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Violet's Cupcakes - Pasadena

I had read very nice reviews on Violet's Cupcakes. With great anticipation, yesterday I made it a point to stop by. The cupcake menu was extensive, but there were very few cupcake flavors available. The shop itself was not as cute or as clean-looking as I expected., but that did not deter me from purchasing one each - Lemon, White Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla. Sadly, they were all very disappointing... The buttercream frosting on the Vanilla and White Chocolate Raspberry cupcakes tasted somewhat rancid. The Lemon frosting was clearly made with artificial lemon extract. The cake part was equally disappoiinting -- it tasted like it was made from a mix. They were so bad, I actually threw them out.

Sep 09, 2010
pimalina in Los Angeles Area