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Looking for a good Eastern NC style BBQ place in King County

Carolina Smoke BBQ in Bothell's Country Village (right up front by Bothell Everett Hwy): Incredible BBQ! The regular BBQ sauce is described as an apple-butter and the hot, well, it just kicks butt! Lot's of specials depending on the day of the week (still need to try 'em). This place was an instant hit with the kids, even the picky eater liked the corn bread but give the jalapeƱo corn bread a try if you like it hot 'n sweet! The service is southern style so be prepared to "come and set a spell"!

Carolina Smoke
23806 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021

Jan 13, 2011
bobeso in Greater Seattle

Costco White Fish: Delish or Oy Gevalt?

With the High Holidays here I'm putting together the traditional dairy break fast for Saturday night. Do I go with the Costco whole white fish (taste unknown)? BTW: I typically find better smoked salmon elsewhere (Pike Place Mkt, etc).

Sep 12, 2010
bobeso in General Topics