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Orlando in November

crazyspice.... I just found a great Turkish restaurant in Sanford (about 20+ miles N or Orlando)....

It is right on Lake Monroe and is pretty awesome food..... The location cant be beat and it is definitely not a chain..... Its a bit of a drive but worth every mile... See the website above and make reservations just before sunset and its a guarantee..... If you dont like it, I'll make you and your hubby the steak of your choice at my house.... I guess we will have to trust the honor system here. There are other good Turkish restaurants closer to you but this one is the only one that I know that is on the water... Surprising to me with all of the lakes in FL that we dont have more water front venues.... Anyway... Good luck and I'll keep my radar on for more unique suggestions.....

Sep 12, 2010
ricky review in Florida