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Rasa in Chapel Hill North

Rasa is co-owned by one of the owners of Red Lotus.

Dec 07, 2013
SleepingUgly in Southeast

Greek in the Chapel Hill area?

I'm looking for a place for a relaxed, quiet birthday family dinner for 6 people coming from different areas of the country. Four senior (one in her late 90's) diners, one diner in her 40s, one 9-year-old. Parking needs to be easy..

Everyone in the group loves Greek/Mediterranean food. Our go-to place used to be Nikos, but I guess that's gone now. Our now-favorite for some of us is Mediterranean Grill in Chapel Hill, but the hubbub is unsettling for the eldest in our group. We've been toTalullas, but someone in our group thought it was meh.

I haven't been in the area for a while. Suggestions? Spartacus, or is that mediocre? Papas? Other ideas?


May 09, 2012
SleepingUgly in Southeast

Favorite soup in Durham or Chapel Hill, NC?

Osh at Sage Cafe in Chapel Hill. "Our classic Persian soup; garbanzos, lentils, pintos, spinach, noodles, herbs & spices"

I actually like my version of their soup a little better-I don't cook it as long as they do.

Apr 04, 2012
SleepingUgly in Southeast

Loud Music in Restaurants

I agree with Monopod and Shanel.

Apr 04, 2012
SleepingUgly in Features

School Lunch Mockery

This reminds me of a minor culinary calamity that I inadvertently caused one time at my son't preschool. I sent him to school with his normal lunch, which was probably something like a sandwich on whole wheat bread, carrot sticks, and a piece of fruit. That day, another child had come in with the identical (from the outside) lunchbox but an entirely different lunch.

At lunchtime, the other child had not yet woken up from his nap, and my son ate the contents of what he thought was his lunchbox...which included chips, Little Debbie cakes, etc. When the other child woke up, he was faced with a very unwelcome surprise...all there was for him to eat was all that yukky carrots, fruit, and whole wheat stuff. What a tragedy! According to what their teacher told me, he was inconsolable.

Apr 10, 2011
SleepingUgly in Features