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Please help with my rice cooker

I feel your pain! I just got a new fuzzy logic rice cooker and was really looking forward to tapioca and oatmeal. I did fine with steel-cut oatmeal using water + a blob of coconut milk (I just had some I needed to use up). I did fine with tapioca using coconut milk. Then we tried doing traditional tapioca with all regular milk (2%, for the record) and it boiled over a LOT!

After quite a bit of internet research, I suspect that the problem is the milk. I did read a lot of accounts where people had luck with a 1:1 water:milk ratio for their oatmeal, however.

When doing pasta or potatoes on the stove, I have good luck preventing boil-overs by just placing a wooden spoon on top of the pot. I think it just breaks the surface tension. I'm tempted to try something similar in the rice cooker with a skewer.

Jan 04, 2015
yowza in Home Cooking

Tomatillo Salsa

I'm pretty amazed that something so simple can be so good!! I made this to go with the chiles rellenos recipe and it was great. It was runny, but not to the point of being watery. I was lucky enough to be able to make this entirely from home-grown ingredients. Tomatillos can be hard to find but they grow like weeds (FYI, in case you are a big tomatillo fan you should totally just grow them).

Aug 26, 2012
yowza in Recipes

Chiles Rellenos

Thanks for lunch,! These turned out great! I didn't have monterey jack cheese, so I used ricotta. I think these would be an excellent Sunday brunch item (though they would be tough to make for a crowd). I had a ton of tomatillos in my garden so I made the smooth tomatillo salsa (link at top of article). It was a great combo.

Aug 26, 2012
yowza in Recipes

Tips on getting coconut to stick to the sides of a cake

Does anyone have any great tips on how to get coconut to stick to the sides of a cake?

Dec 17, 2010
yowza in Home Cooking

banana peppers - what to do with them all?

Here's a really interesting take on how to pickle peppers:

It's the old-fashioned way, by actual fermentation rather than pickling with loads of vinegar (formerly known as "quick pickles").

Sep 11, 2010
yowza in Home Cooking