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Where to buy veal bones for stock

I believe Harmony Farms in La Crescenta has them frozen. Last time I got them they were ~$20 for 5 or 10 lbs (can't remember).

Harmony Farms
2824 Foothill Blvd, La Crescenta, CA

Feb 17, 2011
Pilori in Los Angeles Area

Are There Any Bars With Wi-Fi?

The Intelligentsia in Pasadena serves beer and wine. There is a WiFi network from the city of Pasadena that you can connect to there.

Feb 16, 2011
Pilori in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Zo vs Mori Sushi?

How much is the going rate at Mori these days for omakase?

Oct 21, 2010
Pilori in Los Angeles Area