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Best Italian restaurant in Hong Kong: Da Domenico?

Why is this thread still going? If you must have a "pricey" pasta in Hong Kong, go to go to 8 1/2 Otte e Mezzo already, and save yourself the heartache. By the way, I would also order the steak for two.

Nov 12, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Going to HK... again!

I can't say I liked Bo very much on my visit. However, I had the chance to chat to Alvin Leung (Bo's chef) recently and he seems to have gotten the hang of cooking as something people should enjoy rather than out-there engineering designed to shock/excite. He also said he'll be in the restaurant more from now on (he'd been filing a TV show recently, and prior to that, basically touring the world to spread his Chinese x-treme "gospel" blah blah.)

Nov 12, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

ORLANDO VISITOR'S DINING GUIDE - A Hound Perspective - I-Drive/Convention Center

Wa seems to have closed, fyi.

Edit - sorry just read further down the thread that this has been noted. Great thread, awesome work YosemiteSam!

Nov 12, 2011
e_ting in Florida

Five days business trip in Las Vegas... healthy eating essential!

I know vegan/vegetarian doesn't mean healthy, but all restaurants at the Wynn are supposed to offer a vegan & veg menu now that Steve Wynn is a vegan. I went to Bartolotta at Wynn last night with my friend (who needs to be on a vegetarian on certain days of the month for religious reasons) and we had an overall excellent meal - just ask for the vegetarian menu.

Nov 11, 2011
e_ting in Las Vegas

Maple Tree Cafe- Great Sleeper for Breakfast and Lunch

Just went today. Can't say it was out of this world, but it was refreshing to go off-strip. Service is friendly and feels genuine, which is something I've really been missing since arriving in the US last week.

Nov 11, 2011
e_ting in Las Vegas

Pismo for first timers- please give us your recommendations!

I find it really difficult to recommend Cracked Crab. We had the crab bisque and big bucket for 2. The crab bisque is much too creamy and peppery, and because of this, if it had any taste of crab, I wouldn't have known. It was also an off-white colour - I've never had a crab bisque that's off-white! There was quite a bit of crab flesh in it, but I couldn't taste it.

For the bucket we chose olipio crab (half the legs and a bit of the body), crawdads (crayfish) and domestic wild shrimp. The corn on the cob was the nicest thing in it (it was genuinely goos - super sweet and crunchy). The crayfish had a plasticky taste, the crab legs were super salty and the shrimp was pretty bland. And the whole thing had so much Old Bay seasoning on it I felt like I tipped a whole box onto my tongue.

Service is super friendly, but for a seaside town to serve mediocre seafood is pretty disappointing. Won't be back (and we had to pay $115 to find that out. Ouch.)

Cracked Crab
751 Price St, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Nov 07, 2011
e_ting in California

Going to HK... again!

Ah yes, just went to Lung Kee yesterday - very good crispy roast pork there. Another famous BBQ store in Central (mostly for char siu) is Kam Wah.

Oct 28, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Going to HK... again!

1. Can anyone recommend a good Japanese place in HK that specialize in sushi and ramen? Or any Japanese place that will guarantee blow my head off!
Sushi - Sushi Sase, or Kenjo
Ramen - MIST for non-traditional ramen, but I wouldn't call it fusion exactly (e.g. chicken soup base). I'm not a fan of Butao - basically there's no decent Hakata-style ramen in HK imho.

2. Do you think Tim Ho Wan is worth a visit. Some blogs have been singing praises about it but I'm very skeptical. Apparently, there is a new branch in IFC, I heard?
There is a new branch in IFC yes. Be prepared to line up.

3. Laduree vs. Jean Paul Hevin vs. La Maison. Which one?
No Laduree, pop-up only. JP Hevin.

4. And my parents wanted to go to Sai Kung but I assume that Sai Kung must have lots of seafood restaurants. Do you guys have any preference? I don't want to fall into a tourist trap!
Loaf On

5. Cuisine Cuisine: Should I go to the IFC one or the one at Mira ( i will be staying at the Mira but I have tried the one at IFC and it left me a HUGE Impression. BTW, I think Cuisine Cuisine stuff is so much better than LKH!
Really you like CC?? Anyway. If you must, go to the Mira branch.

6. There's this shop selling barbecued meat at the Central market near LKF. Should I go there?
Not sure which one you're talking about...

7. Is T'ang Court worth going to?
Yes. Get the crispy chicken. Go for dinner rather than lunch. Note it's pan-Chinese, rather than just Canto (Ming Court is mostly Canto)

8. Since it is my last visit, any places that I MUST GO? i.e. Italian cuisine etc?
Otto (Charles has kindly linked to my blog post!) and Amber are my two favourites in HK for non-Asian.

Hope this helps!

Oct 19, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Singapore - incredibly overdue thanks

Kaya toast at Ya Kun is like coffee at Starbucks. I went to the China St "original" and was sorely disappointed. I'm going to Chin Chin Confectionery next time.

I'd also rec Founder Bak Kuh Teh, for an alternative to Ng Ah Sio if you're a BKT person. Best Teochew-style (pepper) BKT I've had.

Jul 02, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

What should i order at mission chinese food? [San Francisco]

oh hey thanks for posting my link soupcon, you just brought me back to CH after a super long hiatus, ha. to be honest i thought the food in Shenzhen wasn't mind-blowing, but i didn't expect so many haters of the original SF version! it is, like i said in the post, a 'fusion' of asian flavours that will go their own way, independent of 'traditional' asian cuisines, even though they reference it. i really want to try the SF version myself!

Jul 02, 2011
e_ting in San Francisco Bay Area

Kuala Lumpur - Little Penang Cafe

i also had a pretty decent har mee at LP KLCC. We were feeling unadventurous and ready for bad mall food but were pleasantly surprised!

Jul 02, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Ippudo HK

Ippudo is opening (soft?) 13 July, don't know if they're just doing press or walk-ins though.

Btw Daruma's lines frustrate me, as do Butao's.

Sapporo has moved down to Connaught Road, sort of opposite IFC; official address is Des Voeux but entrance is on Connaught. Larger space, less lines at lunch, same (decent but not amazing and sometimes inconsistent) quality, no complaints.

Another ramen place has opened on Kau U Fong, near The Chairman - anyone tried it out?

Jul 01, 2011
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Hello to those Chowhounders in HK

hello! just found on your blog via twitter. welcome to HK and see you around :)

Jul 14, 2010
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Hong Kong - Best Singaporean food

A place called Shiok has just opened on Peel St, prob within walking distance from you! I haven't tried it yet, but I hear they do stir-fried turnip cake - will definitely be heading there soon!

Apr 27, 2010
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

food for Southern expats in HK

Mar 28, 2010
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Italian besides Da Domenico, Gaia maybe??

Il Bel Paese has several locations, including 1 in Wanchai. There's also one in the mid-levels and maybe one more too but I forget... It's been around for a while and the local papers/mags do cover it occasionally, so it could well be the one!

Nov 04, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Anyone eaten at Magnolia in Hong Kong? Help!

here's their website:

it's not bad - hearty (if a bit too heavy) Southern food by a Southern chef. You'll probably end up eating three times your body weight, but it's good if you're looking for that kind of food.

Try searching on expat forums - it seems to have gained a following and is quite well known among expats

Nov 02, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Italian besides Da Domenico, Gaia maybe??

for a short time, there was a brilliant Australian chef (he was supposed to be permanent) at Aqua - you may have had the good fortune of having one of his creations!

Adding to the list - I know you can buy fresh pasta at the Italian deli Il Bel Paese. They also seem to have a restaurant, but I don't know about the quality of their cooking... You might have to borrow someone's kitchen and DIY!

Nov 02, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Italian besides Da Domenico, Gaia maybe??

Aspasia and TDR are more modern Italian than traditional. Gaia & Isola are by the same owners and their food imo is so-so. Cecconi's in Central is ok, Tuscany by H does a good pasta, but pricey ($200-300), around that price range you can also try Nicholini and Grissini. There was a huuuuge discussion on this board re Italian eateries (mostly 'Is Da Domenico worth it?') and you'll find many other places listed there.

Oct 29, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Robuchon vs Robuchon

lunch is prix fixe at both; i've only been for dinner at l'atelier, which was around HK$800 per head, a la carte, without wine. i imagine galera would be around the same, if not more.

Oct 28, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Best Chow in Guangzhou

the recs for Bing Sheng, Yin Ji and the Chinese resto at White Swan you copied above are from me, and having been back recently, I can confirm that they are still good.

If you have a driver and are up for a 20-30 min ride, there's a place called Ji Cun (trans. Chicken Village) in Panyu, along one of the main roads leading to Panyu town. Address and photos from a previous visit on my blog here:

Most amazing steamed chicken I've ever had - it's not meaty, but full of flavour. I haven't been back recently but my dad has and says they've renovated/in the process of renovating so the entrance is a bit obscured (might be done by the time you get there), but still plenty of people are going - proof that there's no stopping the Chinese when it comes to good chicken!

Laurel Restaurant (several branches, the one in Portofino isn't the most convenient but is best with alfresco seating, but avoid the one in Lowu Commercial Centre) - good for Cantonese - I like it better at lunch for dim sum.
Jin Yue Xuan - also one of my favourite haunts for dim sum, right above Che Gong Miao MTR station so it's very convenient. Both are on the 'fancier' side and not exactly cheap (you're looking at 50-100 yuan per person for lunch
)Bashu Feng - a chain, but pretty good Sichuan food

Oct 28, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Robuchon vs Robuchon

l'atelier is lighter, less formal and more "modern" by definition/brand positioning; while galera is more old school. this is reflected in both the menu and interior design. at l'atelier you can opt to sit at the bar to watch the chefs at work. both are very good at dinner - but for lunch i'd go for galera (ie macau) - much better value - lunch is about HK$300+. l'atelier also do a lunch deal (forgot how much - they keep changing it) but i find that the quality of food isn't as good as at dinner.

Oct 28, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Searching for King Crab Restaurant in Causeway bay

this one, perhaps?

King Crab
Shop 6-7, G/F, Dandenong Mansion, 379-389 Jaffe Road (Causeway Bay
)2234 0888

I've never heard of it actually, just did a quick search - if you end up going, do report back if it's any good!

Oct 18, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Woks/Cookware in Hong Kong?

Not sure about hand-hammering (is it still the done thing?), but the best place to get traditional cooking accoutrements in Hong Kong is Shanghai Street. You'll find everything from cleavers to woks to mooncake moulds - it's where a lot of restaurants get their supplies. The shops are in a consecutive strip close to Yau Ma Tei MTR.

Oct 07, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Hong Kong Food Blogs?

may I add:

both are a bit old-school layout wise, but cover lots of places.

also, re non-seafood don't miss-es, plenty of chinese restaurants do great meat dishes, e.g. crispy chicken at t'ang court, BBQ pork at west villa (or joy hing for roast pork - "siu yuk" - but it's more of a food stall than a restaurant) - any specifics as to what you're looking for? there's also plenty of "don't miss when visiting" posts on this board that might be helpful.

Sep 29, 2009
e_ting in Food Media & News

San Xi Lou HK tips

Anything on the Sichuan side of the menu - they have Canto/Shanghainese (I think) as well - no go.

2 things i particularly liked:
shui zhu yu (fish cooked in trad Sichuanese (is that a word?) style in a pot of chilli + oil) - fish is tender and slippery.
zhang cha ya (lit. sauce + tea duck - a smoked duck of sorts). the meat is a little dry (think confit), has a great smoky flavour and falls off the bone - ideal for giving your tongue a rest from all the ma la.

the hot pot (chilli based, of course) looks quite good too and a lot of people seem to go there just for that, but i've never ordered it.

Sep 24, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

Tough Decision in Melbourne - Vue De Monde, Grossi Florentino, or Jaques Reymonds

Like mr_gimlet said, it depends what you prefer.

Personally I'd say Jacques Reymond for the best representation (in my mind) of Modern Australian. Highly classical (French) technique + love of Asian/Australian ingredients. Flavours tend to be subtle and fresh/light rather than hearty. Atmosphere and service are refined, elegant and a bit old-school - all pastels and skirtings in what looks like a private home.

Grossi would be my top pick for Italian (depends on what you feel like eating - all three are v different). Even more old-school than JR, the Mural Room is all dark, gold and brown tones (and a mural, of course). Food is excellent and can range from fiddly haute cuisine-ish to rustic home style. Chocolate desserts there are divine, service is also tops.

VdM is my least favourite of the three. I find the food a bit too froth & syringe-y, not that I'm against froths and syringes (ok, maybe I'm against froth) but the flavours sometimes don't compliment and some of if is just there for the sake of presentation. Sure, the dishes and the decor are good to look at, but I'm not there for those things. Service can also be a bit frustrating and I'm not a big fan of their wine list, although they seem to pride themselves on it and have wine pairing options. To me it's too much hype and too little substance. And dinner does cost an arm and both legs.

Sep 21, 2009
e_ting in Australia/New Zealand

Beijing - Delicious!

thanks for the report! very interesting to know Made In China's chef has jumped ship...

Sep 21, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

HK Flowers

They also have their own brand of mooncakes and hampers for mid-autumn festival (to bring things slightly back on topic...!


also - they can do more custom combinations (whereas agnes b will usually only do what's in the catalogue) and are a bit less expensive

Sep 10, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia

FiftyThree: Singapore's answer to The Fat Duck?

Managed to squeeze in for lunch at FiftyThree when I was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, I'll leave the full-blown review for later, but in short I think it's a very worthy dining addition to Singapore. I'm from HK and I haven't found a place in HK that can deliver such creative, daring food without going overboard and successfully combine it with a casual atmosphere and friendly, professional service. So not every dish works, but that's the same as a lot of non-Chinese restaurants in HK. As for the prohibitive prices, I totally agree with others who've suggested going for lunch.

Sep 07, 2009
e_ting in China & Southeast Asia