting the real deal in india, and this was pretty close. I know that because I was sucking juicy white meat off of the bone just like I did back there, and that in my mind the hallmark of good tandoor is how juicy even the white meat is when its done well. Alot (and I mean alot) of stateside tandoori chicken is dry. So thats good. The saag paneer was a nice side, very creamy, probably lots of ghee, but well flavored and I enjoyed.

I would definitely go back to curry leaf the next time I have a hankering for northern indian cuisine.

Tonight we will hit Rhong Tiam

Sep 21, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

81 - yum gourmet eats on the upper west

My very pregnant wife and I went to 81 as we want to get at least one quality meal in before she bursts. For starters we had the calamari a la plancha. The smoky pimenton sauce was delicious and the grilled squid were tender, in fact the legs were particularly tasty as they had lots of holes to fill. We followed this with the sirloin and short rib main and then we had the fluke with the kona kampachi sauce (as we are still on the low mercury thing). The sirloin was incredible - it was a well cooked good piece of meat (not extraordinary on its own) but the shallot marmalade was sweet and savory, complement and enhanced the beef incredibly, and was jaw dropping delicious. I usually prefer my beef without too much sauce, as I think well prepared meats should stand on my own, but this pairing was truly phenomenal. The short rib was very well prepared (in fact more so than the sirloin), but the eggplant was not such a great pairing; so it just tasted like a really good brisket. The fluke was perfectly prepared, moist, delicate, you could taste the fish without tasting the fishiness. And the sofrito was a good pairing.. Lastly, we finished with the blackberry cobbler. I know the place has a rep for small portions, and admittedly the portions were a bit on the small side, but the dessert was huge. The porcelain ramikin containing the fruit and cinnamon crumble (more crumble than fruit, and it was tasty) had a diameter of 6 inches! And the guinness milkshake was like a highend malted. Which is good..

The service was excellent (though admittedly we were on the early end and the place was deserted), our waiter being knowledgeable with excellent recs and quite personable to boot.

It is nice to have such a high quality gourmet place in our nabe, and we hope to go back after baby comes and we can get grandma to look after him or her.

Sep 21, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Recs for Chinese or Korean in Flushing tonight?

Headed to the Billy Joel concert tonight at Shea and want to take advantage of my proximity to Flushing to have some good Chinese or Korean for dinner before the concert. I havent been to Flushing yet, so Im not sure where to go - would appreciate any recs near the 7 stop (I am 8 months pregnant and dont want to stray too far from the subway in this heat!). Let me know what your favorite Chinese or Korean is in the neighborhood. Thank you!

Jul 16, 2008
superfine in Outer Boroughs

Its hot and I wanna eat; What do you chow in the heat?

What are your top spots for lunch when the island boils over?

I prefer spicy food that isn't too greasy. My favorite choice would be Saravanaas for South Indian. But I just had that last week and would do anything - SE asian, different indian, korean, mexican, central & south american, even BBQ if its not too heavy (that may be asking for too much). Regardless, I want to know what other folks crave when sidewalk outdoor eating is unbearable.

I am off tomorrow for lunch, so make a good rec!

Jun 09, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Cafe Ronda in UWS

We were excited to try this neighborhood spanish place, some people have said its good (not great). We may have had a bad night, but the food was so a huge disappointment.

The biggest travesty was the Gambas Ajillo; shrimp with garlic. This is a dish we frequently get at spanish restaurants and we always devour, and then sop up the sauce with bread. The shrimp themselves were low quality, mealy, overcooked and had no flavor. The sauce was very smoky, I mean like liquid smoke, had very little real garlic flavor and had an unnaturalness to it that was very disconcerting. We didn't finish it.

The house, or Ronda salad, was ridiculously overseasoned. Overseasoning to this extent is a totally rookie mistake. We took the lemon from the gambas (which were hopeless) and drizzled the juice onto the salad to cut through all the salt. We almost finished it, but I bet there was more salt in that salad than a large McD fries!

The calamari were decent. They were soft, and not too chewy, but their coating was very bready (like the coating of a mozz stick) and would have been good if I ordered them at a bar or something, but for a place that specializes in spanish food I expected more. They were also overseasoned.

Its a shame, there are a lot of nice items on the menu but after such a poor performance I feel that the place is literally hopeless.

Any thoughts?

Jun 01, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Great Pasta Meal?

I agree- Po is great for pasta - but we just ate there 2 weeks ago and would love to try something new - scored 2 seats at the bar during the week - had an amazing papardelle with peas and mint.

Apr 18, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Great Pasta Meal?

Husband and I are looking to have our last meal before keeping Passover all week as a delicious pasta meal - any recs on restaurants with amazing homemade pasta dishes - wed go anywhere in manhattan, but prefer the west side. Of course, it has to be a place where we could get in tonight w/o reservations as well!

Thanks so much.

Apr 18, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Best bagels/bialys in LES/EV?

when I lived in the E Village I would go to David's bagels on 1st and 13th - they were always hot out of the oven, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Feb 24, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Bar Americain

Had dinner at Bar Americain last night for the first time and we thought it was great. Had the seafood cocktail to start, which consisted of crab with coconut and mango, lobster with watercress and avocado and shrimp wtih a cilantro/horseradish cocktail sauce. All were very good and refreshing. For mains, we had the butterfish with sour orange glaze and brussels with hazelnuts and pomegrantes - the highlight though was the lamb porterhouse with a spice rub served with a cabernet reduction, and on the side, pearl couscous and roasted vegetables. The lamb was delicious! Tender and flavorful - and the roasted vegetables in the couscous were really earthy and complemented the lamb very well. A very enjoyable meal. We thought the portions were medium sized - left feeling full but not overly stuffed.

Jan 26, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Sat night dinner on UWS?

Thanks for the suggestions. I got a reservation at Isabella's for 8pm. I

Jan 17, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Sat night dinner on UWS?

We have visitors from SF coming on Saturday night and we'd like to take them to a nice restaurant on the UWS where we recently moved. Something moderately priced, but not outrageously expensive with nice ambience and great food. I've tried a bunch - Telepan, Dovetail, Ouest, Compass -but am too late to get a reservation unless I want before 6 or after 10, which i dont. Any suggestions of a great place where we can actually get in on Saturday night with a reservation at this late date? Anywhere from the 50s to the 80s is good.

Thanks so much!

Jan 17, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

grandaisy on UWS - serving pizza yet

I went in last weekend (Jan 6th) and no pizza yet.

Jan 15, 2008
superfine in Manhattan

Favorites in Lincoln Center Area

Wife and I are moving to 69th/Columbus after a failed experiment in the 'burbs and can't wait to dive back into the food scene in NYC. Any recs in the neighborhood?

We are looking to fill the following neighborhood chow destinations:
1) Pizza
2) Chinese (takeout and delivery)
3) Mexican
4) Thai
5) Sushi
6) Value places (good for a weekday meal).
7) Coffee shops
8) anything else worth mentioning!


Dec 17, 2007
superfine in Manhattan

Best Artichokes

I recently discovered that one of my good friends claims to hate the choke - one of my alltime favorites (I eat 'em steamed with an olive oil - lemon - honey sauce). Anyhow at dinner we had an app of some baby chokes which he really liked; but i thought they were so so. Any thoughts of where I can a tasty artichoke based dish????


Nov 17, 2007
superfine in Manhattan

Comfort in Hastings on Hudson - Food Value in Westchester

Being newbies to the area we've been making a serious effort to taste what westchester has to offer. Generally, we are looking for food value - we will go in to the city for a special meal. Anyhow, we were on our way to blu in hastings yesterday when we passed by Comfort and decided to give that a try instead.

We ordered a large roasted beet, mesclun, red onion, goat cheese salad. The beets were clearly home roasted, and the dressing was light. It was a tasty light salad. Then we had the Copper River Salmon with green peas and lowfat mac and cheese. The salmon was a good piece of fish, definitely wild salmon. It was beautiful from the outside but a little overcooked and a tad underseasoned. It was still very tasty and we enjoyed it immensely. The peas were nice. The mac and cheese did not taste low fat - which is a major culinary achievement in my mind. However, the mac was a bit soggy - the pasta overcooked. We also had two lemonades that were very good and refreshing.

We were stuffed, the bill was 30 even, and we felt that for a change we know a place in Westchester with good food value.

598 Warburton Avenue
(914) 478-4677