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Dinner music - the host or the guest decides?

Yes, the Rozs are real. I have one in my life but she is no longer invited into my house .Not for a meal not even for a drink. I got to the point where I just couldn't deal with a 50-odd-year-old toddler. As entertaining as she was, the endless disruption and narcissism just wasn't worth it.

Fairmont Hotel Hamilton Bermuda

That is daily breakfast from 7-11 am - I think the OP is referring to Sunday brunch which the Hamilton Princess no longer serves.

Fairmont Hotel Hamilton Bermuda

No, they don't.

Imperial v. Metric issue

Growing up in Bermuda we had American cups but butter came in blocks from Australia and NZ - so much time spent softening butter and squooshing into those cups!

These days I have the equipment to use whatever the recipe is written in. I still find it impossible to visualise metric quantities when reading a recipe though.

Jun 15, 2014
Athena in Home Cooking

Caribbean babymoon - hotel/resort recommendations? Need great food!

I second The Reefs. I live in Bermuda and I go there for staycations with friends – it is the perfect place to be lazy - on the beach, around the pool, at the spa – and the food has improved a lot - it got a bit wobbly for a while there.

Easter Dinner Ideas

I too am trawling through recipes for next Sunday, all I know for sure at this point that dessert will be individual white chocolate and pistachio pavlovas and the meat will be lamb.

Anyway, the soup sounds wonderful, and as other have said it can be a small bowlful.

If you want a green sauce with the lamb lollipops I can recommend Ottolenghi's sauce that goes with his grilled lamb:
When I made the recipe I marinaded a butterflied lamb leg and then grilled on the barbecue - no reason why you couldn't use lollipops - the herby/almondy sauce is really delicious - if cilantro is a problem Italian parsley works just as well, and the orange blossom water will not be missed if you don't have it.

So, a green sauce, roasted tomatoes, crusty bread and a simple green salad maybe?

Apr 12, 2014
Athena in Home Cooking

looking for ideas and tips... "nest' cake for Easter

Nigella Lawson uses a flourless chocolate cake recipe (it's originally Richard Sax's recipe and I have made it many, many times) it sinks in the centre as it cools so you have a nest- like bowl, and she fills it with Cadbury mini-eggs:

Apr 12, 2014
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Do Chowhounds Tend To Be Creative/Artistic?

I say creativity lies within your process of tweaking! Art and design is frequently derivative.

Mar 23, 2014
Athena in Not About Food

Do Chowhounds Tend To Be Creative/Artistic?

I don't believe that creativity is limited to 'the arts', I have a BFA, but I see creativity in all kinds of professions and disciplines. Is not being an engineer akin to the problem solving required in graphic design? There is theatre in the courtroom, accountants can be very, very creative as can risk modellers and underwriters - and they can all be excellent Chowhounds.

Mar 22, 2014
Athena in Not About Food

Follow-up to the thread on catering to in-laws' Midwestern tastes (boy, did I open a can of worms!!!)

Right now, focus on your son and your parents' celebration - do not let the in-laws take your joy.

From what you have written I don't know that telling them how you feel will get through to them - I mean, that whole thing with dismissing your daughter's celiac disease? That's just wrong.

I just really feel for you.

Mar 04, 2014
Athena in Not About Food

Catering to relatives who don't want "exotic" food

What the OP's child is or is not taught is entirely her business.

laurlejgs - can you engage your son in participating in the decision of where to eat? Maybe just be straight with him - as in "here's the situation, can we find a restaurant to eat at that you and your grandparents will enjoy?"

Do you cook or bake for your coworkers?

We're a small group of eight and sometimes I or others will bring something in for a birthday or just because - it's no big deal.

Speaking as a boss, however, I would find it totally weird to have someone bring things in just for me once, let alone regularly – we'd be having a conversation about that.

Feb 25, 2014
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Is Anyone else on Pinterest? Let's follow each other!

Oh, I've seen some pretty close to porn stuff. I have also seen people get up in arms about classic black and white images of nudes by famous photographers.

Feb 23, 2014
Athena in Home Cooking

Is Anyone else on Pinterest? Let's follow each other!

If you are on Facebook you can log into Pinterest from through that.

I've always found the help desk to be helpful.

Feb 23, 2014
Athena in Home Cooking

Is Anyone else on Pinterest? Let's follow each other!

Am working my way through everyone's boards!

Here's mine:

Thanks to this I've started a 'tried and like' board so I don't have to go searching…

Feb 20, 2014
Athena in Home Cooking

Is Anyone else on Pinterest? Let's follow each other!

helen_m - yum!

Feb 20, 2014
Athena in Home Cooking

Celestial Dinner.

I've never heard of that, but I like it!

I'm assuming we can pick dishes we had at a particular place and it would be perfectly replicated?

If so, I would start with the best fried calamari I ever had at a place on the waterfront in Fell's Point, Baltimore - they were perfectly crisp and crunchy and not all all greasy.

Followed by osso bucco with risotto - no restaurant version, just how I would make it.

A crisp salad of endive and radicchio with hazlenuts sprinkled with pomegranate seeds with a sherry vinegar blood orange olive oil dressing

Dessert - that white chocolate and pistachio pavlova with fresh raspberries and whipped cream recipe I found on the Guardian website.

Guests - Pepys would be interesting - I've listened to his diary excerpts on BBC 4. I'm assuming they have to be within the pearly gates? For me: John Lennon, Boadicea, Sir George Somers (I want to know what it was really like when his ship was wrecked at Bermuda in 1609), Ann Boleyn (dish the dirt sister!) and Hunter S. Thompson.

Is that Group Captain Leonard Cheshire? I would think he'd enjoy Pepys and Niven - and anyway - it's your party!

Jan 30, 2014
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Victorian wedding picnic

The venue sounds lovely, as does the picnic (remind your mother/sisters/friends that the ladies of Downton Abbey were forever lolling around eating in the garden).

The heat, however, makes me think more of the wedding in Fried Green Tomatoes than an English summer spread.

That said, I can understand your feeling a little droopy about ham and turkey - and maybe moreso with the turkey - a really great ham is a thing of beauty. Jamie Oliver did a show many years ago about a wedding lunch - it included whole salmon - and little potatoes tossed in a dressing. I love the idea of cucumber sandwiches or a cucumber and dill salad. Also go old school and check out Coronation Chicken.

Personally, I would not want to deal with anything that involved noodles, dark sauces, or anything gloopy because I know I would end up with it on my clothes...

Jan 17, 2014
Athena in General Topics

Santa brought me a new Kitchen Aid Pro Mixer...what to make with it?

Oh yes! Meringue for pavlova - either one big one or individual ones or two rounds for layering- Google for Jamie Oliver's basic recipe then use whatever is seasonal - pomegranate/cranberry, white chocolate/pistachio/raspberries; blueberries/lemon curd - YUM!

Jan 02, 2014
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Bermuda Reunion

That's great news! My father worked at the Kindley Base, and our neighbour was a USAF commander - great memories that included hush puppies and all!

I believe the Swizzle does a BBQ night these days and I'm sure there's enough people here that will remember those days and have suggestions - go to the Facebook page Old Bermuda - and let people know your plans!

BERMUDA in December

Awww, you just made my Christmas Eve! I've been wondering how your stay was - glad you had such a wonderful time - and I love Ascot's too.

I finally got to Mad Hatters - for lunch - OMG it was good! Delicious risotto and a salad. Really wish it was open on Saturdays for lunch, ditto Ascot's.

Have a lovely holiday!

Anybody serve Turkey for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas?

@melpy - water or mountain dew - you have my deepest sympathies.

Thanksgiving is not a holiday here, but many of my fellow Bermudians see it as a practice run for Christmas dinner. I used to make it for my American friends, but two turkey dinners - even though they are very different aside from the turkey – so close together - no.

Dec 12, 2013
Athena in Home Cooking

SURVEY: When/Where/How did you learn to cook?

1. I learned from a very young age while growing up in 1950s Bermuda, there were goats, cows, chickens, fresh vegetables, fish, mussels and lobster from the sea around us. The remnants of the banana field is still at the bottom of my garden.

2. There were deadly dull Home Ec. classes in school - rock cakes, cooking for invalids (!).

2a They were in Bermuda in the 1960s.

Just as my parents did, I had my son perched near me in the kitchen from about the age of three and grew up to be confident in the kitchen,

Dec 11, 2013
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Your Christmas Eve Dinner.

For several years, until he got married in 2011, my son and I would make Julia Child's tournedos with Madeira sauce on Christmas Eve. I had pasta with friends last year and am not sure what I'm going to do this year.

A co-worker is married to an Italian and they are going to his family near Milan for Christmas and I asked if they were going to have the feast of seven fishes on Christmas Eve - she had never heard of that – turns out it's an Italian-American tradition, learn something new every day!

Dec 03, 2013
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Zahtar, sumac and smoked red paprika

Lots of Middle Eastern recipes use the first two, not sure about smoked paprika. I used the first two in several recipes I made from Yotam Ottlolenghi's books this summer - Google him and his recipes will come up.

Nov 18, 2013
Athena in Home Cooking

The Pickiest Eater

Have a look at the BBC food section, Delia Smith, The Guardian recipe section, Simon Hopkinson and Nigel Slater - for ideas. Try not look at it as dumbing down, there's lots of delicious food that is also plain and simple.

Oct 01, 2013
Athena in Home Cooking

BERMUDA in December

Take a look at their website - there are options of menus or you can work with their chefs for a special menu.

BERMUDA in December

Ah OK! You'll be close to Cambridge Beaches then, which is so pretty and romantic. Or Waterlot Inn or Fourways Inn would be lovely.

And seeing as you're way out in Dockyard (we have a distorted sense of distance here!) and love where you'll be staying another possibility is arranging a special meal to be collected from Miles Market - their website has options or I'm sure you can ask for whatever you like - you can pick up and take back - no having to deal with getting to and from a restaurant.

As ever, if there's anything I can do - let me know :-)

BERMUDA in December

Congratulations! Can't believe how this year has just flown by! How many times have you come to Bda for your anniversary/

I would suggest The Reefs, it's lovely and romantic, but Coconuts down by the beach will be closed in December - still worth considering though.

Ascot's will be pretty and cosy in December.

Will have a think about other possibilities.

Bermuda Birthday Trip Dinner Plans

Welcome back! I love to hear that people are excited to come back here,

I haven't eaten at Wahoo since it became that, but I've had good reports from friends that have.

I like dinner at The Point and as it's your birthday, not far to go after a celebration dinner.

Never been to Mad Hatters so can't speak to that.

I would go to Coconuts for lunch rather than dinner, The Reefs is so beautiful in the daytime and Coconuts is right on the beach. I went to a wedding there last year and dinner was at Coconuts, it just wasn't as lovely as lunch with all the pretty pink and white umbrellas, pink sand and blue water.

I can recommend Rustico in Flatts for a dinner, I love the food, the staff and the service. I've also recently learnt that certain staff from the Black Horse in St David's have moved to the Carriage House in St George's, so if you want a good lobster dinner that is an option - and probably fish chowder too!