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Minneapolis - Truly sour dough

I went to Edelweiss Bakery in Prior Lake today. Their sourdough has just the right amount of "sour" and reminds me of Boudin in San Francisco. $4.80

Minneapolis - Truly sour dough

I went to A Baker's Wife yesterday and was very diappointed. The sourdough was just a generic wheat bread - no sour to it. I was greatly disappointed.

Best Hero/Sub Sandwiches in MSP (Not Counting Subway and other chains)

Having lived on th East Coast for 10 years, I second Jersey Mike's! Tastes like Philly to me. I know it's a chain, but Ithink it beats the locals.

A Case for Q Fanatic

I was not as impressed. Our pulled pork sandwiches were overpowered by the bread. I would have preferred a bun instead. The mild honey BBQ sauce had a wierd metalic aftertaste.

I think the best - an least known - is the Rack Shack in Burnsville. It was featured on the Travel Channel on Man vs Food. Honest BBQ! Give it a try...

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers -- Huh?

Went there today, May 29, 2011. The chicken was moist, tender and flavorful. The rest...forgetable. No need for the bread, fries or coleslaw - they were all just blah.

I guess I don't 'get' the sauce. Not great, but not bad. Just blah.

Great chicken alone.

May 29, 2011
steve0315 in Chains

Sandwich shops closed

I drove all the way to St. Anthony to go to Jersey Mike's. Windows covered in brown paper and the phone is disconnected. What's up? Also, Quizno's in Hopkins appears to out of business. Huh......