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Looking for unusual dishes on Hampton Roads menus...

I am about to start writing a column that deals with seeking out weird/crazy/out there/interesting foods and food experiences in Hampton Roads.

I've been coming menus for potential dishes and have come up with a few ideas but would love some input from my fellow Chowhounders!

I will literally try anything, so don't hold back if you have suggestions! Thank you!

Oct 30, 2011
earose in Mid-Atlantic

Croyden House Mashed Potatoes

Any advice on anywhere I can buy the chicken-y flavor in or around DC? Thanks!

Pickling Ingredients at DC Farmers Markets

I am planning on making dill pickles this weekend and am looking for advice on farmers markets in or very near to DC where I can buy pickling cucumbers and a large amount of fresh dill. Thanks!

Knife Skills Class

Any thoughts on a good knife skills class to take in DC? Metro accessible would be a plus.

Where can I buy white miso in DC?

I've looked at Whole Foods. Nada. Other suggestions?