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drink menu annoyance

Actually, Alcachofa, I think minneapolite has an excellent point. Why are you even frequenting this forum, if everything discussed here is trivial compared with the real problems of the world?

As for the "always ordering the same drink" explanation, sure people have their favorites, but no one I know asks for the same drink every single time - even my friends and family who don't consider themselves foodies. Even if they did, providing one drink menu per table would only be efficient if three single-drink automatons always showed up in the company of one drink menu user, which seems unlikely. As far as I'm concerned, providing enough menus for everyone to have a look without being rushed is simply part of providing decent service - whether people are Chowhounds or not.

By the way, I'm totally fine with having to request drink menus for the table, if an establishment doesn't provide them automatically for cost or eco reasons. But if we have four people and we ask for drink menus, please bring at least two - and don't ask 30 seconds later what we want when half of us haven't seen the menu. That's just silliness.

Aug 18, 2011
jpalmer in Greater Boston Area

Potato skins in Cambridge and/or Boston?

We've tried Spirit (in Porter Square) potato skins twice since originally posting this. They're not traditional potato skins, but pretty good - more like exterior potato slices, treated sort of like nachos, with bacon and cheese for topping. I've never had potato skins prepared this way, but for craving-time, more than adequate. We haven't done much with the rest of Spirit's menu, though. Mooo, Newtowne and RF O'Sullivan's on the list next. . .

15 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02108

Nov 11, 2010
jpalmer in Greater Boston Area

Potato skins in Cambridge and/or Boston?

StriperGuy, I hear you - potato skins aren't exactly tops on my list of nuanced cuisine either. But when you have a retro comfort food craving, what can you do? :) Plus, it's not like the other pub food alternatives around here are more subtle - deep fried cheap mozzarella, for example. . . . and the bacon does cure many ills. Thanks for the reccs, twentyoystahs.

I have located several potato skin recipes from Gourmet so I'll be trying those too. Will post back if they work decently. Although part of the joy of pub food is not having to make it yourself, but rather sitting back and enjoying a drink. . .

Sep 12, 2010
jpalmer in Greater Boston Area

Zojirushi Neuro-Fuzzy & Short Grain Brown Rice Problem

Chemicalkinetics' guess is right. We dealt with that problem for several months, then finally started adding less water than recommended. We add only a little more water than the lines on the cooking pan specify for *white* rice; not only does the brown rice come out okay, it was firmer and harder than it had been, and less sticky. However, we still can't get it to come out as well as a white rice (or as brown rice pre-Zojirushi). However, since we bought the Zojuirushi primarily to make oatmeal, we don't mind.

Good luck!

FYI, we use Nishiki short grain brown rice.

Sep 12, 2010
jpalmer in Cookware

Potato skins in Cambridge and/or Boston?

We moved to Cambridge about a year ago, and have been frustrated in our efforts to find good potato skins. A couple of pubs had them, but have stopped offering them in the past year (Tavern in the Square in Porter, for example). The Fours near N. Station, mentioned in a 2008 thread here, has them but they aren't to our taste. . . any recent recommendations? Thanks!

Sep 11, 2010
jpalmer in Greater Boston Area