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Commanders for lunch

My DW and I went to Commander's Palace for lunch the other day, and as always, it was truely exquisite. The service was excellent, the food was out of this world, and the atmosphere was festive with all of the patrons wearing their "holiday bells"

As stark contrast, we went out to eat with a friend a few days later at Kona Grill. Spent the same amount of money, and walked out going "Why didn't we just go to CP?

Commander's Palace Restaurant
1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Dec 21, 2010
tigerbuilder81 in New Orleans

Fat man heading to the Big Easy next week.

I would add a trip to Pascals Manale just for the BBQ Shrimp...

For a traditional New Orleans Neighborhood Restaurant, I like Mandinas too!

Mandina's Restaurant
3800 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70119

Nov 15, 2010
tigerbuilder81 in New Orleans

Brewpub in Richmond VA

Thanks everybody, that gives me a couple of options!

Sep 20, 2010
tigerbuilder81 in Mid-Atlantic

Brewpub in Richmond VA

I'll be in the Richmond VA area in about a week, and I'm looking for a place that has a good burger and brews their own beer. Any suggestions? I saw Legend Brewery, but I have no idea what it is like...

Thanks in advance!

Sep 15, 2010
tigerbuilder81 in Mid-Atlantic

The Best Thing You Ever Ate: New Orleans

As I read these posts, I could not stop thinking about a Chocolate Creme Brulee at Ralphs on the Park that I had about a year ago. It was a special, so I doubt I will ever see it again, so I will have to attempt a recreation.

The chocolate in it made it an excellent dessert that I am sure I would have talked about for a week or two, but what really pushed this dish into the stratosphere was the Jalapenos. They caramalized a couple of Jalapeno slices on top, and as best as I can tell, squeezed a little of the juice across the top of the dessert. The combination of the chocolate with just a little bit of heat from the peppers and the all too familiar carmalized sugar crust was simply amazing.

Sep 14, 2010
tigerbuilder81 in New Orleans