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Cooks Illustrated hits a new low!

I had the same experience. I don't think I ever ordered a cookbook from them, but I was a magazine subscriber. They sent me one book I didn't order and I dutifully took the time to wrap it up and send it back. When it happened again, I ignored it. They sent me hate mail, including something that appeared to be from a debt collector, but I was unable to verify the existence of that business, and nothing ever showed up on my credit. Never another dime of my dough...

Concord NH food news

Stoked for Wellington's Marketplace! The Gyro House recently opened on Main Street, and it's great. I had a lamb Gyro a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the components. She's using the real deal vertical meat rotisseries, rather than the frozen strips of meat like substance from the Sysco truck that everybody else in town seems to use.

Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington

RoyRon, I haven't tried Ritu Ki Rasoi to compare, but Meena's Kitchen in Nashua NH is not only the best Indian restaurant I've been to North of Boston, I think it may be the best I've been to anywhere.

Breakfast between Manchester NH and Warner NH

I think you're gonna' be looking at a crazy wait for 10am Sunday breakfast anywhere you go during leaf peeper season.

Breakfast between Manchester NH and Warner NH

I think Robie's closed down last week. Try the Schoolhouse Cafe in Davisville just off exit 7. It's run by old Foothill's alums. Good stuff.

Saigon Market in Manchester NH is closing today

Saigon kept kaffir leaves in the freezer, but sometimes they were not-so-fresh. Lana's great,too. They've got the real deal Sichuan broad bean chili paste (doubanjiang) from Chengdu.

Saigon Market in Manchester NH is closing today

My wife's first reaction to this news was "The landlord's NEVER gonna' get the smell out of that space!"

Saigon Market in Manchester NH is closing today

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

Tripe in Manchester?

They usually have it at the Market Basket here in Concord, so I can't imagine they wouldn't have it at the big M.B. on Elm street.

What Was Your Superbowl Beer?

I did homebrew, too! 3.3% Mild from a keg.

Feb 07, 2013
crowdingthepan in Beer

Low Alcohol IPA?

If you can find Stone Levitation, it might hit the spot for ya'.

Jan 18, 2013
crowdingthepan in Beer

Eggplant and pork hotpot at the former Jasmine Place, Nashua

Not exactly what you're describing, but Sunshine Oriental in Concord has a couple of clay pot eggplant dishes.
It'd be interesting to print out the Chinese name that Qianning provided and ask them if they can make it.. They're pretty accommodating.

New Hampshire Magazine Top Restaurant Picks for Fall/Winter

I'm assuming that they'll be serving bison goulash at "Hungary Buffalo"?!?!

What is the closest New England equivalent to an In-N-Out burger?

Probably Flat Patties in Cambridge, followed by Five Guys.

New Fried Chicken Restaurant Elm Street In Manchester?

I noticed that the other day, too. It's a chain, but that's not always an indicator of bad things. Particularly if it's not an American chain.

Does a can "de-value" a craft beer?

I've got fears about the BPA information/misinformation scaring off potential customers for breweries that package in cans. It seems to me that there's probably pretty strong overlap between the craft beer demographic and the folks who are fastidious about buying local/artisinal/organic. I'm not saying that there's any merit to the BPA scare, but any product that has the stink of risky chemicals, justified or unjustified, is gonna' scare away the rooftop chicken coop crowd.

Jun 19, 2012
crowdingthepan in Beer

Pork Belly Mystery at Sichuan Gourmet Brookline

I've resorted to that technique, particularly when I've ended up in parts of Asia where no English is spoken, but I always feel super awkward doing it. Plus, I can't be positive that there'll be someone eating that particuar dish precisely when we're placing our order.

Pork Belly Mystery at Sichuan Gourmet Brookline

Hmm..The color sure had me thinking that it had some sort of sauce glazed onto it.

Pork Belly Mystery at Sichuan Gourmet Brookline

Thanks, I'll give that a try!

Pork Belly Mystery at Sichuan Gourmet Brookline

I've worked my way through most of the consistently tasty menu at Sichuan Gourmet, but there's one dish that I regularly see other people eating,and I can't identify it on the menu. It's some sort of a pork belly dish, but it's definitely not Sichuan Double Cooked Bacon. I thought it might be what is called Steamed Bacon with Fresh Garlic Sauce, but when I punch that into Google images along with the restaurant name, I get pictures of thin slices of rolled up pork belly. The folks I see eating it are always Chinese, so maybe it's something not on the menu that I'd have to ask for in Mandarin. Whatever you call it, it looks super fatty delicious. I'm taking my Dad there (who has no understanding of Chinese food beyond hot and sour soup) on Father's Day, and I'd like to give this dish a try. I'm sure this'll be old hat to somebody on the Boston board. Here's a pic I found:

A Caribbean Affair, Manchester, N.H.: Why did I wait so long to eat here!?!?

Because of my total preoccupation with burgers, pizza, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Mexican, and regional Italian food, Caribbean cuisine wasn’t really on my radar until a visit to A Caribbean Affair on Monday afternoon. I can’t really address the authenticity of what we ate but I can happily report that my wife and I were served some very good, carefully crafted food by a friendly, enthusiastic and helpful staff. Our server was happy to give recommendations and hold our hand as we worked through the incredibly diverse menu options.
They’ve got a new creation on the menu that they’re calling Carribean Island Sandwiches, and we gave a couple of those a go. They’re similar to what I know as fried Jamaican beef patties, but they’re enormous and they have better than half a dozen filling options. I chose curried chicken, chickpeas and potatoes, and my wife picked jerk pork, stewed cabbage and potatoes. Because two starches just isn’t enough, we also ordered up a roti skin to accompany a stewed coconut water and spinach dish called callaloo.
Our waitress provided some salty munchies to compliment our Red Stripes while we waited for our food to show. The wait was just long enough to fill me with hope that everything was being scratch made to order. And sure enough, when our meal showed, every delicious component was obviously well fussed over. Not a misfire in the bunch. Great curry, complex sweet and savory jerk pork, and I’m not sure if this is how your supposed to eat it, but the roti skin was excellent dunked in the callaloo. I'm working this place into my regular rotation.

Sunny's Table--spicy and tasty in Concord NH

Oh, and if the shrimp preparation your Pop got was a riff on the English/Indian dish, then it's tikka masala.

Sunny's Table--spicy and tasty in Concord NH

Whoa! I had no idea that Sunny's was doing banh mi at lunch! I'm only about five blocks away from there and I've been driving all the way to Hong Cuc in Lowell. And you say it's comparable or better quality? Did they confirm that it is in fact a regular lunch item? Thanks for the intel !!

Good Mexican, Manchester NH

What's the lamb BBQ place called??? El Rincon Zacatecano IS great. I had some killer fresh tamales there and several first class tacos de lengua, followed by a little gratis loaf of pan dulce. I've got some pics around somewhere, but I can't seem to find them. Sadly, the owner is hyper religious, so no Tecate to wash it down.

hand-pulled noodles

The owner told me that they added the americanized side of the menu after a number of locals came in, saw the biang biang mian, liang pi, and flatbreads, and asked why they didn't serve Chinese food. Ha!

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Chelmsford

I kinda' had the same feeling about the flatbread. While, as I said, I liked it better than the similar "sandwich" I had in queens, the overall package didn't light my fire. Maybe I'm just applying western expectations to a chinese specialty, though. I'll probably try the pork version just to say I did, bit I plan to focus on the noodles. And, OOOHHH, the noodles!
After we finished the fully garlicked biang biang mian, we spent the rest of the day reflecting on how happy we were that we didn't have to attend any office meetings.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Chelmsford

What a find! My wife and I hit Gene’s for lunch yesterday, and it was fantastic. The “Xian Chilled Noodles” are incredibly tender and bathed in tangy vinegar and chili oil sauce, mixed with bean sprouts and little cubes of what I believe is a sort of Chinese seitan called mian jin . Some of the other comments I’ve read indicated that the meat in the flatbreads tended toward unappealing dryness, but I didn’t find that to be the case. Our fresh bun was filled with quite moist cumin laced beef and tender peppers. I actually like this example more than the much lauded cumin lamb burger I had at Xi’an Famous Foods, which was served on an incredibly dry and crumbly bun. The main thing I’ll be returning for is the biang biang mian, though. The thick, hearty chewy noodles are sitting in rich smoky chili oil and are topped with crushed chilis, cilantro, and a solid 1/8 cup of finely minced raw garlic. You stir the whole thing up and slurp and chew your way to spicy bad breath nirvana. The staff and chef couldn’t have been more warm and welcoming, taking great interest in how we heard about the place, and what we thought of the food. I’m so happy that this place exists.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe, Chelmsford

Wow, this is why chowhound is absolutely indespensable. I'm totally hitting this for lunch tomorrow. I'm not super well versed in this regional chinese variant, but I've liked what I've had at X'ian Famous Foods and Lan Zhou Hand Pulled Noodles in Queens. I can hardly believe that this is a just a short drive from my NH home. We're getting awfully close to having zero reason to drive to NYC anymore. I'll report back with all of my highly unqualified thoughts.

Insta Cure #1

I usually have to make the trek out to The Sausage Source in Hillsboro for curing salt.

Geylang Late Night Must Eats

Yeah, the vast majority of Chinese immigrants in the States came from in and around Guangdong. Even the Sichuan dishes were largely just soupy Cantonese numbers with a few dried chilis thrown in, and no Sichuan peppercorn. But that's changing, and we've got a good representation of Dongbei cuisine, food from Xian, Lanzhou, and even a few Uighur restaurants. I haven't noticed any meat skewers specifically, but I'll keep an eye out.
I'm eating my way around Singapore right now and having a blast. But WOW, decent beer is expensive here!!